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Title: CSS Results for 04/19/2019 (Game 132)
Post by: Wayoshi on April 19, 2019, 01:58:16 PM
Today summed up in a few chat lines in Discord:

Today, 12:01:04 Wayoshi: Kev can explain what happened on 2. I saw the trick but just went over
Today, 12:01:05 Clara26: i think i got a DSW on #2
Today, 12:02:03 Kev347: that was the same exact Seattle trip we've seen before. it just can fit 4 people in the same room. all you had to do was add flights for 2 people
Today, 12:02:06 Kev347: to the price we saw before
Today, 12:02:13 Kev347: it was 5xxx even for 4

Flerb ends up with SC1, best bid outright anyways even with the overbids on 2. A couple went insane on 1, which was very possible with two new hotels, but did not pan out.