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Title: CSS Results for 05/20/2020 (Game 144) (PLAYOFFS 12)
Post by: Wayoshi on May 21, 2020, 12:11:02 PM
I'm not sure how these posted to Discord but not here. Sorry for the wait!

This was a tough pairing, or really SC1 was the real big bugaboo. Double 9xx endings kept DSWs off the board, too.

A FRATs with, say iit with me on loop, entirely new hotels or hotels not seen this season. And it turned out rather cheap overall for those locations too. Only 8 players survived that SC, with priac scoring the cash from 2nd (barely behind AMG, $25 / 0.05 points... basically nothing in a playoff setting).

SC2 had I guess about 5-6k worth of home gym stuff? That can really add up... or sometimes, it doesn't, making it all the more scary. PGS ends up with cash here from 3rd.