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Could have just as easily followed a QSW with a hard/soft DSW.
About time I got a win this season...
So this was a thing.

One cheap showcase paired with one expensive showcase results in an extremely mixed bag of results, with a fair number of decent bids, a few garfs, and some overbids. At least the cheap one today looked cheap, so it was, in a lot of cases, coming up with the right three digits to end your bid in. Surprisingly, we only have one DSW on it, coming from BRB_TheFireball, taking the win with the DSW and almost $60K in cash.

On the other side, an expensive boat caused some moderate-to-severe garfs. TPIRSteven, finishing in second place overall, takes the cash for it, all $38K and change.
Out In Left Field / Re: College Football 2014
« Last post by wildbill0962 on Today at 07:32:10 PM »
Updated bowl projections. Minor changes, mainly just to reflect Boise State replacing Marshall.
Out In Left Field / Re: College Football 2014
« Last post by moneygamelover on Today at 07:28:09 PM »
No notable changes at the top and my Sun Devils stay at 13. Marshall does crack the top 25 at 24........ but Boise State is ahead them cracking the top 25 at 23! Even when they finally get in they still can't catch a break!
First Run TPIR! / Re: TPiR Recap - 11/25/2014
« Last post by Cephas on Today at 06:58:49 PM »
I thought the two consecutive sets of clangers made this a good show.
First Run TPIR! / Re: TPiR Recap - 11/25/2014
« Last post by moneygamelover on Today at 06:32:30 PM »
Switch? I think this was setup to be lost even though I myself would have won. Most people would think of $2289 as a more reasonable price than $3119 for a computer and would expect the grill to be more expensive. I would have won as I thought the specs, particularly having 16 gigs of RAM, as well as the inclusion of printer and speakers would drive up the price. A well earned win of a fantastic Lenovo laptop and Bull stainless steel grill.

Money Game: Really glad to see the Toyota Prius won. It had some good suspense in coming down to the last chance and it's always exciting to see Money Game won in that way. Good thing today's contestant had another pick left after choosing the season number but it worked out well as the game ended with a suspenseful win of the Toyota Prius.

Punch a Bunch: $5000 is a good day on Punchy. Today's contestant did the absolute thing in stopping at $5000. With Punch a Bunch it's pretty simple, $2500 is the only amount there's a real choice on. Always bail with more than $2500 and always go on with less than $2500. When $5000 pops up, stop. Today's contestant made the right choice and it paid off.

Pick a Pair: Too bad the nice Belize trip wasn't won.

Ten Chances: What part of "don't insult the contestants" do you have difficulty understanding? He could have just been nervous. More importantly, he may not even be aware that a "zero rule" even exists. Not everyone has as thorough an understanding of the show as we do, and thus, it is extremely unfair to list "contestant ignorance" as a reason.

Double Prices: Easy win to close the show. I'm not a watercraft person but with a strong brand like Yamaha you expect it will be expensive.

Showcases: This was a weak day for showcases. Not being a boat person, I preferred the Mauritius showcase especially since I liked the game package and motorscooters as well.

Lineup: Mixed: Pick a Pair is a game whose inclusion neither helps nor hurts lineups. I have mixed feelings on Punch a Bunch as I dislike the fact luck plays a bigger role than pricing skill. (We're the Price is Right and not Let's Make a Deal so we're supposed to be about pricing skill rather than luck.) But I do enjoy watching Punch a Bunch played. But here's what it comes down to for me to today. Money Game and Ten Chances are two of our best car games so that's a big plus to see both car games be great games. But the lead off hitter and closer spots were very weak today. Switch? is a fairly dull game to begin with and it becomes truly dull when used as a lead off hitter. And Double Prices is a terrible closer because it's the dullest game on the show. Mixed bag here.

Overall: This was a good show. 3 wins including a car win and the $5000 on Punchy made this a good show today.
First Run TPIR! / Re: TPiR Recap - 11/25/2014
« Last post by BRB_TheFireball on Today at 04:59:50 PM »
A mixed bag.  Money Game was won, $5,000 was punched, and 10 Chances was still frustrating to watch.

My showcase bids:
Mauritius--$20,707 ( :dsw: )
Out In Left Field / Re: 2015 NBA season
« Last post by BRB_TheFireball on Today at 04:34:58 PM »
ESPN ran a poll last week over whether Kentucky would beat the Sixers and the vote was about 50-50. I can't see a college team of any kind ever beating any NBA team though.

Considering how many players enter the NBA after just one season of college nowadays, I don't really see much of a difference between a college team and certain NBA teams.
First Run TPIR! / Re: TPiR Recap - 11/25/2014
« Last post by PriceBusterXL on Today at 03:00:04 PM »

Pick-A-Pair: Too bad Michael didn't kept the cereal and then go for the powder.


Punch-A-Bunch: No $25K, but Adrienne did won $5K, so that was good.

10 Chances: Too bad Larry blew the 9th chance to get the car, but the trip to Mauritius was a good reprieve, I guess.


Switch?: I was not expecting that............And I thought that the BBQ and the computer should stay. Good win by Sandra!

Money Game: A good job by Sophia! I'm starting to think that the 43 is more of window dressing to me.

Double Prices: Good win by Samuel!


Another decent show today.
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