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Title: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: vadernader on June 05, 2012, 02:03:29 PM
The Price is Right Recap - 6/5/2012

Episode #6002K
Aired: 6/5/2012; Tape Date 5/21/2012
Models: Manuela Arbelaez, Gwendolyn Osborn, "Dashing" Daniel Goddard
Drew Entrance: Door #2
Mic Handoff: Gwendolyn
First Four Contestant Seating: Left to Right

First IUFB: 2pr Designer Shoes (Christian Louboutin; ARP: $2,090) (Manuela)

$500 $1299 $3000 $1200 DANIEL

Daniel, on his 31st Birthday, is playing Switch?

Can-Am DS250 ORV (Gwendolyn) $3799 NO SWITCH $3799 $3799 *WIN*
46" 3D LED HDTV (Samsung) (Manuela) $2897 $2897 $2897

Total won: *$6,696*

Second IUFB: Trip to Disneyland (RT Limo, 3n Concierge Room Anabella, 2d Passes; ARP: $1,646) (George)

Takara JOYCE Shannon Ronald WINNER
$2000 $1200 $1500 $1300 SHANNON

Shannon, from El Segundo, CA, is playing Lucky $even for a Ford Fusion S (2.5L, Traction Control) (Gwendolyn)

CHOICE -- 2 7 5 5  
ARP 2 1 8 9 5 $21,895
LEFT 7 6 5 1 1 *WIN*

Third IUFB: 5 Designer Watches (Wewood; ARP: $600) (Overhead Platform)

Takara Joyce SARAH Ronald WINNER
$615 $625 $645 TAKARA

Takara is playing Bonkers for a Hydropool 625 Spa (Seats 6-8) (Daniel and Manuela)

The display is 6685

Try 1: LLHL WRONG :25
Try 2: LHLL WRONG :20
Try 3: LHHH WRONG :15
Try 4: HHHH WRONG :09
Try 5: HLLL WRONG :04

ARP: $9,878 (HHLH)


Contestant Winnings Spin 1 Spin 2 TOTAL
Takara $600 10 75 85
Daniel $8,786 1.00 N/A *$1,000!*
Shannon $23,541 80 80 OVER


Contestant Winnings Spin Result
Daniel $9,786 30 *SHOWCASE*

Fourth IUFB: Golden West Billiards Table (ARP: $2,400) (Manuela and Daniel)

GREGORY Joyce Sarah Ronald WINNER
$1600 $1400 $2000 $2100 RONALD

Ronald, a retired policeman from Rancho Cucamonga, is playing Swap Meet. The swap prize is a set of designer sunglasses. (2 mens, 2 womens; ARP: $1,475) (Manuela)

ITEMS (Rachel) ARP
Dell Computer (2TB HDD, 18GB RAM) $2,328
Recumbent Bike (Daniel) $700
All-in-One Washer/Dryer (LG) $1,475

Fifth IUFB: Red Triple Hammock (Hatteras Hammocks; ARP: $800) (Gwendolyn)

Gregory Joyce Sarah ROBERT WINNER
$755 $999 $1000 $750 GREGORY

Gregory, a bartender, is playing Pass the Buck for a Toyota Corolla (1.8L, A/T; ARP: $17,720) (Manuela)

Schiff Digestive Advantage Formula Enfamil Infant Formula (13oz) Blue Diamond Almonds (1.5oz) Gold Bond Maximum Relief
$7.99 $5.69 $1.19 $6.83
$8.99 $5.69 $1.19 $7.83

Two Choices: 4 (Choice Bolded)

CAR $1,000 LOSE
1) $3,000 LOSE


Sixth IUFB: 5pc Dinette Set (ARP: $1,496) (Rachel)

WANDA Joyce Sarah Robert WINNER
$6000 $725 $800 $1200 ROBERT

Robert) is playing Safe Crackers. The grand prize is a Trip to Rome (RT Coach LA To Rome, 6n Hotel Atlante Garden, 5-Hour Colosseum Tour)

The combination prize is a set of designer handbags. (Total ARP: $12,080) The combination numbers are 0, 7 and 9. (Manuela on Door)

Choice: 970
ARP: 970 *WIN*


Contestant Winnings Spin 1 Spin 2 TOTAL
Ronald $2,400 70 STAY *SHOWCASE*
Gregory $3,800 40 80 OVER
Robert $13,576 60 1.00 OVER

Daniel has the honor...

BID: $28,000 Crosley Retro Stereo Dock + 32GB iPod Touch (Manuela)
Elmira Northstar Kitchen Appliances (Fridge, Dishwasher, Oven) (Manuela)
Chevrolet Camaro LS Coupe (3.6L, 6mo OnStar) (Gwendolyn)
ARP: $34,736
DIFF: $6,736
*WIN* $44,522
BID: $38,000 Miami (RT Coach, 6n Doral Golf Resort & Spa, Swim with Dolphins) (Manuela)
San Diego (RT Limo LA to San Diego, 6n Deluxe King Room Premier Hotel Solamar by Kimpton) (Manuela)
Sea-Doo 180 Challenger Power Boat (Daniel)
ARP: $33,612
LOSS $2,400

Show Results: 3 out of 6
Total Winnings: $88,439



Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: SuperSweeper on June 05, 2012, 02:07:54 PM
That's the most unusual-looking set of flatware that I've ever seen!   :P

Pass the Buck's old 1-4-6 combo strikes again!  How many playings in a row have those numbers held the car and $8,000?

I was beginning to think that this was another two-model show, and then Daniel appeared.  I wonder why he showed up so late?
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: htmlcc92 on June 05, 2012, 02:14:38 PM
Pretty good show in my opinion. I think that the contestant playing Pass the Buck should have gotten at least one more pick (at least I wouldn't expect those almonds in that small pouch to cost $2.19, I don't know about anyone else).

I did not expect the Lucky $even contestant to win the car, especially when she had to get the last number right on the nose.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: Bobby McBride on June 05, 2012, 02:19:41 PM
S?: Easy for me only.

L7: I'm surprised the price wasn't more evil than it was after yesterday, let alone the fact that it was won again! And that was the Taylor Randall ARP, too!

Bonkers: Tough loss.

SM: I thought Ronald had it won after the exerciser's price was revealed.

PtB: I don't quite understand why none of the groceries were gotten right in that playing; at least it wasn't a wipeout.

Safe Crackers: Breakeven day!

Showcases: I knew Ronald was over by a little.

Good, solid show after yesterday's fun.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: RCPlanes59 on June 05, 2012, 03:33:55 PM
I nearly crapped myself when 5 was the last digit of L7. Of course, I was at work so good thing I didn't!

For a brief moment this morning, we had a streak of 9 straight PG wins. Too bad Bonkers couldn't get us to 10 :(

Also, after yesterday's Plinko debacle, I retorted that Lucky 7 had been lost because the contestant did not win the six dollar bills left over from a perfect playing.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: elskunkoman on June 05, 2012, 03:50:20 PM
Lucky seven was easier than i expected. Bonkers could have been won but Swap Meet was setup for a loss today. I was worried that safe crackers wasn't gonna be won.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: Kev347 on June 05, 2012, 05:26:59 PM
Wow, another good one today to follow up yesterday. Lucky $even has sure had a lot of dramatic wins this season. I'm sure it all makes Mike want to make the price 19189 every playing, but there's not a lot you can do when someone gets the second number close, and knows to go to an extreme on at least one of the other numbers. That being said, I knew our perfect week would come to a close as soon as I saw that $9878 Hydropool show up in Bonkers. Sure enough, bad anchoring resulted, just like I predicted there would be, as that was a pretty rough setup. Ah well.

I'm getting REALLY tired of Pass The Buck being set up to be wiped out every single time. It doesn't exactly make for fun viewing. It's amazing that the setups have gotten much better on a lot of games, yet a certain few games still seem to be holding out. Not sure why designer crap needs to be the match prize every single time in Swap Meet either. Still, a pretty great followup to yesterday. Surprised how well a week this late in the season is doing.

Switch? (3.5) - 3:10
Lucky $even (4.5) - 5:08
Bonkers (4.5) - 4:10
Swap Meet (4.5) - 3:54
Pass The Buck (5.5) - 5:23
Safe Crackers (4.5) - 4:23
Total (27.5): 26:08
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: Wayoshi on June 05, 2012, 05:49:49 PM
Mike seems to not quite realize that putting the non-extreme digit last is a big help. I don't expect another -95 next week.

Swap's had a terrible season, partly because of a couple blown setups and also because of designer crap ranging the entire spectrum.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: Cartboy on June 05, 2012, 06:30:29 PM
Nice wins on Switch? & Safe Crackers and a great win on Lucky Seven! :-)  I thought for sure Lucky Seven and Safe Crackers were going to be lost.

Good show overall, IMHO.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: BRB_TheFireball on June 05, 2012, 06:39:59 PM
After yesterday, there is definitely nowhere to go but down.

The 8 and 9 strike again in Lucky $even, but Shannon narrowly survived the 9 to nail the easy 5 at the end.  I can't believe Mike actually made 5 the last number.

Swap Meet was hard.  I thought $700 was right for the sunglasses.

My showcase bids:
:frbs: --$28,107
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: stardf29 on June 05, 2012, 10:23:37 PM
Obviously not as good a show as yesterday's, but still a very solid show with over $80K in prizes given out.

I thought Switch? was going to be evil (by having a cheap ATV). Turns out it was easy.

Having guessed the same numbers the contestant did for the first two, I would have gone with 5 for the fourth digit too, if only to make sure I had both possible extremes (9 and 2 or even a second 1) covered, as well as numbers in between. But with no weird options on the Fusion, 5 was definitely the safe bet for the last number.

Bonkers was tough, having to go higher than the 6's and the 5. Not sure how much it would have helped to at least keep the paddle lower than the 8.

Swap Meet was evil.

I think what I hate more than the evil GPs in Buck lately are the car's hiding behind the extreme numbers in most of these setups; even with more than 1 pick, contestants don't psychologically go for the 1 or the 6 often, except for experts and those whose birthday is on the 6th (or 1st).

OB6: Drew: "This is your one chance to bid; don't blow it." Contestant: "$6,000." Drew's thoughts: You blew it.

At least Safe Crackers got in another win; that game hasn't had the best of seasons this year.

SC2 was ridiculously overpriced, but not as ridiculously overpriced as Ronald thought it was.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: superballfan on June 05, 2012, 10:34:34 PM
Why in the hell are they bringing in Daniel Goddard. He really sucks. He looks like a deer in headlights. Get rid of him!!!  PLEASE!
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: little star on June 05, 2012, 11:01:58 PM

The Switch Setup had me fooled.

I NEVER expect her to win that dramatically.  And I mean this in a "funny, fun loving way" but she sounded like an Ewalk the way she was screaming when she won. . :lol: :D

Exhibit A on why wearing flip flops or sandals hinders you at Studio 33.

Swap Meet was an evil trap.

He got $3k more than I was rooting for him to get.

Safe Crackers was easy.

And by the way, the show today was great BUT overloaded with designer crap and our newest Model D.G.

Daniel won a nice showcase!!

Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: hereitcomes on June 06, 2012, 12:20:47 AM
But with no weird options on the Fusion, 5 was definitely the safe bet for the last number.
Glad I'm not the only one who actually thought the last number would be a five. It seemed probable since the other three were such extremes. I bet they were banking on a loss at the fourth number in the price if not the third.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: Torgo on June 06, 2012, 09:50:27 AM
Why in the hell are they bringing in Daniel Goddard. He really sucks. He looks like a deer in headlights. Get rid of him!!!  PLEASE!

I beg to differ.  He seems like he's enjoying himself.
Title: Re: TPiR Recap - 6/5/2012
Post by: whinbaby on June 06, 2012, 08:39:41 PM
The 7,671st episode (179th for Season 40)

Pass the Buck
Quote from: Drew Carey
So, (Gregory) is a bartender, he got picked, and I got a beer out of it.  I'm hoping for a six-pack.  George, what do we have for him?
Quote from: George Gray
Well, you're not gonna be able to drink when you have your new car!
While I was watching this pricing game, I actually did have a can of Budweiser, the King of Beers, like I usually do whenever I see Manuela and a car at the same time. :pint:

Showcase #1
My bid:  $34,484 (Difference of $252)

Showcase #2
My bid:  $35,699 (D'oh!)

Modeling Totals:  June 5, 2012's episode
Manuela ArbelŠez
Total:  10/$57,209.00 (5/$18,023.00, 5/$39,186.00)
Cars:  1 :pint:/$17,720.00 (0/$0.00, 1/$17,720.00)
Trips:  2/$10,113.00 (0/$0.00, 2/$10,113.00)
Cash Prizes:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)

Gwennie Osborne-Smith
Total:  7/$54,535.00 (6/$53,060.00, 1/$1,475.00)
Cars:  2/$45,995.00 (2/$45,995.00, 0/$0.00)
Trips:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)
Cash Prizes:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)

Daniel Goddard
Total:  7/$51,411.00 (3/$15,006.00, 4/$36,405.00)
Cars:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)
Trips:  1/$11,110.00 (1/$11,110.00, 0/$0.00)
Cash Prizes:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)

All Prizes
Total:  23/$151,627.00 (14/$84,439.00, 9/$67,188.00)
Cars:  3/$63,715.00 (2/$45,995.00, 1/$17,720.00)
Trips:  4/$22,869.00 (2/$12,756.00, 2/$10,113.00)
Cash Prizes:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)

Season to date
Manuela ArbelŠez (135 shows)
Total:  1,216/$6,861,430.76 (768/$3,020,465.76, 448/$3,840,965.00)
Cars:  150/$3,258,961.00 (47/$1,017,852.00, 103/$2,241,109.00)
Trips:  143/$1,281,887.00 (78/$683,067.00, 65/$598,820.00)
Cash Prizes:  22/$250,212.00 (6/$58,801.00, 16/$191,411.00)

Gwennie Osborne-Smith (97 shows)
Total:  773/$4,443,190.98 (483/$2,003,927.98, 290/$2,439,263.00)
Cars:  101/$2,090,823.00 (37/$783,968.00, 64/$1,306,855.00)
Trips:  104/$869,923.00 (57/$469,875.00, 47/$400,048.00)
Cash Prizes:  6/$60,949.00 (0/$4,500.00, 6/$56,449.00)

Daniel Goddard (14 shows)
Total:  73/$483,387.00 (50/$240,485.00, 23/$242,902.00)
Cars:  10/$222,624.00 (5/$105,504.00, 5/$117,120.00)
Trips:  6/$47,489.00 (6/$47,489.00, 0/$0.00)
Cash Prizes:  0/$0.00 (0/$0.00, 0/$0.00)

All Prizes (178 shows)
Total:  4,706/$28,096,839.05 (2,800/$11,408,896.52, 1,906/$16,687,942.53)
Cars:  539/$11,423,681.00 (181/$3,839,180.00, 358/$7,584,501.00)
Trips:  579/$4,782,922.20 (312/$2,493,725.20, 267/$2,289,197.00)
Cash Prizes:  148/$3,539,796.00 (28/$499,803.00, 120/$3,039,993.00)