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Title: RPG 7/4/19 - RESULTS
Post by: OneBidTris on August 06, 2019, 02:49:49 AM
Like any good rollercoaster, this show had its ups and down, or you could say this had a low valley. Cover and Double Prices were good leadoffs, then we struggled to get anything in the PGs until Bullseye at the end. We did get one last cash on the Wheel this season, so that's nice. Here's the rundown:

Cover Up - I had the only pick good for 50K, but couldn't do much with it, only 1/1
Double Prices - SANDBAG
Punch-a-Bunch - Kev maxes it out for 50K.
1 Wrong Price - SANDBAG
That's Too Much! - TPI_J gets 1/2 and 50K for his pick.
Bullseye - 2 picks. JJ and Kev get 25K and 2/10 each.

It's not as much fun when there's less people playing, but I'll chalk that up to a scrimmage game. Hopefully I can get you all back here playing when the regular season picks up. I see we missed out on a game where the show aired on the wrong day, so dodged that bullet and we have no idea when the other leftover is supposed to air. So for now this is it for me and check the other thread and leave your thoughts there. Have a happy summer!