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Title: 1983 ep: November 2, 1983
Post by: Hades1981 on June 26, 2006, 12:28:01 AM
Johnny Olson: "Here it comes, television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes, the fabulous 60 minute Price Is Right!

Scott Hanson, COME ON DOWN!
Toni Dawson, COME ON DOWN!
Linda (?), COME ON DOWN!
Cynthia Strickett, COME ON DOWN!

You are the first four contestants on The Price Is Right!"

1st Item: Sewing Machine by Pfaff (Dian)

Scott: $950*
Toni: $225
Linda: $450
Cynthia: $350

ARP: $1099

Scott plays Master Key for a pair of Rocking Chairs by Albert M. Lock (Holly), a Zenith 25" TV (Janice), and a Mazda GLC Hatchback (Dian), all worth $7816

1st small prize: Maybeline Cosmetics

2 6 3 ($26 or $63)

Scott guesses $63>>$26

2nd small prize: Vollrath Bakeware

6 3 2 ($63 or $32)

Scott guesses $32>>$32; picks Key #2

we head down to the locks



Scott wins the TV

"Rhoda Crowder, COME ON DOWN!"

2nd Item: Spalding Golf Clubs (Holly)

Rhoda: $550
Toni: $795*
Linda: $780 (dumb)
Cynthia: $475

ARP: $806

Toni plays Take Two for:

-a Panasonic Stereo (Janice)
-Trip to Las Vegas (Janice)
-Tappan Trash Compactor (Dian)
-Baker's Rack (Dian)

$1660 is what will win all 4 prizes

1st guess: Stereo ($600) + Compactor ($340)= $940

2nd guess: Stereo ($600) + Trip ($780)= $1380  [color=FF0000]LOSS[/color]

The Trip ($780) & Baker's Rack ($880) were the right pair

"EldaMarie Whean, COME ON DOWN!"

3rd Item: 2 Cocktail Tables by Gordon's (Janice) brought out on Chugs (Holly driving)

EldaMarie: $750
Linda: $820*
Cynthia: $800 (dumb)
Rhoda: $1

ARP: $1070

Linda plays Most Expensive for:

1.Grandfather Clock by Pearl (Janice)
2.Sofa by Flexsteel (Dian)
3.Pool Table by Murray (Holly)

Linda picks #1

ARP #2: $950
ARP #3: $895
ARP #1: $1470 [color=00CC00]WIN[/color]

1st Showcase Showdown:

Toni: .80

Scott: .05 + 1.00= OVER

Linda: .80

Toni and Linda have a spinoff

Toni: .55

Linda: .75*

Linda wins a spot in the Showcase

"Denise Sparrer, COME ON DOWN!"

4th Item: Pair of Bikes by Fuji with a supply of Boss Gloves (Janice and Holly)

Denise: $320
Cynthia: $600
Rhoda: $350*
EldaMarie: $550

ARP: $450

Rhoda plays Safe Crackers for a Trip to Rome (Holly) and a Pasta Machine by Osrow (Janice)

1 3 5 are the numbers in the price of the pasta machine

Rhoda sets the combination at $315


The price was $135 (???? I don't think anybody was expecting that)

"Leon Moore, COME ON DOWN!"

5th Item: Indesit Freezer (Holly)

*there is a small blooper here, Holly couldn't get the door to open, and once she did, she banged her kneee against it. Bob however, made no mention of it.

Leon: $695
EldaMarie: $850
Denise: $625
Cynthia: $720


Go lower than $625

Leon: $550
EldaMarie: $500
Denise: $450
Cynthia: $495 (dumb!)


Go lower than $450

Leon: $395*
EldaMarie: $370
Denise: $200
Cynthia: $375

ARP: $400

Leon plays Any Number for a Vitalizer Ottoman/Trampoline (Dian) or a Ford Futura (Janice)

1st guess: 8

- - - - (car)
  - - 8 (exerciser)
  - - - (piggy bank)

2nd guess: 7

7 - - -
  - - 8
  - - -

3rd guess: 3

7 - - -
  3 - 8
  - - -

4th guess: 1

7 - - 1
  3 - 8
  - - -

5th guess: 4

7 - - 1
  3 - 8
  - 4 -

6th guess: 2

7 2 - 1
  3 - 8
  - 4 -

7th guess: 5

7 2 - 1
  3 5 8*
  - 4 -

Leon wins the exerciser; the car was $7201 and the piggy bank had $6.49   [color=FF0000]LOSS[/color]

"Rita Hanniodis, COME ON DOWN!"

6th Item: Kitchen Workcenter by Kimball (Holly)

Rita: $325
EldaMarie: $355
Denise: $380*
Cynthia: $360 (dumb)

ARP: $1000

Cynthia is sent off to the Breakfast Club, while Denise plays Hit Me for Gibson Kitchen Appliances (Janice) ARP $1790

Dian draws the hole card for the house and an up card of 8

Denise can choose from these products:

-Countertop Magic
-Halls Coughdrops
-Success Rice
-Chore Boy Scouring Pads
-Faberge Organics Shampoo

1st pick: Goobers @ $1.69 ($1.69)= an Ace

if Denise can pick a product multiplied by 10, she'll have a kitchen full of new appliances

2nd pick: Scouring Pads @ $7.90 (.79)= 10  [color=00CC00]WIN[/color]

the house had a 2 in the hole

2nd Showcase Showdown

Rhoda: .40 + .70= OVER

Leon: .30 + .30= .60

Denise: .75*

Denise moves on to the showcase


[color=660099]Top Winner: [/color] Linda
[color=FF9900]Runner-Up:[/color] Denise

1st Showcase: Every Room In The House

-Breakfast Nook: Dinette by Chromcraft (Janice)
-Laundry Room: Maytag Washer & Dryer (Holly)
-Family Room: Bar Set (Dian)
-Music Room: Piano by Aeolian (Holly)

Linda passes; Denise bids $5900

2nd Showcase: Priceless Rescue Team

this is a funny showcase where the rescue team (the girls dressed as the Keystone Cops), try to rescue a lady (Johnny in drag) from the balcony of a burning building. the scene is set to the original Switcheroo music

The team first tries to get the lady to jump onto a rug:

-Area Rug by Janis imports

The lady says no because the carpet is too hard, so the team brings in a daybed:

-Daybed by Sunshine brass

But the lady turns it down, saying the bed is too small, so the team brings in a spa:

-Thermasol Spa

Once again the lady turns them down because she's afraid of water, so the team brings in its last resource, their mini truck!

-Toyota 4X4 pickup

The lady is saved!

Linda bids $12000


$12000 (Linda)
($17858) ARP

$5900 (Denise)
($5921) ARP
$21  [color=00CC00]DSW!![/color]

Denise's total: $26569

"This is Johnny Olson speaking for The Price Is Right, a Mark Goodson/Bill Todman production!"

My estimate for broadcast is late October 1983 because this was a couple of weeks before the Home Viewer Christmas showcase (which was always shown in November) was shown, and in addition this was about a week before the Walk of Fame premiere, which according this site's FAQ, was in the first week of November.
Title: Re: 1983 ep (Estimated broadcast: October)
Post by: SteveGavazzi on June 26, 2006, 02:18:47 AM
Just one question I can think of right now:  Is Take Two yellow by this point?
Title: Re: 1983 ep (Estimated broadcast: October)
Post by: Ccook on June 26, 2006, 06:45:31 AM
The Contestants Row bids marked as "dumb" would only be dumb if they followed the others and were $1 under any of them. The $800 bid in the third one-bid, for example, gives a $20 cushion between Cynthia and Linda, and the price could very well have been within that cushion. (It obviously wasn't, but that's the chance taken.)
Title: Re: 1983 ep (Estimated broadcast: October)
Post by: Hades1981 on June 26, 2006, 10:52:31 AM
Yes Steve, Take Two was yellow by this point.