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Title: Yet another Tom Kennedy episode
Post by: holein1isawesome on March 23, 2013, 09:28:40 PM
Here's more!

Diane, Evelyn, Daniel, and Joanne come on down

IUFB #1: Trip to San Francisco

Joanne: $450
Daniel: $695
Evelyn: $650
Diane: $550

ARP: $1,461

Daniel wins and will play Clock Game for a range from Tappan and a motorscooter (no brand name given)

Range is $799, guesses it with 15 seconds left
Motorscooter is is $836, time runs out

Wins range

Armando comes on down

IUFB #2: Desk (no brand name given)

Armando: $850
Evelyn: $788
Diane: $875
Joanne: $925

ARP: $1,225

Joanne wins and will play Plinko for up to $25,000

1st prize: Automatic kettle from Russell Hobbs, wrong price is $82, guesses 2, price is $62
2nd prize: Toaster from GE, wrong price is $67, guesses 7, price is $47
3rd prize: Blender from Oster, wrong price is $52, guesses 5, price is $55
4th prize: Shower massager (no brand name given), wrong price is $90, guesses 0, price is $70

Wins 5 chips

1st chip: Lands in $500
2nd chip: Lands in $0
3rd chip: Lands in $500
4th chip: Lands in $0
5th chip: Lands in $100

Wins $1,100

Pamela comes on down

IUFB #3: Washer & dryer from White-Westinghouse

Pamela: $1,150
Armando: $1,050
Evelyn: $1,100
Diane: $1,000

ARP: $1,090

Armando wins and will play Double Prices for a Chevrolet Monte Carlo

$11,956 or $13,105? Chooses $13,105 LOSS


Top winner: Joanne
Runner up: Daniel

Showcase #1:

Johnny researches his family tree:
Fishing equipment (no brand name given)
Jet ski from Kawasaki
Jeep CJ Laredo

Joanne bids $15,000

Showcase #2:

The president visits Granny Jannie:
Dinette set (no brand name given)
Bar set (no brand name given)
Travel trailer from Hi-Lo Trailer

Daniel bids $17,250

Joanne bid $15,000, ARP is $17,554, difference is $2,554
Daniel bid $17,250, ARP is $22,378, difference is $5,128

Joanne wins a total of $20,113

Rather dull episode since no one won their pricing games and not much was given away in Plinko. However, the prizes were nice, the game selection was good, and the showcases were really good, so it wasn't a total loss.

Clock Game: Ugh. Daniel did a good job the first one, but I cannot believe how slow he was on the second one.
Plinko: I really, really liked Joanne, the cowgirl. I felt so bad that she only won $1,100; she deserved a lot more than that. Oh well; at least she won her showcase.
Double Prices: FORCED LOSS. $11,956 looked too cheap for that car.
Showcases: Nice to see Splendido, Every Room in the House, Train Depot, Every Trip in the House, Department Store, and Main Street absent. What did they put in that second showcase to make is $22,000? Must've been that big bar set.