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Title: NEW AND IMPROVED! 8/28/64: 3rd-to-last nighttime show (original series)
Post by: WarioBarker on November 09, 2006, 04:48:32 PM
Well, at least it's improved :-) I've had this for a while and thought I'd load it up.

 This is the 3rd-to-last ABC Nighttime episode from August 28th, 1964...yet when I got this, it was - for some reason - marked as 1958 on the disc's menu. Additionally, my brother Charles watched this with me and was quite engrossed with it...and also noted that Johnny Gilbert's voice hasn't changed since :-)

 Sadly, the original commercials AND the final nighttime Home Viewer Showcase Drawing (although there are mentions of both) are gone from my copy of this episode. BOO!

 Anyway, on to the show. Johnny Gilbert, please start us off:
Johnny: Backstage are some of the most exciting prizes on television.
 On our panel tonight is the delightful television personality and actress - Audrey Meadows! (applause)
 Stand by for - THE PRICE IS RIGHT!
{Window Shopping theme; After Price ended, it was used on Snap Judgment}

(Tonight's show is sponsored by LARK, apparently a cigarette maker, as their logo is on the front of the panel's table.)

---Bill Cullen! (Bill is shown just appearing in the middle of the screen, waving to the cheering audience; I'm guessing a commercial was there.)

 Bill (trying to put on his microphone throughout): Hello. Thank you and welcome to The Price is Right. Tonight, we're going to pick the card for the winner of that big sweepstakes-that's the one with the home and everything in it, so I know you'll enjoy that {and I would enjoy it IF IT WAS ON THE DVD! ...sorry}. Right now...I'm backwards. (Bill is seen adjusting his microphone for a bit, then) I would like to welcome Jane Meadow's sister Audrey. Welcome, Audrey. (applause)

 Bill makes a comment regarding show business, which I couldn't understand, really...
Bill: How's my girl Jane?
Audrey: She's just fine; Just got back last week from a wonderful trip to the Orient. She took little Billy and I can't wait to hear his version of it.
Bill: What are your next plans professionally, Audrey?
Audrey: My next plans are in about a little over a week I start Red Skelton. (can anybody confirm this?)
Bill: Worked with him once, I'll never forget it-it wasn't on his show, it was on mine!

 Bill explains that Audrey is competing for prizes just like the rest of the panel.

Johnny: Now entering the studio are tonight's contest-(sorry, wrong show) ... :-)

 First is Mrs. Marion Russell, who is an employee of the state (presumably New York). She's our Champion and back for her 3rd week with $19619. (applause)
 Second: Mrs. Flossy Gasser (Bill: Yeah. Well, there you are). Mrs. Gasser gets joked about regarding her name, which she doesn't mind. (Bill: Mrs. Flossy Gasser and her All-Girl Orchestra {laughter}. Everybody doubles on something.) Anyway, she's a housewife from Cinceanna(?), Kentucky.
 Third: Mr. Clifford Burnette, an engineer from Rocky Mountain, North Carolina.
And finally, Ms. Audrey Meadows.

 Two of the models bring out a spinner filled with cards. Audrey takes out four, each one regarding to an IUFB. Bill explains that if Audrey wins a prize, then the audience member whose name was picked for that prize will also win it.

 Bill: Now for all of you panel, because you're so nice to be here, we have our home game (holds up the box of Bid It Right: The Price is Right Card Game). This is Mrs. Russell's third one...but what's this? Mrs. Russell says that she didn't get her second copy last week! (panel laughs)

 Bill: This outfit gives away thousands of dollars worth of prizes and they are the chintziest bunch with this game!
You know, I've been trying to get one for...let me see (opens up the box and looks inside, then closes it back up again)
I don't want it.
 Bill: Now, let me explain how the game is played. First of all, someone comes in here and takes my place (Audrey is shown smiling).

 Bill then explains the rules, which I'll condense: Basically, you bid as high as you like and freeze when you like. Whoever has the highest total at the end of the game gets to come back next week...unless it's the celebrity, in which case the high scorer among the other three will come back. In the rather unlikely event that the celebrity wins all of the prizes, then I would guess that the other three come back (I don't know if that ever happened, but like today there's always a chance).

For the first item, Audrey is playing for John E. Williams Jr. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (camera shows John in the audience)

Bill directs the panel to watch the draperies directly to the left of them as we see the first item going up for bids, and it's something you won't see today:
'A Corvair Convertible. The dashing 1964 Corvair Masda{?}by Chevrolet.

 An elegant sports design, designed for ease of handling. Featuring four-wheel independent suspension and an air-cooled 6-cylinder engine in the rear. It has a luxurious interior, with front bucket seats, elegant vinyl upholstery, and deep swift{?}carpeting.
 And is equipped with optionals: a padded instrument panel, power glide automatic transmission, white-wall tires and a power top.

 This popular Corvair Masda convertible will be yours if The Price is Right.
Price authority: Chevrolet motor division, General Motors Corporation; Detroit, Michigan.'

 Mrs. Russell bids first, and as a time saver they're asking for an opening bid of at least $900 (because they're getting tired of $1000); Minimum increases are $100, and the {BUZZ} means that every bid after is the final one for this item:

Bill: I haven't heard such shouting since they threw Charlton Heston to the lions!

ARP: 'Boy, what a loud bunch'; $2754.35, and Mrs. Russell wins!
Bill gives Mrs. Russell what appears to be the key to the car.
Second item coming up, but first Audrey is playing for Edwin Strauss Jr. from Cleveland, Ohio.

This next item is spinning up to the panel, and I'm honestly surprised it didn't hit anything. But I digress:
 'Woodenware. A beautiful collection of hand-made San-Tan{?} patioware fashioned with colorful strips of white beech.
Imported from Japan, with contrasting aqua accents. All lightweight, crack-proof and color-fast(?) serving pieces, including: salad servers and bowls, platters, ice buckets, and a variety of serving bowls.

 A total of 36 pieces of San-Tan{?}Oriental-inspired woodenware, yours for the best bid.
Price authority: Foreign Advisory Service Corporation, New York.'

Mrs. Gasser bids first, and she's given a little time to think because it's a one-bid item (as a time saver, of course):

ARP: $587, and the winner is Audrey!
Edwin comes on stage, and the Bonus Bell sounds! Bill reads the prize copy for:

 'A new range. Magic Chef's impressive new Château eye-level{?} gas range. Featuring an upper oven with easy-to-reach controls and magical{?} thermostatic burners, and a second lower oven broiler plus automatic cook and keep warm control and clock timer by Magic Chef, Inc.; Cleveland, Tennessee.

 Now, that's for dining in, sir. When you decide you want to eat out, go in style with this bonus: A mink coat!
A magnificent natural-bred spring autumn haze mink coat designed by Scaperelli{?} Furs, New York, with vertical styling, bracelet-length sleeves, and handsome accent of a smoke wheel{?} collar.'

Edwin isn't married, nor does he have a knock on his door, ladies!

 Bill: Our bids are instantaneously recorded on our tote machine furnished by the American Totalizator Company, a division of Universal Controls, Inc. (as he says this, the bids are wiped one by one off the scoreboards)
 Around this point, the drawing occurs for the Home Viewer Sweepstakes, due to Bill's comments later. I don't know who won, unfortunately.
Third item, and Audrey is playing for Carrie Hawkins from Brooklyn, New York.

Coming from the draperies to the left of the panel is:
 'Color TV and stereo hi-fi (TV has a covering on it that says 'COLOR').
Two elegant units by General Electric in authentic Italian provincial{?} styling.

 First: Handsomely executed folding doors on G.E.'s Color-Fast color television set, with brilliant color and sharp, clear Black & White.
Plus deluxe features of instant color controls, rich sound from two front speakers, and GE's Central-Lite 82 Tuner for all 82 television channels.
 The superb Winwood console stereo phonograph has a unique piano-type top with record rack inside.
It's completely transistorized, has a jam-proof four-speed turntable with exclusive G.E. man-made diamond stylus, and a custom-match eight-speaker sound system.

 This fabulous dual color TV & stereo hi-fi will be yours if yours is the best bid.
Price authority: General Electric Radio and Television Division.'

 Mr. Burnette bids first, and it's another one-bid item (as a time saver, of course). Apparently, the choosing of the Sweepstakes winner took a little time...or something. Bill's comments are kind of hard to hear. Anyway - Mr. Burnette, please bid:
---xxx---xxx---*1812 {Bill: 1812 was a good war. Audrey?}---*1600---

ARP: $1374.95, and EVERYBODY OVERBID! {BUZZER} [When I heard this, I got out my Losing Horns :-)]
Bill gives the card with the price to Mrs. Russell, and she passes it down to the others.
We then see Bill holding some sort of bottle (likely a commercial), which he tosses to someone off-screen.

It's the final item, and Audrey is playing for William Garrison III from Windsor, Virginia.

...And they're not gonna keep this prize around if they can help it. The color TV and Hi-Fi will go to whoever wins the final item...unless the winner is Audrey, in which case Garrison gets the final item and Hawkins gets the TV and Hi-Fi.

Anyway, on to the final item, and the curtain raises up behind the panel to reveal:
 'An airplane {audience: oooh}. The Cherokee 140. A new Piper Sport Trainer model built by the Piper Aircraft Corporation.
It's a modern, low-wing design powered by a 140-horsepower light boarding{?} engine.

  And it has a sound-proof cabin, painfully{?} upholstered in washable vinyl with individually adjustable seats for two.
 It cruises at 131 miles per hour and comes equipped with optionals: Wheel-speed caring{?} and the custom 41 operational package which includes VHF communications and navigation radio.  Its large cargo area has a capacity of up to 100 pounds.

 And its wide tricycle landing gear, combined with Piper's distinctive air-cushion landing characteristics to give you many a happy landing in this new Cherokee 140, which will be yours if The Price is Right.
Price authority:  Piper Aircraft Corporation; Lockhaven, Pennsylvania.'

Audrey gets the first bid, with a minimum of $5000:
---10000---*5000---'10-2'---{Audrey: I just saw William Garrison [laughs]} 10500---
---'10-6'{Bill: He looks more like William Garrison IV}---*5000---'10-7'---{BUZZ} *'11'---

The weirdest thing of all is - as Audrey and Bill noticed - William Garrison III is just a little boy!


ARP: 'Look at this. Wait 'til you see - after all that bidding. The retail price: $10020.' Mrs. Gasser wins both prizes!
 Bill (laughing): 'Mrs. Gasser just told me - the one thing in her life she fears is flying. And the second is television.'

It's time for the final count. Johnny?
 (laughing a bit) 'Well, let's see, Bill:

  Mrs. Russell has won the car for a total of $2754.
  Mrs. Gasser has won the airplane, the hi-fi, and the television for a total of $11394.
  Mr. Burnette, we're sorry you didn't win anything, but we have for you over to your left luggage from American Tourister. A four-piece match set fashion-approved for lightness and roominess with stainless-steel closures and fiberglass-reinforced construction all by American Tourister. Congratulations to you.
  Audrey Meadows has won the WoodenWare, the range, and the fur for a total of $5131 and the others she played for will also receive the four pieces of luggage. Bill, the big winner.'

Mrs. Russell leaves with a three-week total of $22374.
Mrs. Gasser returns next week (September 4th) with a total of $11394.
The guest on that show will be that exciting star of Broadway and Hollywood, Hose Perro (and yes, that episode exists as well. We have a recap of it over here: [insert link]).

(By the way, if a contestant wins nothing, their display shows a single '0'; In this case, Mr. Burnette got that.)

As Mrs. Gasser is shown one last time, the disclaimer below appears.
 Part of the right-hand side was cut off, but not much (not so much that I couldn't tell what it was saying):

Prizes Or Product Mentioned
Were Furnished And/Or Paid
For By The Manufacturer Or
Supplier Of The Products
Or The Service
Identified On This Program

 'The Price is Right is a Mark Goodson * Bill Todman Production. Johnny Gilbert, good evening.'
(price tag with a modified Goodson-Todman logo of the era appears)

 The screen fades to black, still on Mrs. Gasser, and we then see an excited audience as a deep voice says...


'Get set America, it's time to Come on Down!' :-)
 Okay, that's it. Any questions? I know I probably rambled on for a bit, but I saw other reviews and I wanted mine to have that same feel.

Some comments:
  1) During the 1960's, African-Americans weren't treated as being equal with whites. They had to go to different schools; Drink from separate water fountains; Buy groceries, shoes, etc. from 'black' stores; Couldn't sit in the front of the bus (well, they could, but if more whites came on, they had to move to the back and even - in the worst circumstances - have to STAND in the back...
My point is, it's quite a statement that Price wasn't discriminating/racial even back then, as Mrs. Russell - our Champion - is black.
  2) I put the '10-6', '10-7', etc. in there because that's what they said for their bids, and besides that I've seen Joe 'The Price is Recap' Capitano do that same thing before with the IUFBs and Clock Game.
  3) {This one's for people like Steve 'the FAQ' Gavazzi} The title logo by this point is a single price tag with an untied string in the hole on the left. The wording is on the right side, as if they had intended to put a dollar sign on the left...
  4) I tried my hardest to get the prize descriptions down word for word; For example, I'm pretty certain that the airplane didn't have 'a sound-proof cabin, painfully upholstered in washable vinyl', but I listened to it over and over, and that's the best I could do. Sorry...
  5) I tried to get down all of the notable comments made by everyone during the show. It took a while, yes, but it aids the experience :-)
  6) Mr. Burnette kept trying to talk to Mrs. Gasser and Ms. Meadows during the progression of the show.
[Pure speculation on my part] No wonder he didn't win anything :-) Also, on the final item, Mrs. Russell had that plane for all of 30 seconds.
  7) Besides the 'wanted mine to have the same feel' reason for doing this, I requested that Cullen episode reviews be done.
Now, I'm finally doing my part {WHO SAID, 'FOR ONCE'?}
  8) We know this is an ABC nighttime show from August 28th, 1964 because:
 A) Bill mentions 'tonight' a few times.
 B) Bill's mentioning of 'time reasons' tells me that this aired live. Otherwise, they would've edited out anything unnecessary.
 C) The 'Bid It Right' game, according to The Game Show Home Game Home Page, was released in 1964.
That game's appearance alone told me the year and thus network.
 D) The celebrity bidder is present-something the show didn't do until the 1963 ABC premiere.
 E) A recap of the 9-4-1964 episode mentioned Mrs. Gasser as being the returning champion with a one-week total.
  9) I think I might have broken the record of longest post ever :-) Yay...I think :-(
  10) Regarding Ms. Meadows - You might remember her as Alice Kramden from The Honeymooners.
  11) Finally, Johnny Gilbert's voice hasn't changed a bit in these past 43+ years, don't you think?

NOTE: The below is for newbies to the site regarding the existence of TPiR (everybody else can skip all the underlined stuff):
Just to set the record straight, every Price episode from 1972-Today exists, although about:

 300-500 Barker Daytime episodes {the first week, the 9-8-1975 'test' episode [although the video deteriorates considerably during the 2nd half],
every episode from Season 27 on, and every single Pricing Game premiere with the possible exceptions of Golden Road, Finish Line, and Penny Ante}...

 About 42 episodes from the 70's Syn. run {5 visual [1972/1975-1977/1980], ~37 audio [1973-1975 in whole or in part], plus the 1972 Pitchfilm, a Lucky Seven cameo in The In-Laws [1979]}, and two clips shown in Game Show Moments Gone Bananas (a Clock Game playing and Dennis tripping on the Turntable)...

 Most of the Kennedy/Davidson runs {~100 episodes}...

 And (I had originally said that) about 20-30 Cullen episodes are in the hands of collectors.
The last one was an understatement, as Mr. City has SEVENTY Cullen-era episodes!

 The Cullen version is not likely to be completely intact, since it aired live and whatever does exist were recorded as kinescopes (which were regarded as being of moderate quality - that's why shows such as I Love Lucy were filmed in a different manner). Some episodes DID air on GSN, however, and weren't banned by Barker since he didn't have the rights to do so.

 Many Barker/Kennedy episodes aired on GSN (plus a Dennis James 'Pinch-Hit' Daytime show from Christmas Day 1974), but others (such as the 1st/4th Daytime episodes; any episodes with Finish Line, Shower Game, Telephone Game, the original Penny Ante, and Add 'em Up; Daytime post-death of Johnny Olson episodes {late 1985-early 1986; Kennedy episodes w/Gene Wood announcing DID get reran}; any episodes from 1992-Present; any 72-80 Syn./1994 Syn. episodes) Those only exist as Original Broadcasts or Master Copies.

 Ironically, only Episodes 1 & 4 aired on their intended airdates, and both offered fur coats. In addition, the premieres of Clock Game {9-11-72}, Double Bullseye {9-19}, Five Price Tags {9-26}, Money Game {12-25}, and Give or Keep {12-27}, as well as the finales of Bullseye {9-14-72} and Double Bullseye {10-10}...they're all banned.

 We have Master Copies of the ENTIRE 1st Week (#001x-D with the exception of #0013-D). The Master Copies have their Slates and commercials included.
Three episodes (#0012-D, #0013-D{R}, and #0015-D) even reran on GSN. Can you say :-o and then :-D ? I knew you could ;-)

 The 1972-1980 Syn. version is certainly a lost art, with only five episodes {in addition to the Pitchfilm, the Daytime sub, and the three clips mentioned above} in the trading circuit. The sad thing is, some of those episodes could've been reran {#006-N is a good example; No furs/foreign cars were offered}, but not others {#300-N: A fur is offered in Showcase #1}.
Additionally, most of the Audio Episodes contain at least one fur, so those are automatically thrown out...

 In all honesty, I'm surprised that Barker authorized that Daytime episode to be rebroadcast. Same for the Tom Kennedy version. Dennis' substitute - as well as mentioning him hosting the Nighttime show - are even mentioned in the Second Edition Board Game's instruction booklet, yet when Roger apparently made a reference to Doug Davidson's version regarding a certain Ten Chances event, Barker 'corrected' him.

 It seems that nowadays, Barker would like to have everybody think that HE is the ONLY person to have EVER hosted The Price is Right! If that's true, then I've got just two things to say: "You've won over $XX,000 in THINGS and STUFF!" and "Don't miss the show next week, 'cause if you do, then we're gonna miss you." Take THAT, you old man! {Newbies, that's just my stand based on events of recent years. Whether you agree, disagree, or just don't give a crap is your choice and yours alone.}

 ...And then there's the most obscure of all: The 'Lost Episode' {#0013-D/#0101-2}, replaced because a cameraman's 'common-law' wife was a contestant. I would say that it exists - given Mark Goodson's archiving standards - but since it was never broadcast it thus faded into obscurity...until, of course, people got their hands on the Master of #0013-D(R) and wondered what it all meant...and THAT remained a mystery until some time ago :-)

 Okay, that's it. Hope you liked it. Now I can perhaps start on reviews of the Dennis James Audio Episodes
{It'll be hard, yes...but until we get some visuals, somebody's gotta do it!}

The Price is Right: Celebrating its 50th Anniversary!
-Daniel "Bob Barker? I know Bill Cullen, Dennis James, Tom Kennedy, Doug Davidson, and Drew Carey...but who's 'Bob Barker'?" Benfield

The preceding post is ©2007 DB Enterprises, Inc.
Title: Re: 8/28/64: 3rd-to-last nighttime show (original series)
Post by: Ccook on November 09, 2006, 06:53:18 PM
Excellent recap of that episode; wish I could see it. And a very nice touch to award the color TV/hi-fi (in the overbid) to whoever won the plane. By the way, the celebrity guest to appear on the Sept. 4 show is Jose Ferrer. His son Miguel will be on the Jeopardy! celebrity tournament now on progress.

There are five daytime episodes of the Cullen edition known to exist: March 8, 1957 (shown on GSN); May 31, 1957 (Shokus Video); July 5, 1957 (Shokus); July 12, 1957 (Shokus) and January 4, 1965 (trading circuit). If the episode with Audrey Meadows exists but could not be screened today because it was sponsored by a cigarette company, chances are there may be more nighttime kinescopes out there.
Title: Re: 8/28/64: 3rd-to-last nighttime show (original series)
Post by: WarioBarker on November 14, 2006, 03:16:05 PM
Thanks, man. I fixed the review to conform to what you said.

I kind of went on there for a bit. Sorry to the other people who viewed this... :-(
Ccook wrote:
'Excellent recap of that episode; wish I could see it.'

Well, well, you want to see it...
Turns out that I have a copy of the disc this came from. If I can find it, that is. But if I can, do you want it?
(BTW, the disc also has three Davidson eps., the Vanna White ep., the Trader Bob debut ep., and the '75 classic reran by CBS...I think.)
'And a very nice touch to award the color TV/hi-fi (in the overbid) to whoever won the plane'

Hey, why not give it away? BTW, how did I do with the recap?
'By the way, the celebrity guest to appear on the Sept. 4 show is Jose Ferrer. His son Miguel will be on the Jeopardy! celebrity tournament now in progress.'

From the recap:
'Johnny: Now entering the studio are tonight's contest-(sorry, wrong show) :-)'

'There are five daytime episodes of the Cullen edition known to exist: March 8, 1957 (shown on GSN); May 31, 1957 (Shokus Video); July 5, 1957 (Shokus); July 12, 1957 (Shokus) and January 4, 1965 (trading circuit).'

I'm pretty sure there's more than that to be found; there's two episodes hosted by Merv Griffin (1959), one hosted by Arlene Francis (February, 1961), and an ABC episode hosted by Jack Clark (1965 w/Dorothy Lamour as the celebrity guest-possibly the one you mention).
'If the episode with Audrey Meadows exists but could not be screened today because it was sponsored by a cigarette company, chances are there may be more nighttime kinescopes out there'

As I said, I THINK it was sponsored by a cigarette company. And there are other nighttime eps. around that were aired by GSN (remember, GSN reran many shows which were sponsored by cigarette companies until recently).

Anyway, thanks for reading this!

(By the way, I'll trade you a copy of my disc for whatever rare game show goodies you have)... ;-)
Title: Re: 8/28/64: 3rd-to-last nighttime show (original series)
Post by: jimlange on November 14, 2006, 04:16:35 PM
I'm pretty sure there's more than that to be found; there's two episodes hosted by Merv Griffin (1959), one hosted by Arlene Francis (February, 1961), and an ABC episode hosted by Jack Clark (1965 w/Dorothy Lamour as the celebrity guest-possibly the one you mention).

But you have to remember, these were all Nighttime shows.  Game Show Network( except the Jack Clark ep.) has aired them all.  Mark Goodson was only good about keeping his nighttime shows. Not many daytime shows from Pre 1966 exist.

Title: Re: 8/28/64: 3rd-to-last nighttime show (original series)
Post by: Ccook on November 14, 2006, 05:10:21 PM
If you can find that disc, I sure would like it. :) And the recap was fine, very detailed about what happened. I'll PM you with what I have.

The 1965 episode on the trading circuit had Arthur Treacher as the celebrity guest, and Bill was the host. Also, I have the Bid It Right game, and yes, it was from 1964. The copyright is Marbil Productions.