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Why are we offering 10, 11 and 12 year olds cars?

For the kids' parents. The kids have input but the parents are the final decision makers.

The TALK Is Right / 2018 Daytime Emmy nominations
« Last post by Off_trak on Today at 01:34:37 PM »
Congrats for the Price family for securing another Emmy nod:
I must admit, I was a little worried that the wrong box would be picked and ruin a perfect show, but thankfully that did not happen today.
I really enjoyed the show today. The kids were more well behaved than many adult contestants. The kids played very well, granted the setups were as easy as possible, understandably. I definitely want to see this format again.
Why are we offering 10, 11 and 12 year olds cars?

For the parents or when they get old enough.
I agree with you Tina.
Great show today. Every pricing game ( from an adult perspective ) was winnable except 1/2 off ( RNG of the boxes)
All the Tweens that played today were great contestants all around.
I believe we had the most expensive small prize ever used for both 1/2 off and Secret "X"
Also , I think this is the 1st time in a while where we had back to back aired shows, with a 6/6 and a 5/6 show.
Highly enjoyable show today. I like the fact they offered some seriously great prize packages in lieu of cars. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed they didn't carry that through all the way to the showcases, would have a significant bit of history, a non-car show.

All the kids were great, rooted hard for all of them. They really should have loosened the tension on the Wheel, however.

I think the best part was watching all of the nervous parents, looking on from the audience.

...And apparently they're doing an all car show for the teenagers tomorrow, as Drew hinted at the end?
This was a pleasant show. I really want to see this week repeated every season from here on out.
I missed the show today, but looking at the recap, they seriously didn't play any car games?

Why are we offering 10, 11 and 12 year olds cars?
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