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Out In Left Field / Re: 2015 NASCAR Season
« Last post by CheckGameMeBob on Today at 07:01:28 PM »
It's off to The Monster Mile at Dover Raceway in Delaware for 400 miles in the concrete canyon.  Denny Hamlin is the pole sitter.  My cars to watch:

Martin Truex Jr (The 78 team's been fast all year long, and this is Martin's home track)
Carl Edwards
Kurt Busch
Brad Keselowski
Jimmie Johnson (with an average finish of 8th place and nine wins, including two of the last three races at Dover, he's got to go up there)

My pick: Jimmie Johnson.   :twisted:.  Sorry wpghi, but an average finish of 16 scares me away from Dale Jr this week for my watch list.
Price is Right Video Collection / Re: February 16, 1989
« Last post by goldroadfanatic on Today at 06:07:38 PM »
It was weird to see the eggcrates display three digits in Spelling Bee.  I always thought they were capable of accommodating prices of over $99, but I didn't have the confirmation until now.

This must've been one of the first times Bullseye was played with the $10-12 range, as opposed to the $5-6 one.  This forced contestants to make big purchases to reach the new win range, as indicated here.  Thank goodness the Hidden Bullseye came through in a clinch.

Also, Dice Game's current dice are in use here, replacing the original large-dot ones.  It was great to see that seal a perfect show, especially with the always dodgy roll of four.

I find it totally funny that the show tried the chroma key effect for displaying the trip images 19 years before those awful green screens.  But here, the presentation was handled much better than just having a big green screen behind the doors.
First Run TPIR! / Re: TPiR Recap - 5/29/2015
« Last post by PriceBusterXL on Today at 05:13:13 PM »

Balance Game: That was really unfortunate for Elizabeth, even with that expensive Mini Cooper.

DTM: Even with that 3D TV, that was a easy setup.

Pushover: Tough break for Royal.

1/2 Off: This shouldn't have been a wipeout...At least the herb mill wasn't too hard to figure out.


Hi-Lo: That sure was a new brand of olive oil I haven't heard about, but it was a good win from Christine.

Pocket Change: Gotta give for Chase's pretty good playing. Even if he got the last 2 numbers wrong, he still would've won either way. Along with winning his SC, he won over $50K!


Even for a 2/6-er, this wasn't bad at all. Just wish there were more wins, though,
Out In Left Field / Re: 2015 NFL Offseason
« Last post by corneliuscarter on Today at 05:06:37 PM »
And Shembo has just been released by the Falcons.

It's just another black eye to the league that has an image problem.
37 players showed up in the 2014-15 season.  Together, they earned over 44,000 points and $155,000,000.

All three of those numbers are records for my hosting tenure.  But now we find out who really gets to make FPG history.

Let's start off with the 8 people who earned the most points.  For the third year in a row, Kev347 and vadernader are 1-2 in both points and cash.  This season, it was vader who earned the overall points gold.  Let's check out the top scorers, as well as where they ranked in the previous two seasons.

vadernader (#1 points/#1 cash) -- #2 points/#2 cash in 2014, #1 points/#1 cash in 2013
Kev347 (#2 points/#2 cash) -- #1 points/#1 cash in 2014, #2 points/#2 cash in 2013
PriceFan985 (#3 points/#4 cash) -- #5 points/#4 cash in 2014, DNP in 2013
OneBidTris (#4 points/#3 cash) -- #16 points/#17 cash in 2014, #7 points/#7 cash in 2013
Punchboard91 (#5 points/#5 cash) -- #3 points/#3 cash in 2014, #3 points/#3 cash in 2013
Schfifty (#6 points/#7 cash) -- #19 points/#19 cash in 2014, DNP in 2013
Flerbert419 (#7 points/#6 cash) -- #6 points/#6 cash in 2014, #5 points/#4 cash in 2013
Cephas (#8 points/#8 cash) -- DNP in 2014, DNP in 2013

Moving down the list, we go to the 8 highest cash totals among the remaining players:

BRB_TheFireball (#10 points/#9 cash) -- #7 points/#8 cash in 2014, #9 points/#8 cash in 2013
UniquePerspective (#9 points/#10 cash) -- #8 points/#5 cash in 2014, #18 points/#18 cash in 2013
JustBecause (#11 points/#11 cash) -- DNP in 2014, DNP in 2013
SteveGavazzi (#15 points/#12 cash) -- #10 points/#11 cash in 2014, #11 points/#11 cash in 2013
whammy007 (#12 points/#13 cash) -- #13 points/#14 cash in 2014, DNP in 2013
DJTorgo (#13 points/#14 cash) -- #14 points/#13 cash in 2014, #16 points/#16 cash in 2013
Hag (#14 points/#15 cash) -- #15 points/#10 cash in 2014, #12 points/#12 cash in 2013
wildbill0962 (#16 points/#16 cash) -- #12 points/#12 cash in 2014, #23 points/#24 cash in 2013

Now we go to all of the wild cards.  You needed to play 24 games to guarantee yourself a spot in the playoffs.  And this is also a record.  Eight players qualified this way!

Tanzerey8 (30 games)
thepriceis_J (30 games)
Plinkoman (28 games)
Teddy (28 games)
Pikachu732001 (26 games)
ShatterMySoul99 (26 games)
Roadgeek Adam (25 games)
TheGRVOfLightning (24 games)

All of last year's Goodson-Dobkowitz Cup semi-finalists have already qualified this year through points, cash, and/or participation, so we move on.

FPGWillyT, ClockGameJohn, and Seth are automatically eligible because they are or have been FPG moderators.

Rogerdob, MSTieScott, TPIRScott, and RBDP are automatically eligible because they are former TPIR staffers.

And that's pretty much it.  To everybody whose names are not in boldface above, I hope to see you in next season's FPG and in this summer's Game Show Turdament.

See you next Friday for the first game of the 2015 Goodson-Dobkowitz Cup!

Out In Left Field / Re: 2015 NFL Offseason
« Last post by wildbill0962 on Today at 04:44:17 PM »
And Shembo has just been released by the Falcons.
Here's hoping my area eventually gets this channel as well. I'm curious what episodes of Press Your Luck they will begin with.
I sure hope a station in the Colorado Springs/Pueblo market gets this. The schedules I saw posted in the thread remind me of what I loved so much about GSN. The classics.
Here's the weekend schedule for Buzzr.  The E/I programming are the non game shows on the schedule in the morning.  Saturday Night has a VERY cool feature.  Here's the weekend schedule.


6A/6:30 Family Feud
7A/7:30 Tattletales
8A Child's Play
8:30 Body Language
9A Blockbusters
9:30 Card Sharks
10A/10:30: Stanley on the Go (E/I)
11A-1P: To Tell the Truth/What's My Line/I've Got a Secret
1P-3P: To Tell the Truth/What's My Line/I've Got a Secret
3P: Child's Play
3:30: Body Language
4P: Blockbusters
4:30: Card Sharks
5P/5:30: Family Feud
6P Child's Play
6:30 Body Language
7P: Blockbusters
7:30: Card Sharks
8P-11P: Buzzr Time Machine (5 to 6 shows in a 3 hour span from the same decade)
11P-2A: Buzzr Time Machine (5 to 6 shows in a 3 hour span from the same decade)
2A/2:30A: Family Feud
3A/3:30A: Family Feud
4A/4:30A: Super Password
5A/5:30A: Super Password


6A/6:30A: Match Game
7A/7:30A: Match Game
8A/8:30A: Let's Make a Deal
9A/9:30A: Let's Make a Deal
10A/10:30A: Dog Tales (E/I)
11A/11:30A: Animal Rescue (E/I)
12P/12:30P: Super Password
1P/1:30P: Super Password
2P/2:30P: Match Game
3P/3:30P: Match Game
4P/4:30P: Family Feud
5P/5:30P: Family Feud
6P/6:30P: Press Your Luck
7P/7:30P: Press Your Luck
8P-11P: Monster Buzz (Monster Garage/Monster Garage/Monster House)
11P-2A: Monster Buzz (Monster Garage/Monster Garage/Monster House)
2A/2:30A: Press Your Luck
3A/3:30A: Press Your Luck
4A/4:30A: Match Game
5A/5:30A: Match Game
FPG -- Friday Prediction Game / FPG 5/29/15 -- RESULTS
« Last post by BRB_TheFireball on Today at 04:01:46 PM »
Another episode of "The Kev and Vader Show"...

Balance Game and Do the Math were $50,000 solo picks for Kev347 and UniquePerspective.

OneBidTris picked up the very first LFAT ranking since I became the host.

Stay tuned for the final regular season totals and the playoffs lineup.

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