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Thank you!  Sounds like most everything is the same with the exception of OCA processing the paperwork, the podiums, and having a picture taken.  No food available either time I was there in the past.  We will get there early, thanks for the tip!  :)
There is a rule against it; in those situations the third player is not allowed a second spin.

When the first player goes over and the second player takes a second spin, the third player normally is told “Now, if [name] goes over, you are automatically in the showcase” while the wheel is spinning. If the second player does end up going over, the third player is told they’ll get one spin and one spin only.
I've been watching way too many old episodes on YouTube today, and I wondered if either there was a) A rule  b) A previous occurrence   where the first two contestants went over 1.00 on the Showcase Showdown,  and the third contestant decided to risk it and still take a second spin to go for $1.00.   If it's ever happened, what happened?  Is there a rule against it?   If it did happen, would the three contestants have a one-spin spinoff? 
First off, yes, they will take your phone and give you a claim ticket to retrieve it after the taping.

With a Priority ticket, as long as you're there by 1pm, you'll be guaranteed entry. I'd say get there 1/2 hour to an hour earlier just for good line positioning (even though it makes not difference on where you may end up sitting in the studio). When you go through the gate, you'll get some paperwork to fill out. Don't know how it was in the Barker days, but it's simple stuff. Any game show appearances, initial on one of the middle pages, and then signature, date, and last four SSN digits. During this time they'll run a best of compilation video on the monitors and get your name tag. You'll hand your paperwork and ID to one of three OCA people sitting behind some showcase podiums. They'll double check that you did everything correctly and then take your picture. After that, there is indeed a green screen to take pictures in front of both by yourself and with a group if you're with one. You'll then wait on benches to be interviewed by Stan, something I'm assuming probably hasn't changed much. While you're waiting, if there's time, people with the photography company that took that green screen photo will come up to you, show you your photo(s) and ask if you want to purchase it. If you buy one right there, they'll print it out for you and you can collect it before you leave the lot. You can also wait and buy it online later, though it's $10 cheaper if you buy it there (in addition to a physical copy, they'll post the photo unwatermarked to their FB page and you can download it there).

Once you've done the interview, you'll head around to another set of benches where they'll take your phone, issue you a claim ticket, and walk you through a metal scanner. They have TVs there and once around 150 people or so have begun to file in to the area, they'll play a recent episode of the show. Having been a few weeks ago, it's more than likely going to be a show from last season. While in that area there is also food available for purchase, don't know if that was there in Barker days either. Once even more people have filed in, they'll play a warmup video featuring George and Rachel. It's a fine enough video, but it's from Season 43, so the set is noticeably different and it's missing more memorable moments from the last few seasons. They should really update it.
I remember seeing this during the summer of 2003. What stuck out in my mind was the fact that Charles made an egregious guess for the Ford Taurus, but managed to have four numbers correct on his first try. All he needed to do was change the first number to win, and Bob made sure the audience shouted "Four!" It was a memorable playing.
Price is Right Video Collection / Re: December 6, 1988
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It is always nice to see a Golden Road win (regular dings on this playing and still a stage entrance), and a Double Prices playing behind the Giant Price Tag although that was less common in the late 80s. If only there were a few more winners that day...

This was also around the time when the Showcase Showdown started to use the familiar shot of Bob, the contestant at the big wheel, and the contestant(s) score, however it was more of an inconsistent thing at first in terms of a zoom out.
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Out In Left Field / Re: 2018 Obituaries Thread
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Kofi Annan, the seventh United Nations Secretary General, age 80 after an illness.
plus it's getting Overexposed as well (half of GSN is Harvey Feud now)

Overexposed (especially on GSN)? Yes.
Unpopular because of Harvey? No.
I've been to two tapings--one in 2002 and one during Barker's final weeks.  We have our Priority tickets for the 1PM taping on 9/17.  What can I expect that will be different than during the Barker era?  It sounds like we will need to park at the Grove and walk to TV City.  Sounds like we won't have to wait overnight to get in since we have the Priority tickets.  Sounds like they now have tv monitors out in the line to keep folks entertained and I think I read somewhere once that there is a green screen to take photos in front of?

For anyone that has attended a Drew taping before, anything else I need to be aware of ?  Do they take your smart phones and issue a claim ticket before going into the studio like in years past, or should I just leave them in the car?  (The OCA website says no smart watches, period, and to leave them in the hotel or car.)

Thanks in advance!
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