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Title: September 12, 1991
Post by: Teddy on March 06, 2019, 02:38:47 PM
First Four: Stacey, Maria, Christopher, Lisa

Bob starts the show off with a short video montage of his entrances during the first 19 years of the show.

IUFB1: Home Gym
Lisa: $1200
Christopher: $1250
Maria: $1500*
Stacey: $900
ARP: $1750

PG1: Safe Crackers--Played for a Projection TV and VCR ($5,090)

Numbers in price of VCR: 0, 9, 5

Maria sets combination to $590, and opens safe


Second Calldown: Jackson

IUFB2: Range (winner also receives Roll-O-Matic Performer Broom)
Jackson: $650
Stacey: $725
Lisa: $800
Christopher: $801*
ARP: $900

PG2: Switcheroo--Played for a Toyota Celica, plus these four prizes...

SP1: Gumball Machine
SP2: Garment Steamer
SP3: Razor
SP4: Electric Knife

Car: $13,1?3
Gumball Machine: $?0
Steamer: $?0
Razor: $?5
Knife: $?7

Missing numbers: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

First try: 3/7/4/6/2 (1 right)
Second try: 7/3/6/2/4 (0 right)

ARP's: Car--$13,143, Gumball Machine--$60, Steamer--$30, Razor--$75, Knife--$27


There is a time's up buzzer for this playing, despite it not being in regular use until a decade later.

Third Calldown: Kathy

IUFB3: Curio Cabinet
Kathy: $1250
Jackson: $1475
Stacey: $1300
Lisa: $1301

Kathy: $1100
Jackson: $1150
Stacey: $1000
Lisa: $1001

Kathy: $925
Jackson: $850*
Stacey: $825
Lisa: $1
ARP: $899

PG3: Double Prices--Played for a Spa

Choices: $3,213 or $4,320

Jackson's pick: $4,320

ARP: $4,320


Next is a clip of the Patricia Bernard incident from 1976.

Christopher: .25+.40=.65
Jackson: 1.00
Maria: .80+.40=OVER

Jackson: .50

Jackson is going to the Showcase! Maria's second spin is not buzzed.

Fourth Calldown: Jaime

IUFB4: Bumper Pool Table
Jaime: $920
Stacey: $725
Lisa: $1000*
Kathy: $1
ARP: $1395

PG4: Bump--Played for Trips to Amsterdam and Tahiti

Amsterdam: $5,820
Tahiti: $6,913

End buses: $4,310

Lisa decides to bump to left

ARP of Amsterdam: $4,310
ARP of Tahiti: $5,820


Fifth Calldown: Angela

IUFB5: Telescope
Angela: $1500
Kathy: $1150
Jaime: $1001
Stacey: $1002

Angela: $775*
Kathy: $750
Jaime: $470
Stacey: $600
ARP: $938

PG5: Hi Lo--Played for a Bedroom Group ($8,114)

GP1: Dove Beauty Wash
GP2: Geritol Complete
GP3: Woolite
GP4: Therapeutic Mineral Ice
GP5: Sani-Flush Toilet Bowl Cleaner
GP6: Gitano Girls' Socks

First pick: Geritol--$5.79
Second pick: Socks--$3.99
Third pick: Woolite--$1.68

All other GPs must be less than $1.68

Body Wash--$2.69, game over

Mineral Ice--$4.19


So far, Stacey hasn't had much to celebrate during this 20th Anniversary Week; she's down to her last chance to win.

During the final calldown, Janice is shown snuggling up next to Rod.

Final Calldown: Jan

IUFB6: Luggage
Jan: $750
Kathy: $1200*
Jaime: $800
Stacey: $1
ARP: $1540

Stacey is heading to the FFBC.

PG6: Make Your Move--Played for a Hair Setter, Tennis Rackets and Nissan Sentra


Kathy's guesses: 510508894


Another 1976 clip plays, this time of an overexcited contestant named Vanessa.

Angela: .05+1.00=OVER
Lisa: .45+.30=.75
Kathy: .80

Kathy is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Kathy
Runner-Up: Jackson

His & Hers Scuba Gear, Hovercraft, Ski Boat
Kathy passes to Jackson, who bids $27,500

Refrigerator/Freezer, Dining Room Group, Dune Buggy
Kathy bids $13,500

ARP of Jackson's Showcase: $38,077 (Difference: $10,577)
ARP of Kathy's Showcase: $12,450 (OVER)

Jackson wins his Showcase, and takes home $44,296 in cash and prizes!