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The TALK Is Right / Re: Reading the wrong card
« Last post by tpiradam on Today at 05:07:25 PM »
An incident in November 1992, Bob read the ARP card as $1,350 and called up the wrong contestant to collect a $100 bonus. The correct podium was flashing $1,300 and Rod had called attention to Bob that he had the wrong contestant on stage. The contestant surrendered her $100 bonus and the correct contestant made her way on stage. To end this mishap on a happy note, the wrong contestant wound up winning her own $100 bonus later on in the show.

Another incident similar to the post above, from February 1993, a contestant made a bid and Bob misheard it and the display showed what Bob had misinterpreted. She ended up winning and getting on stage as a result and winning her pricing game. After commercial Bob explained what had happened and the contestant who should've won her way on stage was awarded the prizes and asked to sit over in the audience and wait to spin the big wheel. The one who mistakenly was on stage was also awarded the prizes and returned to contestant's row to legitimately win her way on stage.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Reading the wrong card
« Last post by JT on Today at 04:59:13 PM »
I remember the wrong contestant coming up on stage before 2002.  It was the first one bid and the audience was still so excited about the opening and start of the show that they were yelling bids and clapping and Bob/producers mis-heard one of the bids and the wrong contestant came up to play the first game.  Bob explained the mishap after the commercial break and awarded the game #1 prizes to the person who should have been on stage, and let the wrong on-stage contestant go back to bidders' row.  I believe she was back on stage to play another pricing game making history as the first contestant to play two pricing games in the same show!
The TALK Is Right / Reading the wrong card
« Last post by ssetta on Today at 04:42:05 PM »
So I got thinking about the time last year when Steve Harvey messed up the Miss Universe pageant, and now with the Oscars, what about the times it's happened on Price? I remember hearing once in like 2002 or so they played Triple Play, but after the fact they realized there was a mess up in the one-bids and the wrong contestant played. It was one of the only times they edited out a mistake. I have seen it happen more recently with Drew but he would usually correct himself very quickly and just proceed like usual. Has anyone else seen this happen?
Price is Right Recaps! / 7831K - 2/27/17 Recap
« Last post by jaydlewis on Today at 04:22:24 PM »

Quick Take
That's Too Much! - Loss
Clock Game - Loss
Half Off - Loss
Side By Side - Win
Take 2 - Win
Let 'Em Roll - Win

              TODAY        YEAR
 On Offer:  $159,192   $19,467,922.56+
Total Won:    73,546     8,582,497.20+
Out In Left Field / Re: OBIT: Bill Paxton
« Last post by CheckGameMeBob on Today at 01:09:21 PM »
I'll always remember Paxton for his haunting performance as Hank Mitchell in A Simple Plan.  Rest in peace, Bill.  :(
Out In Left Field / Re: 2017 NASCAR Season
« Last post by CheckGameMeBob on Today at 01:02:10 PM »

Another thing: Why was the race in segments anyway?

This was a part of NASCAR's offseason rule changes, where every race will be 3 segments and the top ten drivers in the first two segments will earn points, along with everybody getting points at the end of the last segment.

Here's a link explaining further details:

To me, this just is just another unnecessary rule that makes something that should be simple into something more complicated.  Whatever happened to the car at the finish line at the end of the race getting the most points? It's dumb.  Thank goodness F1 and the Indycars don't use gimmicks like what NASCAR is doing.
CSS -- Chatroom Showcase Showoff / CSS Results for 02/27/2017 (Game 102)
« Last post by Wayoshi on Today at 12:05:07 PM »
A FRATs with a new Australia... that wasn't terribly much, despite being in an apartment. I shouldn't have upped my bid by that much... Phat ends up taking this one.

The Rockwood Premier has shown up a handful of times now, always with the same camping equipment and that 7n camping pass. On Father's Day last year, it was 16447 in a fee game. Add in el Latitude and the showcase was going to be very expensive, but the trick was the cheapo Furniture of America bedroom. grfanatic wraps up a win with cash on this as well.
Out In Left Field / Re: 2017 NASCAR Season
« Last post by jwatson2973 on Today at 01:36:51 AM »
That was a bummer when Dale Jr. got wrecked as he was leading.

Another thing: Why was the race in segments anyway?
Out In Left Field / Re: OBIT: Bill Paxton
« Last post by wpghi5 on Today at 01:28:13 AM »
RIP Bill Paxton.  :cry:
Out In Left Field / Re: 2017 NASCAR Season
« Last post by wpghi5 on Today at 01:27:26 AM »
Bad day for Harvick and Dale Jr, as both got caught up in wrecks.

And Jr was leading the race at the time of that crash!  :evil:
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