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Jump: Trampoline, diving board, bandwagon, Crossfit box
I especially like that clue.
Appliances: Air fryer, fridge, washer/dryer, blender
Stars: Nighttime sky, Hollywood, American flag
Logs: Fireplace, Cabin, Lumberjack's workplace
Sand: Beach, playground, desert
Jump: Trampoline, diving board, bandwagon, Crossfit box
Books: "Gone With The Wind", "French Cooking", "The Wizard Of Oz"
Sleep: Bed, tent, motel, couch
"Pepperoni": I'm a popular topping on a pizza"
Afraid: The dark, heights, horror movies

Total cash won: $170,000. Season total: $663,000
1st $150,000 winner
1 Mystery 7 win
Ali obviously wasn't thinking "Family Ties" or "Back To The Future" for "Michael J. Fox". and she will never look at Wile. E Coyote and Road Runner cartoons the same way again.
Tyler has become the tenth $150,000 winner and only the third person in the Strahan era's history to win that amount plus the Mystery 7. Major congratulations to him. His clue-giving in the $100,000 Winner's Circle was spot-on.

For those concerned with "an hourglass" being disqualified for "Places with Sand," as it is not a place, "An hourglass' interior" would be acceptable.

Now, for the first time since Season 4, there has been more than one $100,000 win this season. Here are the stats of $100,000 and $150,000 wins to date:
  • Season 1 (2016): 2 (no $150,000 wins)
  • Season 2 (2017): 7 (including 3 $150,000 wins)
  • Season 3 (2018): 5 (including 3 $150,000 wins)
  • Season 4 (2019): 3 (including 2 $150,000 wins)
  • Season 5 (2021): 1 (1 $150,000 win)
  • Season 6 (2022, to date): 2 (including 1 $150,000 win)
Well, NBC was the first of the big three U.S. broadcast networks to discontinue Saturday morning cartoons (it occurred in 1992), and ABC was the last (in 2006).

I remember Saturday morning cartoons..   It's a shame that they did that :(
On the August 7th episode: First $150,000 winner of the season. Congratulations to Tyler, who also won the Mystery 7 trip. The best a contestant can do.

First half-hour: Should have passed on “Sauerkraut” earlier in the main game I’d say.

Something one of the contestants said was beeped, with her mouth blurred when describing “a box”. I’m not sure what is was, but it got a reaction.

“Long lines” and “bad service” immediately came to mind for Things You Complain About. And like the host, I also thought of “Abraham Lincoln’s cabin” for Places You See Logs, but I did think the contestant’s “beaver dam” was good (but not AS good 😊).
I too would have been at a loss for a second clue after saying “a trampoline” for Things You Jump On. That cost the contestant precious time. “A workout box” was a good comeback. I am worried about my clue of “an hourglass” for Places With Sand. Is an hourglass a place? Or would the getting the keyword “sand” be enough?  I think it is okay, but of course I would have to accept the judge’s ruling. 😊 “The beach” and “the desert” were fine clues.

On the second half-hour: Tyler, an excellent Pyramid player, is from Anchorage, Alaska. I was there earlier this year. Beautiful scenery.

Three to tie, four to win, all seven to win the trip! Seven indeed! 

I’m old school; I would have said “the film” as well as “the lens” for Parts of a Camera. How about “a basketball hoop” and “a tennis court” for Things With A Net?"

"Phonograph ones" and "hypodermic ones" immediately came to my mind for Types of Needles, which I wouldn't have passed on. Very clever for Tyler to say "coals" after "autumn leaves" and "grass clippings" for Things You Rake, as in "rake over the coals". This threw his celebrity partner for a loop, but he then patiently said "yard leaves" twice, and she got it. Very nice.
Soaps are pretty much a thing of the past i am surprised some are still surviving. I think moving Days to streaming is a smart idea rather than canceling the show all together.

I don't really watch much tv anymore its just background noise. They have way too many news programs and they repeat them self with different anchors. I have a older family member and he watches the news all day long. I would go insane.

Beats me, I provided an anecdotal example. The networks know more than we do because they have data we don’t. I was simply showing it’s not something “no one” does.  And while they may be on the hook for contractual obligations for DOOL, shuttling it off to Peacock may be the “cutting their losses” move for the time being.

Of course news is cheaper than a standalone drama. They have a news operation with tons of content they can package. They can get fewer total viewers but a better concentration that advertisers want to pay for and still wind up ahead.
Out In Left Field / Re: 2022 Obituaries Thread
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The TALK Is Right / Re: Games that inspired or evolved into other games
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Haha! I'd love to see similar "conversations" for other pricing games! Imagine the one for Professor Price...  :oldlol:  :oldlol:
Not to be that guy...but I dont think this happened...mainly because S&P rules they had back then strictly kept kids out for the most part.
I have no problem being that guy. Kids were allowed in the audience until sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. Kathleen Bradley talks about it in her book; purportedly the decision to stop permitting under-18's was because of her kids not clapping/being enthusiastic enough.
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