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August 21. Just do it, it's late as hell but next year just build in an extra backup week.

Doing it tomorrow would be even more insane than a leftover show, by the way. Can't believe a finalist would want that.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Bigjon TPIR
« Last post by PayingTheRent on Today at 09:20:08 AM »
Since the forum and website is gone, is any of you got the later version ?
Just curious.

Yeah, letís not go down this rabbit hole.

I'm in favor of playing Monday on the fill in the blank show.

We've had enough "fill in the blank" FPGs by now to know that they aren't always super predictable at all. With slotting and results, there should be enough to differentiate 4 people from each other. I don't like doing FPG on a week with a missing day nearly as much. I feel like particularly the quickies become a random guessing game at that point.

I agree that August is way too late.
Barker Era / September 15, 1994
« Last post by Teddy on Today at 06:37:53 AM »
First Four: Elizabeth, Terry, Anita, Maximillian

IUFB1: Patio Furniture
Elizabeth: $800
Terry: $925*
Anita: $650
Maximillian: $725
ARP: $992

PG1: Switch?--Played for a Bar Set and Refrigerator/Freezer

Bar Set: $1,691?
Refrigerator: $2,040?

Terry decides to switch

ARP of Bar Set: $2,040
ARP of Refrigerator: $1,691


Second Calldown: Mary Lou

IUFB2: Desk (winner also receives De-Solv-It Cleaner)
Mary Lou: $975
Anita: $875
Maximillian: $1125
Elizabeth: $1200*
ARP: $1298

PG2: Spelling Bee--Played for a Ford Thunderbird ($16,960)

Free picks: 27, 8

SP1: Iron--Guesses $20, ARP: $45 (Difference: $25)
SP2: Iced Tea Pot--Guesses $30, ARP: $27 (Difference: $3)
SP3: Electric Knife--Guesses $20, ARP: $22 (Difference: $2)

Additional picks: 2, 24

First card: R, continues
Second card: C, continues
Third card: A, wins
Fourth card: A


Third Calldown: Mark

IUFB3: Bracelet
Mark: $1285
Mary Lou: $650
Anita: $1286
Maximillian: $1350*
ARP: $1475

PG3: Buy or Sell--Played for a Grandmother Clock, Sofa and Popcorn Cart

Clock is marked at $2,495
Sofa is marked at $1,720
Popcorn Cart is marked at $1,365

Maximillian decides to sell Clock, sell Sofa and buy Popcorn Cart

ARP of Clock: $1,995, gains $500
ARP of Sofa: $1,320, gains $400 for $900 profit
ARP of Popcorn Cart: $1,665, gains $300 for $1,200 profit


Maximillian, an economics major at UC-San Diego, has set a new record for largest profit ever!

Terry: .70
Maximillian: .70
Elizabeth: .50+.80=OVER

Terry: .20
Maximillian: .80

Maximillian is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Chequita

IUFB4: Treadmill
Chequita: $900*
Mark: $1320
Mary Lou: $1100
Anita: $1200
ARP: $1000

PG4: Check Game--Played for a Brass Bed

Total must be between $5,000 and $6,000

Chequita writes check for $2,500

ARP: $3,249

Total: $5,749


Before the next calldown, Bob picks up a hat that Anita left for him.

Fifth Calldown: Summer

IUFB5: Stereo System
Summer: $1800*
Mark: $1365
Mary Lou: $1200
Anita: $1366
ARP: $1885

PG5: Dice Game--Played for a Mercury Villager

First number: 2

Second number: Rolls 1, is wrong (guesses higher)
Third number: Rolls 1, is wrong (guesses higher)
Fourth number: Rolls 6, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fifth number: Rolls 2, is wrong (guesses higher)

ARP: $22,615


In an unusual move, before the last die is rolled, Bob allows the second, third and fourth numbers to be revealed. Also, this is the first time ever that the price starts with a 2.

Will Anita make it up on stage and try for a perfect show?

Final Calldown: Kamera

IUFB6: Washer/Dryer (winner also receives Performer Broom)
Kamera: $1100*
Mark: $1000
Mary Lou: $850
Anita: $1001
ARP: $1298

Well, it's the FFBC for Anita.

PG6: Pick-a-Pair--Played for a Media Cabinet and Color TV ($5,678)

GP1: Hot Pockets
GP2: Good Humor Chocolate Eclair
GP3: Clorox 2
GP4: La Choy Sweet & Sour Sauce
GP5: Caress Body Bars
GP6: Dromedary Bread Machine Mix

First try: Bread Mix ($1.39) and Sauce ($1.39)


For the 43rd time, a perfect show has been recorded!

Chequita: 1.00
Kamera: .30+.20=.50
Summer: .65+.35=1.00

Chequita: .25
Summer: .30

Summer is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in her pocket!

Top Winner: Summer
Runner-Up: Maximillian

Arcade Game, Professional Range, Trailer
Summer passes to Maximillian, who bids $17,500

Dining Room Group, Panama Canal Cruise
Summer bids $16,000

ARP of Maximillian's Showcase: $25,505 (Difference: $8,005)
ARP of Summer's Showcase: $13,189 (OVER)

Maximillian wins his Showcase, and takes home $31,960 in cash and prizes!
The TALK Is Right / Re: Bigjon TPIR
« Last post by samwars95 on Today at 05:47:13 AM »
Since the forum and website is gone, is any of you got the later version ?
Just curious.
Out In Left Field / Re: 2018 Obituaries Thread
« Last post by dmaingame on Today at 12:21:20 AM »
RIP Big Van Vader. 
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/19/2018
« Last post by TPIRfan#9821 on Yesterday at 11:29:25 PM »

I'm on mobile; don't hurt me

I vote for having it this Friday.

Having a fill-in-the-blank day would make it too predictable IMO, and waiting until August is just way too late.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Board Game - 2nd Edition
« Last post by Thatgameshowguy on Yesterday at 10:55:29 PM »
I just so happened to run across an older thread about this same topic and figured it would be good to post here...,24139.0.html
The TALK Is Right / Re: Bigjon TPIR
« Last post by thepriceis_J on Yesterday at 10:40:39 PM »
I believe there are later versions, but none released publicly since he was served with a cease and desist letter from Fremantle.
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