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Title: February 16, 1989
Post by: Teddy on March 08, 2019, 03:25:57 PM
First Four: Lynn, Cynthia, Glenda, Steven

IUFB1: Greenhouse
Steven: $1100*
Glenda: $975
Cynthia: $950
Lynn: $1
ARP: $1870

PG1: Spelling Bee--Played for a Nissan Sentra ($8,869)

Free picks: 7, 5

SP1: Can Opener, guesses $15; ARP--$35, Difference--$20
SP2: Portable Range, guesses $39; ARP--$47, Difference--$8
SP3: Juicer, guesses $30; ARP--$30, automatically wins all three SPs!

Additional picks: 12, 30, 3

First card: C, continues
Second card: A, continues
Third card: CAR
Fourth card: C
Fifth card: R


The price displays can show three digits (as shown by the first digit being 0), but I've never seen any three-digit SPs used in this game.

Second Calldown: Alex

IUFB2: Washer/Dryer
Alex: $1050
Glenda: $950*
Cynthia: $1125
Lynn: $900
ARP: $978

PG2: Safe Crackers--Played for a Living Room Group and Telephone Collection ($6,585)

Numbers in price of Telephones: 0, 2, 4

Glenda sets combination to $420, and opens safe


Third Calldown: Eleanor

Eleanor: $395
Cynthia: $400
Lynn: $475*
Alex: $1
ARP: $619

PG3: Take Two--Played for a Day Bed, Snowthrower, Cookware and Armoire

Target price: $2,289

First try: Day Bed ($1,279) and Snowthrower ($1,010); TOTAL--$2,289


Lynn: .95
Glenda: .25+.20=.45
Steven: .90+.45=OVER

Lynn is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: John

IUFB4: Pool Table
John: $1600
Alex: $1700
Eleanor: $1500
Cynthia: $1*
ARP: $1495

PG4: Double Prices--Played for Kitchen Appliances

Choices: $2,150 or $2,895

Cynthia's pick: $2,895

ARP: $2,895


Bob then lets Dian throw to Rod for the mid-show bumper.

Fifth Calldown: Maureen

IUFB5: Baby Accessories
Maureen: $625
John: $750
Alex: $550
Eleanor: $1*
ARP: $510

PG5: Bullseye--Played for a Dining Room Group ($3,808)

GP1: Campo-Phenique Antibiotic
GP2: I-Hair Super Hold Hair Spray
GP3: Tums
GP4: Canfield's Diet Chocolate Fudge Soda
GP5: O-Cel-O Sponge

First purchase: 10 Sponges x 99 = $9.90
Second purchase: 10 Tums x $1.41 = $14.10
Third purchase: 10 Sodas x 41 = $4.10

If the Hidden Bullseye is behind either the Sponge or Soda, Eleanor still wins the Dining Room

Behind Sponge? SORRY
Behind Soda? Yes


During the product plug, Rod puts his own spin on the famous "Tum-ta-Tum-Tum" jingle.

Final Calldown: Lindsey

IUFB6: 2 Lamps
Lindsey: $700
Maureen: $795
John: $600*
Alex: $796
ARP: $690

PG6: Dice Game--Played for a Toyota Truck

First number: 1

Second number: Rolls 5, is wrong (guesses lower)
Third number: Rolls 1, is wrong (guesses higher)
Fourth number: Rolls 4, is wrong (guesses lower)
Fifth number: Rolls 2, is wrong (guesses higher)

ARP: $13,613


And for the 33rd time, that would make a perfect show, folks!

Eleanor: .70
Cynthia: .65+.15=.80
John: .85

John is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: John
Runner-Up: Lynn

New York City, Curio Cabinet, Projection TV, Spa
John passes to Lynn, who bids $8,500

Luggage, $1,000 in Cash, Around the World (Hawaii, Australia, India)
John bids $14,000

ARP of Lynn's Showcase: $11,821 (Difference: $3,321)
ARP of John's Showcase: $13,139 (OVER)

Lynn wins her Showcase, and takes home $16,184 in cash and prizes!