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Title: CSS Results for 02/14/2019 (Game 93)
Post by: Wayoshi on February 14, 2019, 04:52:58 PM
Some brutal scores on the pink sheet today. Trips ended up being just about fully doubled from their usual ARPs, but Rome at Atlante is Atlante, people. 3 MANXes and several scores in the Ds. SC2 was a bit of an oddball because the Sparks were AT. Each of them ended up being 15xxx, and the latest iPhone is not cheap either - still, overall well above 30k for Sparks and phones was a bit of a surprise. As far as cash went, it's a hard DSW for yours truly, one of only three As.

I am going to be away on the long weekend starting tomorrow. However, I'll have my bot post the raw results of Friday & Monday, and I'll get the sheets out on Monday evening along with the next leaderboard update.