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Title: 2012 Music Cues
Post by: tshaffer03 on May 19, 2019, 08:35:41 PM
A few newer clean cues were recently uploaded on YouTube...enjoy!
Title: Re: 2012 Music Cues
Post by: penny_ante on May 20, 2019, 10:58:26 PM
These were a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

These sound like Kalehoff's work. Are they? If so, does this mean that we're getting more Kalehoff cues, and we're moving away from Karp and Killer Tracks?
Title: Re: 2012 Music Cues
Post by: pannoni1 on May 21, 2019, 08:42:02 AM
The 2007 cues are still used quite heavily, including names such as Circuit Glider, In The Roar, Boob Job, Where Ya Gonna Go Here Today, and the car cue that starts with F-FEb-F, F-Eb-Bb-C. A few 1994 cues are still used on occasion; the 2003 Karp package, not as much as that one in particular is growing nostalgic as it represents my fleeting young adulthood. One cue in particular has a melody that goes Low G-Low A-C-G-E-D-A-G-C, D-E-F-B-G, E-D-A-G-High-C, F-E-D-C-D, F-G if you know what I'm talking about, frequently used as a showcase cue and usually at a slower tempo in its later years after Drew became host.

Still, these are quite memorable for this generation and I'll bet most will look fondly back at these like the classic 1970s-80s clues. The first one is often used for cars, but does turn up in other games like Race Game or Take Two on occasion. The second one is usually for cars, the third one (reminds me a bit of "Free Ride") tends to be used in many non-car games, while the fourth one is my favorite out of all of these, used in a variety of games.

They still won't quite hold a candle to the numerous 1970s cues that were more distinctive towards representing a prize, like a tennis machine, motorcycle, sewing machine, children's furniture, sailboat, or a spa.