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Barker Era / Rod's last show
« Last post by JohnnyOFan on Today at 09:04:49 AM »
Can someone give me the full recap of Rods last show, or at the very least.... the tape date, episode number, and announcer.  Thanks
Bidding Order:
geniusinmath ---------> $1,221
tpir04 -----------------> $1,800
PayingTheRent -------> $675
PatrickRox80 -----------> $676

1233: With all of the bids in, I can now say that the price of that wood chipper is...

So come on up, tpir04!!!

{loud cheers}

Now we got four great prizes for you right behind this curtain. Tell us about them, Mr. Announcer.

Announcer: The weather is a changing out there, and I can't afford to have any of my contestants be even a little bit cold.

So that's why your prizes are...

{Race Game curtain rises}

...a hot tub, a fireplace, a pair of heated jackets and a sauna!!!

First, this 4 person hot tub has 20 stainless steel jets and multiple color-changing LED lights!! {modeled by Rachel}

Next, this free standing 50" wooden electric fireplace and mantle is made of recycled, unpolished wood!! {modeled by Rachel and Amber}

Then, these two cozy jackets are capable of heating you up and each come with a rechargeable battery pack!!!  {modeled by Amber and Manuela}

And finally, this 2 person infrared sauna helps to remove toxins and increase blood circulation in the body!! {modeled by Manuela}

There they are, 123!

{cheers from crowd}

1233: Now in Take Two, two of those prizes add up to $3,029 in value. You pick those two, and you will never be cold again.  :-)

What do you want to go with?

{peanut gallery tries to help}
The TALK Is Right / Re: Happy birthday to James O'Halloran!
« Last post by wpghi5 on Today at 01:45:17 AM »
Happy Birthday James!
Thanks guys for making it easy who I should 1-Up. :P


Did you hit up a Sears closing sale for some of these prizes? :P

I guess Iíll go $675.  I have absolutely no clue.
Out In Left Field / Re: 2019 NFL Season (100th Anniversary)
« Last post by Ton80 on Yesterday at 11:06:47 PM »
Quote from: jude_este
Does anyone else have a feeling that Dallas will manage to screw this one up in the second half or is this just me that has this feeling?

Just you.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Simple Questions & Answers Thread
« Last post by RatRace10 on Yesterday at 10:08:30 PM »
Last time Plinko was completely lost, the regular buzzer was played but it was followed by the losing horns.
1) Any timed game, meaning Bonkers, Switcheroo, Time is Money, Clock Game, and Race Game
2) Card Game (originally, the game used the regular buzzer even if the contestant went over)
3) Check-Out
4) Danger Price originally had the foghorn buzzer, but it switched to the regular buzzer
5) Dice Game
6) Grocery Game
7) 1/2 Off
8) Most Expensive
9) One Away
10) Pocket Change
11) Rat Race (if none of the rats finish Top 3, if I recall correctly)
12) Secret “X” (though there are a few occasions where they play the regular buzzer after the board is flipped)
13) 3 Strikes

One of the total Plinko losses (before the sound system was changed) used both the regular and foghorn buzzer at the same time, the former to signify the $0 hit and the latter to signify the game being completely lost.

1) I imagine Hot Seat would use it if the 35 seconds expires as well.
5) Dice Game used to use the regular buzzer
7) As did 1/2 Off (on both wrong SP guesses and empty box reveals)
10) Pocket Change does use the regular buzzer if a $.00 card is revealed unless it's the final card, yes?
11) Rat Race: What about if someone gives a bad guess to the third prize and fails to earn any rats?

I recall these games using the foghorn buzzer in the Barker and early Drew eras. Did those games change to the regular buzzer as Danger Price did?

- Balance Game ('06)
- Barker's Bargain Bar (not sure if the foghorn carried over to Bargain Game)
- Check Game (even if the total was under, not over)
- Gas Money
- More or Less
- Take Two (only if lost on the second pick, first wrong pick uses the regular buzzer)

I know I could just go on YouTube and search for lost playings of these games, but I have sensory issues and certain game show sound effects don't sit well with me. I can handle the regular buzzer just fine, but not the foghorn buzzer, so when I watch, I have to mute during certain games, second spins in the Showcase Showdown (I used to think they also sounded the foghorn if someone lost with a total too low - I didn't realize they didn't sound any buzzer at all until just a few years ago), and the Showcase reveals. So that's why I am asking all this, and I appreciate the answers.
Out In Left Field / Re: 2019 NFL Season (100th Anniversary)
« Last post by jude_este on Yesterday at 10:01:17 PM »
After a field goal from Brett Maher, the Cowboys lead the Eagles 27-7. Does anyone else have a feeling that Dallas will manage to screw this one up in the second half or is this just me that has this feeling?
The TALK Is Right / Happy birthday to James O'Halloran!
« Last post by dagdoggnh on Yesterday at 09:30:44 PM »
Jimmy O turned 35 today.
I can see that being either bloody expensive or dirt cheap. I'll go high... $1800, please!
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