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Host Your Own! / Re: Teddy's TPIR, Episode 24 - PG1
« Last post by wpghi5 on Today at 10:00:55 PM »
$1775.  :embarassed: :-?
Out In Left Field / Re: Big Brother 17
« Last post by corneliuscarter on Today at 09:42:03 PM »
Well, after watching tonight's episode, one thing is clear, Vanessa wants Meg to kick rocks. Nominating Julia is a risky move because if Steve, John, and James flip the house and Julia ends up going home, Liz and Austin would be looking for revenge against Vanessa. After James' performance in the POV competition tonight, I hope he makes it to the Final 3 with Steve and John.
Out In Left Field / Re: Obituaries Thread
« Last post by BRB_TheFireball on Today at 08:38:24 PM »
Dean Jones was also in Jailhouse Rock with some guy named Elvis... :P

But yes, The Love Bug and That Darn Cat! were classics.  The Million Dollar Duck... not so much.  (Just ask Gene Siskel.  That was the first film he walked out on.)

Thanks for all of the great movie memories, Dean.
Apologies for the bump, but this just showed up on Wink's FB page...

"September was a big month for game shows back on a certain day in the 1970's. Starting Friday relive some special moments and view a few rare gems straight from my vault! You won't want to miss it! The Winker"
Out In Left Field / Re: Obituaries Thread
« Last post by Hag on Today at 06:21:40 PM »
I'm a big fan of The Love Bug, and I know Jones was in a number of other Disney films as well. RIP.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: Help Wanted: Season 44 Recapper
« Last post by steven.jordan.332 on Today at 06:06:10 PM »
I would help Chelsea, but i don't have much experience with this area.

Adam's work is very well detailed, I doubt i can possibly top that. I would not be a great candidate for this, even though i would like to do more.

I would like to find a place where i can be more involved, and contribute positively, by request, i would like to be directed to where i can have more involvement in a healthy, and acceptable manner.
Out In Left Field / Re: Obituaries Thread
« Last post by plinko2000 on Today at 05:50:22 PM »
Out In Left Field / Re: Big Brother 17
« Last post by TheBigAK on Today at 05:26:45 PM »
I didn't like BB season 1 at all, but got hooked on it in Season 2.   Haven't missed a season since.

Meg - Has she done anything all season other than be eye candy?     No idea why anyone would root for her.   

Steve - Man did he waste his HOH.   He could have taken out a huge player, instead he takes out Jackie.   What she won one comp?    For a guy who is supposedly a super fan, he hasn't got a clue what is going on.    A super fan would be part of 18 different alliances.

John - I love his character.  He's won several comps, but he has already been booted once.   He's got a huge target and going to have a hard time not being booted out quickly.

Julia/Liz - Personally, I think they are floaters.   They haven't won much.    I can't wait for them to be booted out.

Which brings me to my 3 contenders
Austin/James/Vanessa -  These are the 3 left that I feel are actually playing the game.     Each has advantages , each has targets on themselves.   I can't wait to see how this plays out.

How the veto stuff goes down tonight will be great to see.     Going to be a great double eviction tomorrow.
Host Your Own! / Re: Teddy's TPIR, Episode 24 - PG1
« Last post by 123123123 on Today at 02:02:31 PM »
$1,595 please
I wouldn't worry about switching the Big Wheel's scoreboard to an LCD display. They can replicate readouts with custom fonts and animation (see One Bid displays).

...which, I might add, considering the amount of time and effort required to do something like that, is quite silly.
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