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Out In Left Field / Re: Shadoe Stevens hosting The Late Late Show
« Last post by GuyWithFace on Today at 05:21:32 PM »
I know everyone on this board is supposed to be the biggest fanboi of Shadoe,
For the record, I never said I was. I like him, certainly, and believe his time on Price was a grand moment to shine on his part, but I personally would not classify myself as a "fanboi".

(Unless you happened to be trolling via such comments, in which case shame on me for responding to them.)

His talent is being wasted at the LLS. He should be [...] announcing for the number one game show in daytime.
I believe the issue is twofold: one being that George Gray is a friend of Richards, and the other being the fact that Shadoe has prior game show announcing experience. Note that Mike never mentioned him in the Randumb Show podcast following the April Fool's 2014 switcharound.
Cornelius: Coupon Boy bids...

Coupon Boy

Cornelius: Now, OneBidTris, this is your showcase.


Jalin: Your showcase consists of prizes revealed as we show you what to bring to a baby shower. And the first thing you should bring that would allow you to sing a lullaby is with this karaoke machine.

Jalin: This front loading CDG Karaoke System with 7 Inches monitor, video camera, and iPod dock shows your real-time performance on the display screen. While two microphone jacks with separate volume controls has you staging sing-offs with your friends. Home karaoke has never been so easy or fun.

Jalin: Next, you can give this for the nice little baby, a new crib.

Jalin: This cocoon-shaped crib provides a cozy resting experience for your child. It has transparent acrylic sides for a clear view of the sleeping baby. The simple design allows easy clean-up and maintenance. The Pod Crib comes equipped with custom-made mattress that can be conveniently adjusted from high to low.

Jalin: And finally, you can give the family a new car seat...

Jalin: Which you might want to help them get it inside their new car!

Jalin: The 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid S Sedan, Engine size: 2.0L, Fuel tank capacity: 14 gal, Horsepower: 188 HP, Engine cylinder configuration: Straight engine. And this showcase, in which we show you want to bring to a baby shower, can be yours if the Price is Right!

Cornelius: How about another new car, OneBidTris? What is your bid?
Out In Left Field / Re: Random Person Obituaries Thread
« Last post by Ccook on Today at 04:22:59 PM »
Richard Kiel, who was best known as Jaws ("the shark-eating man") from two James Bond movies of the late 70s, has passed on at age 74.
Host Your Own! / Re: Corneliuscarter's TPIR: Episode 6 - SHOWCASES
« Last post by Coupon Boy on Today at 03:56:09 PM »
Great, now I'll have to owe the IRS a HUGE amount this year and I can't sell my out of it. :-( :P

Anyway, I'll bid $25,400.
First Run TPIR! / Re: TPiR Recap - 1/30/2015
« Last post by Eddie on Today at 02:23:10 PM »
This show might not get an Academy Award ("Oscar"), but a rare Gas Money Win + 5 out of 6 wins and a Showcase Round that has automobiles in both prize packages makes this a good show.
Out In Left Field / Re: Shadoe Stevens hosting The Late Late Show
« Last post by thepriceis_J on Today at 01:46:08 PM »
I know everyone on this board is supposed to be the biggest fanboi of Shadoe, 2nd to Bob Barker. However, those clips didn't really stand out to me as amazing. They were alright, but nothing remarkable. I prefer his voice-over work.
First of all, you're wrong. How dare Shadoe take spot #2.

The order is: Living - Bob, Roger, Breslow, Janice, Fingers, Rich, ..., Shadoe. All-Time - Bob, Roger, Johnny/Rod (they're preferential), and so-on.

Kidding aside, I agree with you. They aren't the greatest thing, but I found it funny and given that I don't see/hear nearly enough Shadoe outside of LLS, it was nice watching. He's not a bad warm-up guy.
A distant possibility, depending on cross-ownership and how rerun rights are worked out:
* "Concentration" and "Classic Concentration" -- The 1973-1978 syndicated and 1987-1991 runs.
Fixed it for you.

BTW, I thought most of Mindreaders was wiped.

As for Sale of the Century, if Buzzr TV gets this, I'm hoping they get what GSN and USA Network didn't get. However, Scrabble might be a little harder to license, seeing as Hasbro owns part of it.

But for now, here's what I'm hoping for when Buzzr TV launches (since TPIR might not be part of it yet):

Family Feud (everything but Steve Harvey, since GSN is already rerunning it)
Match Game (any 60s episodes that still exist, the entirety of the 70s and early 80s runs, and both 90s versions)
Card Sharks (everything but the 2001-02 version)
Tattletales (everything)
Password/Password Plus/Super Password
Beat the Clock (everything)
What's My Line?
To Tell the Truth
Trivia Trap
Body Language
Child's Play
Now You See It (anything)

Just to name a few.
Fremantle is only airing its library.  I'd imagine that it'd be too taxing to lease anyone else's.

Getting back to the original point about this article, about what shows may or may not air, and based on Freemantle's holdings (Goodson-Todman/Mark Goodson, Reg Grundy and the Hatos-Hall program "Let's Make a Deal"), here's my guesses as to what Freemantle has to choose from. Keeping in mind this is only speculation on my part:

Goodson-Todman/Mark Goodson
* "What's My Line?"
* "To Tell the Truth."
* "I've Got a Secret."
* "Password"/"Password Plus"/"Super Password".
* "The Price is Right."
* "Card Sharks."
* "Match Game."
* "Family Feud."
* "Beat the Clock." (I wonder if this would include the 2002 run?)
* "Blockbusters." (Cullen version more than likely, although Rafferty isn't out of the question.)
* "Tattletales." (Any possibility of the 1977 syndicated run? Probably we'd see 1974-1976 and 1982-1984 CBS runs.)
* "The Better Sex."
* "Call My Bluff."
* "Choose Up Sides."
* "Double Dare."
* "Get the Message."
* "He Said, She Said."
* "It's News to Me."
* "Judge for Yourself."
* "Make the Connection."
* "Mindreaders."
* "Missing Links."
* "The Name's the Same."
* "Now You See It." (Narz run only.)
* "Number Please." (The one existing episode.)
* "Play Your Hunch."
* "Say When!!. (Whatever few episodes remain and in broadcast quality.)
* "Showoffs."
* "Split Personality."
* "Two for the Money."
* "What's Going On?"
* "Winner Take All."

A distant possibility, depending on cross-ownership and how rerun rights are worked out:
* "Concentration" and "Classic Concentration" -- The 1973-1978 syndicated and 1987-1997 runs.
* "Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour." Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Sony hold the rights to only the 1998 Bergeron run, and that someone else has rights to the various other runs?

* "Let's Make a Deal": Probably 1971-1977 and 1984-1986 syndicated and the current Wayne Brady run, with possibly a few scattered ABC daytime eps. that exist, and 1980-1981 syndicated.
Note: I did not include other Hatos-Hall programs because I don't know if they are part of Freemantle's holdings.

Carruthers Co.
* "Press Your Luck."

Reg Grundy
* "Sale of the Century": Probably the syndicated 1985-1986 and the final eight months of the NBC run (as what was seen on GSN and USA).
* "Scrabble": More than likely 1the 1984-1990 NBC run.
* "Time Machine": Not that anyone's clamoring for it, but a certain possibility since the entire run exists.
* "Bruce Forsythe's Hot Streak": The short lived ABC daytime run from 1986.
* "Scattegories." Yes, the short lived 1993 adaption of the board game.

* "Temptation: The New Sale of the Century." Run for your lives, folks!

Anyway, those are guesses, and only guesses. What actually gets aired, well, we'll have a program schedule soon enough and some of those burning questions will be answered.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Buzzfeed's Definitive Pricing Game Rankings
« Last post by SamJ93 on Today at 12:12:27 PM »
and Somehow Lucky $even is my favourite car game due to the money aspect.

You get excited at the prospect of winning an additional 1-6 dollars?  :-D
Host Your Own! / Re: Corneliuscarter's TPIR: Episode 6 - SCSD2
« Last post by OneBidTris on Today at 10:46:56 AM »
Those are some really nice trips, but I think I'm going to pass that showcase.
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