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Title: May 12, 1993
Post by: Teddy on March 20, 2018, 02:38:34 PM
First Four: Jeffrey, Melody, Bruce, Maria

IUFB1: Color TV
Maria: $650
Bruce: $545
Melody: $479
Jeffrey: $651*
ARP: $1300

PG1: Five Price Tags--Played for a Eagle Talon

Possible prices: $17,642, $15,644, $16,891, $13,940, $14,507

SP1: Ladies' Shaver--$65? Guesses false, ARP: $40
SP2: Roll-O-Matic Mop--$16? Guesses true, ARP: $16
SP3: Vacuum Cleaner--$250? Guesses false, ARP: $250
SP4: Learning Toy Robot--$48? Guesses false, ARP: $27

Jeffrey wins three picks from the five price tags

First guess: $16,891? NO
Second guess: $15,644? NO
Third guess: $14,507? NO

ARP: $13,940


Second Calldown: Ralph

IUFB2: Dinette Set
Ralph: $950
Maria: $1100
Bruce: $1150
Melody: $1200*
ARP: $1678

PG2: Clock Game--Played for a Telescope and Luggage

First, Melody will bid on Telescope

Melody's bids/Bob's responses: $900/L, $800/L, $700/L, $500/H, $600/L, $550/L, $525/L, $510/H, $515/H, $520/L, $516 (wins with 15 seconds left)

Next, she will bid on Luggage

Melody's bids/Bob's responses: $900/L, $800/H, $850/L, $825/L, $815/L, $810/L, $805 (wins with 7 seconds left)


Third Calldown: Patricia

IUFB3: Laundry Center (winner also receives Vaseline Lotion)
Patricia: $1000
Ralph: $1550
Maria: $780*
Bruce: $1195
ARP: $980

PG3: Buy or Sell--Played for a Riding Lawnmower, Grandfather Clock and Child's Bed

Lawnmower: $1,195
Clock: $1,896
Bed: $1,529

Maria buys Lawnmower, sells Clock and sells Bed

ARP of Lawnmower: $1,395, gains $200
ARP of Clock: $1,496, gains $400
ARP of Bed: $2,229, loses $700

Final margin: -$100


Maria: .80
Jeffrey: .75+.90=OVER
Melody: .15+.60=.75

Maria is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Faye

Faye: $750
Bruce: $675
Patricia: $640*
Ralph: $751
ARP: $649

PG4: Pick-a-Number--Played for a Library Unit

Price: $3,0?0

Possible numbers: 0, 5, 8

Patricia picks 5

ARP: $3,050


Before the fifth calldown, Bob plugs the Home Viewer SCSD. He will announce the winners on Friday's show, which in 1993 would be May 14.

Fifth Calldown: Lloyd

IUFB5: Sofa Bed (sorry Ralph, the picture is not included with it!)
Lloyd: $1100
Ralph: $1250
Faye: $1251
Bruce: $1350

Lloyd: $550
Ralph: $850*
Faye: $950
Bruce: $995
ARP: $939

PG5: Card Game--Played for a Mercury Topaz

Special Deck: $2,000

Opening bid: $8,000

Ralph's draws: 2 of hearts ($8,200), King of clubs ($9,200), 9 of diamonds ($10,100), Queen of hearts ($11,100)

Final bid: $11,100

ARP: $13,558
Difference: $2,458


This is just the second playing with the new setup.

Now Bruce has been stuck down in Contestant's Row since the beginning of the show. Will he make it out, or go to the FFBC?

Final Calldown: Carol

IUFB6: Painted Mirror
Carol: $750
Faye: $550
Bruce: $495*
Lloyd: $375
ARP: $500

At long last, Bruce gets up on stage, with a chance to add to his winnings!

PG6: Pick-a-Pair--Played for a Player Piano ($9,124)

GP1: Sundance Fruit Juice
GP2: Nail Glue
GP3: Miracle Gro
GP4: Klondike Ice Cream Bars
GP5: Caress Body Soap
GP6: Liquid Plumr

First try: Sundance ($1.49) and Soap ($1.99)
Seond try: Soap ($1.99) and Nail Glue ($1.99)


Ralph: .10+.90=1.00
Patricia: .30+.75=OVER
Bruce: .40+.90=OVER

Ralph: .10

Ralph is going to the Showcase, with $1,000 in his pocket! Neither Patricia's nor Bruce's second spin is buzzed, and Bruce's second spin does not get the split-screen.

Top Winner: Ralph
Runner-Up: Maria

Tool Set, Pinball Machine, Trailer
Ralph passes to Maria, who bids $24,500

Pocket Translator, Currency Converter Calculator, Around the World (Rio de Janeiro, London, Hong Kong)
Ralph bids $26,400

ARP of Ralph's Showcase: $10,947 (OVER)
ARP of Maria's Showcase: $20,639 (OVER)

The ultimate tragedy has struck: a Double-Overbid!