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Title: June 18, 1993
Post by: Teddy on April 27, 2017, 11:36:43 PM
This is the very last episode for the great Dian Parkinson; meanwhile, the show will soldier on with the other three models (Janice Pennington, Holly Hallstrom and Kathleen Bradley) for next season.

First Four: Bradley, Barbara, Lynn, Thomas

IUFB1: Gazebo
Bradley: $950
Barbara: $1000
Lynn: $1150
Thomas: $1151*
ARP: $1199

PG1: Swap Meet--Played for a Chaise, plus Lamps, Baker's Rack and Trunks
Thomas picks Baker's Rack

ARP of : $1353
ARP of Chaise: $1353

Other ARP's: Lamps--$560, Trunks--$1775

Second Calldown: William

IUFB2: Dishwasher
William: $650
Bradley: $700
Barbara: $450*
Lynn: $701
ARP: $520

PG2: Hole in One--Played for a Dodge Shadow ($9,004)

GP1: Carpet Cleaner
GP2: SweeTarts
GP3: Detergent
GP4: Insoles
GP5: Drain Cleaner
GP6: Vitamins

Order of flags: SweeTarts, Insoles, Carpet Cleaner, Detergent, Drain Cleaner, Vitamins
Prices:  $1.19, $5.95, $4.99 (others unrevealed)

Bob's Inspiration Putt: perfect! (8 in a row)

First putt: Wide Left (but it's Hole in One...or Two!)
Second putt: Wide Right


This loss uses the MRRRRRRRRP! buzzer instead of the usual BUZZ!

Third Calldown: Scott

IUFB3: Music Box
Scott: $650
Lynn: $400*
William: $550
Bradley: $651
ARP: $459

PG3: Pick-a-Number--Played for a Pool
Price: $5?00

Possible numbers: 0, 5, 9

Lynn picks 5
ARP: $5,500

Barbara: .10+.50=.60
Lynn: .15+.55=.70
Thomas: .40+.90=OVER

Lynn is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Michelle

IUFB4: Home Gym
Michelle: $1200
William: $975
Bradley: $1201*
Scott: $976
ARP: $1470

PG4: 1 Right Price--Played for a Bar Set and Wall Unit
The 1 right price is $2,549

Bradley picks Bar Set

ARP of Bar Set: $2,549
ARP of Wall Unit: $1,975


Fifth Calldown: Brian

Rod is wearing a bowtie?! That's very cool!

IUFB5: Flatware
Brian: $800
Scott: $1000
Michelle: $650
William: $499*
ARP: $600

PG5: William is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000 in cash!!!
SP1: Baby Clothing, wrong price: $51 (guesses 5, ARP: $21)
SP2: Computer Game, wrong price: $20 (guesses 0, ARP: $60)
SP3: Pyramid Clock, wrong price: $41 (guesses 1, ARP: $45)
SP4: Vacuum, wrong price: $40 (guesses 0, ARP: $70)

William wins two more chips

First chip: $5000
Second chip: $0
Third chip: $0
Total: $5,000

Final Calldown: Jennifer

IUFB6: Desk
Jennifer: $1100
Brian: $1265
Scott: $1266
Michelle: $1267*
ARP: $1876

PG6: Dice Game--Played for a Plymouth Sundance Duster
First number: 1
Second number: Rolls 2, is wrong (guesses higher)
Third number: Rolls 2, is wrong (guesses higher)
Fourth number: Rolls 5, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fifth number: Rolls 5, is wrong (guesses lower)

ARP: $11,531


Before the game, Bob announces that this is Dian's last show, although we will be seeing her in summer reruns. Alas, her final pricing game ends in a very painful loss.

Michelle: .90
William: .25+.95=OVER
Bradley: .85+.25=OVER

Michelle is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Lynn
Runner-Up: Michelle

Mirror, Diamond Bracelet, Four-Post Bed, European Castle Tour (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)
Bonus: Private Screening of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs
Lynn passes to Michelle, who bids $12,000

Dining Room Group, Home Security System, Dune Buggy
Lynn bids $19,000

ARP of Michelle's Showcase: $14,005 (Difference: $2,005)
ARP of Lynn's Showcase: $19,669 (Difference: $669)

Lynn wins her Showcase, and takes home $25,628 in cash and prizes!