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Price is Right Recaps! / 7921K - 05/01/17 Recap Thread
« Last post by Torgo on Today at 07:14:47 AM »
Price is Right Recaps! / 7915K - 04/28/17 Recap Thread
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Price is Right Recaps! / 7914K - 04/27/17 Recap Thread
« Last post by Torgo on Today at 07:14:03 AM »
So here we are, down almost to the end of the regular season, so it's time to talk playoffs. The Goodson-Dobkowitz Cup is up for grabs one more time, which means we need to talk about how we're handing it out.

There are a few changes from last season, all of which I'll explain, but the main one is this: we're no longer handing out points/cash/whatever for playoff performance. Just like any sports league, this is all about the Cup, anything else is just a distraction. So make sure you're on the top of your game and ready to go the distance.

Who gets to fight for the Cup, you may ask? Well, that brings us to our next change. While we're no longer handing out points and cash FROM the playoffs, points and cash awarded in the regular season will boost some players on their way INTO the playoffs. Specifically, the following players will not only qualify, but also earn a one-round bye:

> The top two players in total MP
> The two players next highest in game points
> The two players next highest in cash

Those six players will go directly into the Round of 16. But if you're not one of those six, you can still take part if:

> You've played at least 75% of all games (19 out of 25)
> You won at least one game this season
> You are one of the Elite Eight from last season (Kev347, Punchboard91, SuperSweeper, Cephas, vadernader, Wayoshi, Flerbert419, PriceFan985)

Any players who qualify by these methods will battle it out in our "Best of the Rest" qualifying round to open up the GDC playoffs.


Our tentative schedule for the GDC Playoffs is as follows:

May 12 (#7935K - Mother's Day Special) - "Best of the Rest" Qualifying Round - all players in the second tier of qualifications may play in this round. The top 10 players from this game will advance to the Round of 16.

May 19 (#7945K - Dream Car Week) - Round of 16 - the top 10 players from the qualifier plus the six players who qualified based on their regular-season performance will take part in this round. The eight best scores from this round will advance to the next round.

May 26 (#7955K) - Round of 8 - the eight remaining players will take part, with the four best scores moving on to the GDC Finals.

June 2 (#7965K) - Goodson-Dobkowitz Cup Finals - the final four players take on one final game for the Cup, with the winner taking it all... because we only have one Cup.   ;)

June 16 (#7985K) - reserve game - to be used in case of a spoiler-related cancellation

June 23 (#7763K) - emergency reserve game - to be used only if two games are cancelled and there are no other good options

(June 9 is technically a viable game day, but I will be unable to be online for that entire week due to travel. If there is literally no other option, I may make arrangements for an emergency fill-in host, but I'd prefer to avoid that if possible.)

If, at any point, more players would be in an advancing position than would normally be entitled to do so due to unbreakable ties, then all tied players shall advance. The next round will still be cut to the number it was intended for (so say if 11 players make it out of the Round of 16, the next round still cuts to four as planned). In the event of a tie for the championship, the host reserves the right to use one of the reserve dates for a sudden-death showdown if they have not already been used, or to declare co-champions.
So yeah, the end of the season has kind of snuck up on us. I'm hoping to have playoff information ready soon, but for now, have a game.


SPOILERS: Nothing I've heard of, let me know if there's something out there.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
#7911K (Monday): TTM/Spree/Bonkers/Squeeze/Any/Punch
#7912K (Tuesday): 1WP/Shell/L7/Side/Bullseye/Line
#7913K (Wednesday): Pair/Money/1RP/Seat/Pocket/Push
#7914K (Thursday): TBD (to be added later)
#7915K (Friday): YOU ARE HERE
The TALK Is Right / Re: What has your home state contributed to TPIR?
« Last post by goldroadfanatic on Yesterday at 10:48:03 PM »
I currently live in Massachusetts, so the occasional trip to Boston, Cape Cod, Plymouth, Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket definitely counts. I watched a 1975 episode with a New Bedford, MA trip in the showcases.

iRobot, which makes those robotic vacuum cleaners, has its corporate offices in Bedford, MA.

The show offered Milton Bradley games at various points in the past (and the company made the home games in the 1970s and 1986). Those were from Springfield, MA.

Ocean Spray has its offices in Middleborough, MA and they harvest from cranberry bogs nearby.

I believe we've seen Necco candies at some point on the show, those are from Revere, MA.

Cape Cod Cranberry Dry Soda is made by Polar Beverages in Worcester, MA.

I previously lived in Connecticut and New Hampshire. Other than the occasional trip to either state, I don't think anything like Pez Dispensers and Wiffle Balls/Bats (which are from CT) or Timberland clothing (which is from NH) have been offered.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: 7913K - 04/26/17 Recap Thread
« Last post by JayC on Yesterday at 09:35:16 PM »
Options of $10K, $11K, and $12K in Push Over however... oy.
You're right, I realized I missed the 11k option. I thought 12k was a little too high though.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: 7913K - 04/26/17 Recap Thread
« Last post by Joe on Yesterday at 07:15:43 PM »
When the last two numbers in the price of the car are to the left of the first two numbers in Money Game, does that still qualify as "the old front and back trick".  Or would it be more like "the old back and front trick"?
I pondered this question the other day after learning of O'Reilly being fired from Fox, as the circumstances are quite similar. I agree that Bob would have had a much more difficult time navigating the stormy seas of social media backlash. However, one could argue that the threat of social media backlash itself would have prevented some of the circumstances from occurring for all parties involved. There are so many hypotheticals that it would be impossible to determine how what happened then would play out now.

I suspect that the downfall of Bill Cosby really changed the way many people think about sexual harassment.

Cosby is accused of sexual assault. Both sexual harassment and sexual assault are serious subject matter, but the latter is far more substantial. That being said, the allegations he faces have certainly brought a great deal of attention to inappropriate behavior in general.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Future Cover Up idea for the bottom of the board
« Last post by GuyWithFace on Yesterday at 05:25:22 PM »
Yes, the initial numbers were wrong: but that was the whole point of the concept. You cover the wrong numbers with the correct ones and win.
As I had essentially stated here.

I believe the initial point was to play on the title of "The Price Is Right": "Here you see a price of $23,743, but that price is wrong. Cover up those numbers with these ones up here, and if the price is right you win that car."

It was initially made a big deal because people swore up and down that not putting numbers there at the beginning was a disadvantage to the contestant and would result in more losses.
I believe he was referring to Drew making a big deal out of the idea of covering up a wrong price. I recall several playings just before the change where Drew remarked that you could put anything down there and not change the game.

I suspect the staff simply used his compaints as an excuse to shoehorn a recurring gag into the show.
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