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Title: CSS16 Primetime Bonuses
Post by: Wayoshi on December 16, 2019, 11:47:36 AM
Just like when we had 3 primetime specials in a row in late May, I'll be hosting primetime playings of CSS and making them count a little. The person who has the highest point average (all playings will be single values in this small a sample size) and the highest cash won (with a line of minimum games played of TBD, but let's say at least half of the primetime shows roughly) will win 3 bonus points to their overall average in the CSS playoffs. If primetime specials end up airing after the start of the CSS playoffs, those will just be for shiggles for real.

Good luck! The first two specials are next Sunday & Monday, with more to be announced later.

EDIT: This was all cancelled, unfortunately, due to a site outage whose span included these shows.