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Price is Right Video Collection / 4th of July Special
« Last post by TPIRFan2000 on Today at 12:04:09 AM »
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The TALK Is Right / Re: Hotels near CBS
« Last post by PriceFan07 on Yesterday at 09:34:21 PM »
We stayed at the Best Western on Highland Ave in Hollywood and it was only about an 8-minute Uber ride (and about $9) away from CBS TVC. Our first taping was the early taping and we got there at about 630AM...ended up #9 & #10 in line.
Out In Left Field / Re: The New $100,000 Pyramid
« Last post by Reloaden on Yesterday at 09:25:29 PM »
I was excited to see Pyramid and they did a good job reviving the show they kept both classic and modern. I am so glad they picked celebrities that can play the game, Gsn version suffered from that problem. I liked Michael on Live! he did a good job hosting this show. I hope this show either stays in primetime or goes in syndication.
Out In Left Field / Re: 2016 Obituaries Thread
« Last post by Superballer on Yesterday at 09:02:59 PM »
As has NFL coach Buddy Ryan at age 82.

When I first started watching the NFL in 1988, Buddy was firmly in place as Philly coach, so thus you might say he was my introduction to the sport.  And while with hindsight it was clear he had too shallow a grasp of how offense is supposed to work, other than turning Cunningham loose and letting the defense do the rest, there's no denying his tenure in Philadelphia was one amazing ride that was always thrilling to watch.  I still want to believe that if Norman Bramen had kept him at least one more year--and fate had allowed Randall to play the whole season--they would have won it all in 1991.  But we'll always have those 5 mostly great years. 
Out In Left Field / Re: Rich Fields out at CBS2
« Last post by Reloaden on Yesterday at 08:26:54 PM »
That's sad news, i hope Rich finds a new job quickly.
Out In Left Field / Re: 2016 Obituaries Thread
« Last post by jwatson2973 on Yesterday at 06:59:58 PM »
Staying on the topic of sports, former Indianapolis Colts RB Zurlon Tipton dies after accidentally shooting himself.
1. Rat Race vs Double Cross

In this battle between two of the Drew Cary originals, the edge goes to Rat Race.  Drew does a great job presenting this game and explaining the rules, it puts a twist on the pricing element from Spelling Bee, a car is at stake, and the mechanical rats are unique.  Double Cross gets a few points for its futuristic set, and while it's not a terrible game, it falls well short of Rat Race.

Rat Race rats out Double Cross and flees into a safe hiding space with a comfortable 8-3 margin.

2. Dice Game vs Push Over

Dice Game is fun due to the jumbo size dice that the contestants have to roll, the reveal of each number, and excitement really builds up once there's one or two numbers left to go that aren't a 1 or a 6.  Yes, this game has had its share of one number away from winning heartbreaks, but that's just a part of the game.  Sometimes the dice can be quite evil.  Push Over is a cool game too thanks to the no pull back option, and I see the game as a process of elimination as sometimes it's easy to deduce which price is the correct one for the prize.  In short, I like both of these games but only one can advance.

Dice Game ekes out a victory as Push Over ended up rolling a set of snake eyes, 7-4

3. 1/2 Off vs Pocket Change

I'm not a big fan of Pocket Change.  The game takes too long, Drew doesn't build up suspense on the reveal if a contestant is on the verge of winning the car like Bob did, and the zero cent cards are a big buzzkill (I get it, sometimes there's no change in our pockets, but it still stinks).  Crazy Rachel's Car Lot is good for a chuckle, so I will give it that.  As for 1/2 Off, I love this game.  It's probably my favorite cash game on the show with all the boxes, the sound effect that's played when a correct choice is made and half of the boxes vanish, the cash cascading on the floor when the money box is picked, and it has had its memorable moments, like Rodger picking the right box after skunking the SP items ( or Kyle the psychic ( who called his shot about box number 4 as soon as he saw he was playing the game. 

1/2 Off robs Pocket Change of all its funds in a 10-1 blowout.

4. Golden Road vs 2 For The Price of 1

I'll keep this one short.  Like the Rose Bowl, Golden Road is the granddaddy of the big prize games and it's treasured for a reason.  It's got the harps playing for the prize reveal, the iconic sign at the beginning of the game, the gold circles, the rainbow, and the exploding leprechaun pots at the end with a fantastic prize.  2 For the Price of 1 never stood a chance against Goldy.

Golden Road paves over 2 For the Price of 1 in a dominating 10-1 fashion.
Out In Left Field / Re: Match Game Revival Coming to ABC!
« Last post by GuyWithFace on Yesterday at 03:58:54 PM »
I think GuyWithFace was referring to the post above him which was referring to Pyramid.
That I was. :-)
Out In Left Field / Re: Celebrity Family Feud 6/26/16
« Last post by GuyWithFace on Yesterday at 03:54:24 PM »
Is he really the "lead" question writer? I see his co-EP title and that's great, but I'd honestly think that was more of a title than a position. That doesn't mean he can't and doesn't do anything with it, but to me it means he still has bosses to work with and answer to.
Based on the clips that are uploaded to YouTube, Steve answers to nobody. The "another word for mother" question shows this, as he gives a contestant multiple chances to answer and eventually opts to just give her a Strike. Further, the length of each taping is essentially determined by him, meaning it generally takes at least an hour to record one episode.

The turn wasn't all Steve really. The show found success in a genuine "dirty" moment and decided to make more of those happen.
Not so much "make" as it is "forced" (nearly every question uploaded by the official YouTube channel can be given a dirty answer), but yes.

Times change, like it or not. Besides, if my memory is right, Feud spun off of Match Game back in the 70s
That it was (specifically, the Super-Match), although I would say the current era takes its cues from the 1998 Match Game.
Rat Race vs Double Cross: Rat Race is my favorite of the Drew-era games, despite the issue of rats sometimes not finishing. The set is great, the gameplay is fun, and the pricing portion is unique. Double Cross is a solid game and it is unique. The touch screens are cool and the set is great for a quick game. Rat Race is just the more fun game though and can't be beat here though. Rat Race wins 9-2.

Dice Game vs Push Over: Dice Game is fun and has suspenseful potential every playing. One of the best pricing reveals on the show. I always thought the set should be a little bigger, but it's still a nice set. Push Over is my favorite quick 1-prize games. One of the best pricing elements and think music/sound effects. I'm personally not a fan of the new set though, it just looks too bland without the hands and the new colors blend with the turntable too much. Dice Game wins 7-4.

1/2 Off vs Pocket Change: Love 1/2 Off's concept and the drama of the final reveal. The game reveal and small prize podium are one of the best on the show. The colors are a little too pastel, but the set is fun and definitely fits the game. Pocket Change on the other hand is one of more dull car games to me. It's too random guessing based. I do like the set though, and it was a refreshing change from the era of new games with pastels that we had in the 2000s. 1/2 Off wins clearly here 10-1.

Golden Road vs 2 For the Price of 1: If you ignore Golden Road being glorified Pick a Number, it's one of the best games on the show. It's perhaps the most dramatic game, I love the Golden Road sign, and it's the most exciting to see won. I love the clamshells and the mini one they added in recent years is really cool, and I love the pots of gold with the car but the rainbow behind it could be nicer. 2 For the Price of 1 is alright, but it's nothing to write home about. The set is pretty boring and it usually comes down to a crapshoot with one choice, although I do like the sliding numbers and the price reveal. Golden Road wins easily, 10-1.
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