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The TALK Is Right / Re: Pass the buck
« Last post by Ted on Today at 09:05:06 AM »
What about having the price turn green if it's a correct price, and red if it's incorrect?

Like in the program I wrote to help me memorize the prices? If they do that, can I sue them? ;-)
I imagine many who show up at 00:48 to bid do say bc they have other commitments, yet still want to participate in this fun game.

CSS already has a doubler built-in via getting a DSW, and more so for a rare QSW.  In fact, I think the overall CSS rules are great.  CSS rewards not only good pricing, but also consistency.  Weíve all seen how zeroes can really eat away at an average.

My only reason for suggesting to can the Plinko doubler is because it has nothing to do with showcase pricing.  Everybody benefits (or not) from Double Point Fridays. I feel guessing which slot a chip is arbitrarily going to fall into dumbs down CSS.  Again, this is just my opinion.

Btw, the vast majority of time I watch either from a desktop ( or a mobile device. (CBS App).   While itís somewhat delayed - only about 10 seconds - I never have a problem getting my showcase bids in by 00:56:30.  Maybe your local affiliate has a longer delay?  (Iím in Chicago)


Out In Left Field / Re: Your Match Game questions
« Last post by pannoni1 on Today at 07:39:48 AM »
Old Man Periwinkle said, why do they still it call it elevator music when I heard disco duck? Perhaps it should now be called _______ music.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 1/17/2019
« Last post by Teddy on Today at 06:08:22 AM »
About time we saw someone win $10,000 in Plinko!

I thought for sure That's Too Much! was won, but she went one too far, and gave us the highlight by running over to the car and agonizing over her loss after initially thinking that she had won.
Out In Left Field / Re: Happy Birthday, Betty White!!!
« Last post by wpghi5 on Today at 04:13:48 AM »
Happy Birthday Betty!  :biggrin:
I like the incentive to stick around in chat for the whole show. The doubler gives a reason to not just show up at 9:48 to bid (of which Iíll admit to doing at times).

And I like that it incentivizes watching actively as many days as you can, since you never know which day it will show up. Although I suspect most of us would do that anyways (or at least, the chance at getting bonus fake internet points wouldnít be the thing that pushes somebody over the edge).

The downside is TPIR doesnít air until 1 EST in some areas (like mine), so youíre at the mercy of others in the chat giving a detailed readout. And itís rough participating on mobile since the window to submit a guess is just few seconds, so itís pretty much limited to the chatroom stalwarts with a live feed.

I like the idea of the doubler but I rarely get to participate in it personally. Which is fine, I guess. I donít feel like Iím missing out on much. It would be nice if it were a little more accessible, but I suspect thatís sort of the point.

Would you be opposed to a doubler or bonus that can be earned with pricing? Or do you see the idea of any sort of doubler as a dilution of ďpure CSS skillĒ?
CSS -- Chatroom Showcase Showoff / Re: CSS Results for 01/17/2019 (Game 73)
« Last post by priac on Yesterday at 11:33:47 PM »
I respectfully propose abolishing Plinko doubler next season.

Guessing the way chips placed flat against a board and when released arbitrarily fall on a peg strewn board have absolutely zero relation to oneís CSS ability.  Iíve always found Plinko to be a mindless and silly game to begin with.   Tailor-made for the masses.  And then to associate it with showcase pricing diminishes showcase pricing ability.   And last I checked the show is called The Price is Right after all. 

Just my opinion of course.

Thoughts anybody?
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 1/17/2019
« Last post by MSTieScott on Yesterday at 09:40:36 PM »
At some point in the past five years or so, they moved the place where the Plinko stick is stored. It used to be attached to the side of the board (if you look at this picture, you can see the two clips on the side of the board next to the scoreboard; if you know to look for it, you might be able to see the black handle slightly sticking out in regular shots of Plinko during older episodes of the show).

I assume that someday, when they took the over-the-shoulder shot of the small prizes across the stage, somebody didn't like that the Plinko stick could be seen just floating there, so now Drew withdraws the stick from some lower area behind the board.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 1/17/2019
« Last post by crazypackersfan on Yesterday at 07:46:12 PM »
2 episodes in a row for me. I feel like Cal Ripken here. And this was another good episode, which makes me wish I was able to watch more. I was a fan of pretty much everything today except for the last showcase. Having only 2 items made the showcase seem watered down. You could even tell that George tried to stretch out his words to make up for the lack of prizes.

In any case, any show with a $10,000 Plinko is worth watching. Also, I had no idea trash bags were that expensive (Let Em Roll).
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