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Title: 5/22/01
Post by: JasonA1 on June 29, 2006, 09:47:58 PM
What, no recap? The new boards do not allow for us non-moderator types to use HTML in our posts. It's a necessary evil, so no biggie. I have simply setup a journal to archive my retro & other TPIR recaps. I decided to test the waters of my new home with this more recent ep. But don't worry, after this I've got a stack of retro eps to add to the page. And as with this ep, I intend to post threads for each one I add for discussion purposes.

Here's the link:
5/22/01 (

And here's the front page that shows you all the recaps I posted to G-R in the past, with a link included to their thread.

Jay's Price is Right Recaps (

And the comments on the posts are disabled on purpose - I wanted to keep the discussion/comments/questions/etc. here.