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Title: FPG 5/1/20 - PLAYOFF Game #1 - Goodbye Aubrey Plaza, Hello Mama Mai Edition
Post by: OneBidTris on April 30, 2020, 10:59:42 AM
Wasn't that Parks and Rec special great? I haven't actually seen it as I post this, but I bet it will be swell.

As long as you've played 5 games, you are able to qualify in these playoffs. Everyone can play, but only the top 8 qualifiers will make it onto game #2 of Playoffs. This game is like every other FPG, except there are no Play-Along picks to worry about.

There are taping spoilers to think about. If either or both of them show up, they will be labeled as 1s.

Let's start May off strong.


SPOILERS: Two games spoiled for this tape date. You'll have to make your best judgement about which game will show up.

4/27/2020 (Monday - 9111K) ME/Roo/Balance/Magic/Stack/Freeze
4/28/2020 (Tuesday - 9112K) 241/Push/Path/CoG/Time/Money
4/29/2020 (Wednesday - 9113K) Squeeze/TP/DX/CO/Flip/Key
4/30/2020 (Thursday - 9114K) TTM/Bar/Bull/Side/L7/Seat
5/1/2020 (Friday - 9115K) Make sure to stay safe.