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Price is Right Video Collection / Re: September 11, 1995
« Last post by pannoni1 on Today at 08:53:00 AM »
Definitely one of the most disappointing season premieres, on line with Season 38's opener. Season 42 had similar PG results, but at least it wasn't a DOB (as was S38, which would have been a skunk if not for a computer brand mishap).
The TALK Is Right / Master Key
« Last post by Eddie on Today at 07:26:28 AM »
This is especially for anyone who makes it to the show and wins a Trip to NYC. TPIR has given away many trips to our city over the years and I actually saw someone win an NYC trip during the showcase round.  (The show was taped August 20, 2018 in the morning in case anyone is interested.)

Yesterday, I checked out the new WTC observatory in downtown Manhattan.  Anyone who manages to win a trip to NYC should definitely put the WTC observatory on their itinerary.  I happened to notice the souvenir shop selling these keys.  Don't they look familiar?
Out In Left Field / Re: 2019 Obituaries Thread
« Last post by Ccook on Today at 07:03:57 AM »
Tom K. Ryan, artist of the comic strip Tumbleweeds, age 92. No cause given.
Price is Right Video Collection / Re: October 15, 1982
« Last post by bonkers77 on Today at 05:03:15 AM »
Update FAQ: DP plays for a car on #3 Door.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Last post by brosa0 on Today at 04:26:33 AM »
I really like the look of the Dutch Dice Game. 

The tiny ramps for some of the Let Em Roll games (Russia, Argentina) were pretty pathetic.

Going back to Pay The Rent, I find it a little amusing that the UK pilot in 2017 went to the trouble of building a huge physical PTR set, only for the show not to be picked up. 
...and at broadcast quality.

Donít get me wrong, some of the newer uploads of late have been of pretty stellar quality, but thereís a lot of hot garbage out there.  I love the nostalgia, but some uploads are just about too poor of quality to sit through.

It's a lot like records, where quality can very from the "Near Mint" (NM) ones with the "stellar" quality that you mention with no tracking lines and/or sound issues unless if a problem by the local station or CBS along with full frame resolution, to the "Very Good" (VG) ones with a few minor issues like a few minor tracking lines that are not noticeable on sight unless if a closer encounter and a resolution that isn't quite up to the original broadcast standard but still very acceptable, to the "Good" ones that may have a few more noticeable problems like frequent tracking lines, occasional sound buzzing, and some resolution problems like less than 30 FPS, yet still watchable, to the "Fair" ones with significant problems like occasional video and sound dropouts, snowy pictures, and a picture resolution that isn't up to par, to the "Poor, but somewhat viewable" with major problems where it's too poor of a quality to sit through except for the cases of material that isn't otherwise available such as the wiped shows that only circulate through private recordings.

Generally speaking, anything that is VG or NM in my grading guide could be rerun on BUZZR. For old kinescopic recordings, there's pretty much no difference between VG and NM due to the primitive recording techniques. I've seen some minor tracking lines on some of the Classic Concentration episodes for example. "Good" is acceptable for trading but not for broadcast, with the "Fair" and "Poor" ones only for those who really would like such a rare item and not recommended for trade if a superior quality copy exists. Some examples of "poor" episodes for example are the April 9, 1984 episode (the Balance Game premiere) and the second half of the first trial hour show. The Season 13 and 14 premieres are barely in the "Fair" due to the weak video for the former and poor audio for the later. Most YT uploads that you see are probably in the "Good" range and are quite watchable, with the "HQ" uploads often into the Very Good range. 
The TALK Is Right / Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Last post by tpir04 on Yesterday at 07:26:47 PM »
Haven't posted since Danger Price/Take Two so this post will be a tad longer than usual.  :biggrin:

Grand Game:
     -I like the color scheme for the 1985 Brazil prop. A strong use of primary colors.
     -My other favorites are the Spain 1988 and France 2009 (but only if the zeroes are placed by hand, a la 2010 Mexico.

Pay the Rent:
     -Well, not much to say except for the Colombian version. I like that they styled it in the form of two apartment buildings.

Dice Game:
     -1980s Australia and UK Leslie have nice sets. Simple, and that's what makes them stand out.
     -A shout-out to 1988 Spain for having a wheel instead of dice. I would've enlarged it and separated it from the main prop.
     -Vietnam's translation of Dice Game is "Xuc Xac"? No comment.

Let 'em Roll:
     -China and 2009 France deserve mega-kudos for their HUGE ramps. I'd love to roll dice down one of those! I can only imagine how long it would take to play.

A few sidenotes:
     -The 2017 Portugal stage looks much better than the 1991 set. I kind of like white but that is ridiculous.
     -Whatever the backdrop for the 2010 Mexico turntable is, I like it. (It's visible in the Grand Game collage.)
The Better Sex aired here on a one-day delay at 9 AM. Repeats of Gambit followed.
Would Second Chance have lasted longer on ABC if it hadnít been on at the uncoveted 12 Noon ET time? It didnít clear our city (Atlanta, which didnít clear PYL either); I did get to see it on a family trip to Florida. Quite enjoyable.

Second Chance had a better slot in Washington, DC (10:30 AM, likely a one-day delay, which is what the one regular episode with video that circulates that you see above comes from). It's didn't clear WJZ in Baltimore, because like WJLA, it already aired the Noon news. It's successor, The Better Sex, aired at 10 AM on a one-day delay, along with carrying one-day delay episodes of Tattletales at 10:30, which WTOP (now WUSA) aired Dinah! instead at the O&O time slot. But for the O&O's and others that picked it up, Noon was the daytime equivalent of Friday/Saturday nights in primetime.

Still great to see PYL and CS back again!
At least he isn't calling games tedious anymore?

What's ironic here is how much longer he made the game wasting all the time with explaining it.

As for the "it's won all the time," I agree with those who see it as a way to encourage a contestant. The host doesn't walk around with a win percentage in his head. Everything isn't always meant to be taken LITERALLY.
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