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Out In Left Field / Re: timeline of Whammy animations
« Last post by TPIRSteven on Today at 01:54:29 AM »
Here's the full list through Summer 1985.  I don't yet have anything for late 1985 or 1986.

Whammy on Pogo Stick (9/19/83)
Whammy Running with Hammer (9/19/83)
Whammy Walking Fang (9/19/83)
Whammy Dancing Act (9/19/83)
Whammy with TNT (9/20/83)
Whammy Jumping Around (9/21/83)
Whammy with Lawn Mower (9/21/83)
Whammy Hula Dancer (9/22/83)
Whammy on Jaws (9/22/83)
Whammy Pilot (9/22/83)
Whammy Bulldozer (9/22/83)
Whammy Magician (10/4/83)
Whammy in Rocket Ship (10/19/83)
Whammy on Roller Skates (10/19/83)
Whammy Boxer (10/20/83)
Whammy with Jackhammer (10/21/83)
Whammy Surfer (10/24/83)
Whammy with Thanksgiving Turkey (11/18/83)
Whammy as Scrooge (12/20/83)
Whammy as Santa Claus (12/21/83)
Whammy Singing "I Wish Me a Merry Christmas" (12/22/83)
Whammy Singing "My Christmas Tree" (12/22/83)
Whammy New Year's Baby (12/26/83)
Whammy with Bottle of Champagne (12/26/83)
Whammy Skateboarder (1/17/84)
Whammy as Paul Revere (1/17/84)
Whammy Snow Skier (1/17/84)
Whammy with Fang Chasing Cat (1/18/14)
Whammy with Snow Blower (1/18/84)
Whammy on Dollar Bill (1/19/84)
Whammy on Magic Carpet (1/19/84)
Whammy in Flying Saucer (3/13/84)
Whammy as Michael Jackson (3/13/84)
Whammy Running for Office (3/14/84)
Whammy Native American in Canoe (3/14/84)
Whammy Break Dancer (6/20/84)
Whammy and Tammy on a Picnic (6/20/84)
Whammy as Boy George (6/20/84)
Whammy Water Skier (6/21/84)
Whammy Dixieland Band (6/22/84)
Whammy Carrying Olympic Torch (6/27/84)
Whammy Pole Vaulter (8/2/84)
Whammy Weightlifter (9/17/84)
Whammy Pizza Guy (9/17/84)
Whammy Vocalist Group (9/17/84)
Whammy Umpire (9/17/84)
Whammy Country Singers (9/18/84)
Whammy as Elvis (9/18/84)
Whammy Football Player (9/19/84)
Whammy on Halloween (10/29/84)
Whammy as Supremes (1/4/85)
Whammy Movie Star (1/4/85)
Whammy Fortune Teller (1/4/85)
Whammy as The Beatles (1/7/85)
Whammy with Credit Card (1/7/85)
Whammy Window Washer (1/11/85)
Whammy as Tarzan (4/1/85)
Whammy Basketball Player (4/1/85)
Whammy on Cruise Ship (4/1/85)
Whammy Cheerleaders (4/2/85)
Whammy Baseball Player (4/2/85)
Whammy Matador (4/2/85)
Whammy as Cyndi Lauper (4/2/85)
Whammy as Tina Turner (4/3/85)
Whammy as Sherlock Holmes (4/5/85)

The order of the next six Whammies is somewhat debatable:

Whammy Human Cannonball (8/22/85)
Whammy with Camera (8/23/85)
Whammy with Electric Guitar (8/23/85)
Whammy with "Big Buck" (8/26/85)
Whammy Aerobics Instructor (8/26/85)
Whammy Bowler (8/26/85)

The Whammy with "Big Buck" and the Whammy Bowler both appeared on the originally unaired episode #500, which was "discovered" when GSN first aired it in September 2004.  In addition, it has been reported that the week of 8/26-8/30 (Back-to-School Week) was taped prior to the 8/22 & 8/23 shows, which complicates things further.  Going strictly by taping order (as opposed to initial airings), the order would be as follows:

Whammy Bowler (Unaired #500)
Whammy with Camera (Unaired #500)
Whammy with Big Buck (Unaired #500)
Whammy with Electric Guitar (8/26/85)
Whammy Human Cannonball (8/26/85)
Whammy Aerobics Instructor (8/26/85)
I haven't seen this much red since I saw Glen's (Johnny Depp) death scene from the first Nightmare On Elm Street (the classic one not the reboot).  :P
Host Your Own! / Re: Teddy's TPIR, Episode 19 - SCSD1
« Last post by catfan2002 on Today at 12:23:20 AM »
2 and 10 stop at 70 or higher 18 for bonus spin or spinoff
Out In Left Field / Re: OBIT: Gerard Parkes
« Last post by wpghi5 on Yesterday at 11:59:57 PM »
I mostly remember Gerard from playing Barton Winslow in "Shining Time Station". He's often say "Hey, what's the word?" when entering the station on his motorcycle.

RIP Gerard Parkes

I remember that too.
First Run TPIR! / Re: TPiR Recap - 10/22/2014
« Last post by SamJ93 on Yesterday at 11:49:07 PM »
If I may say a few words in my defense...I started that thread because Drew's wording for a few episodes suggested that a winner was guaranteed, not because we hadn't seen a DOB yet.
First Run TPIR! / Re: TPiR Recap - 10/21/2014
« Last post by SamJ93 on Yesterday at 11:36:12 PM »
If the first guess was untimed, contestants would take forever and a day asking the audience where each item goes. I do agree that 10 seconds is a bit too short-15 seconds would be fairer-but the last two contestants showed that getting all 5 items on the table in time is not impossible.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Possible Crossover??
« Last post by PayingTheRent on Yesterday at 10:44:25 PM »
They better not leave it out in the rain. :P
Out In Left Field / Re: MLB baseball 2014
« Last post by PatrickRox80 on Yesterday at 10:36:45 PM »
KC evens the series with a 7-2 victory.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Possible Crossover??
« Last post by Off_trak on Yesterday at 10:35:47 PM »
Gotta say, the Plinko board looks good in natural daylight   :biggrin:
Price is Right Video Collection / January 25, 1999
« Last post by goldroadfanatic on Yesterday at 10:34:44 PM »
Credit goes to YouTube user Mike Schurb, one of the contestants on the show.

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