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The TALK Is Right / Re: Lowering games and props from the rafters
« Last post by TheBigAK on Today at 11:32:00 AM »
Almost anything overhead can bee seen by the audience.   How would they hide it so it would only be visible when they were ready for it?

I mean as soon as you walk in and you see, hey the XXXXX Game board is hanging up there today, you know it is going to be played.

The crew does a fantastic job hiding everything from the audience until they want it to be seen.

I just see putting a game board overhead as a bad idea.
I didn't double check this, but 11 combinations to win PTR?

When Wheel did Big Money Week.    Could you imagine them putting 11  $100,000 cards in play?
Pay the Rent seals it fate as the worst Price game of all-time today. I wonder if when it was created it was designed to be super flexible on the difficulty?

No, you're giving them way too much credit, IMO. They (meaning, apparently, Adam Sandler) created a game that would offer $100K as a gimmick, and when they quickly saw that that amount would probably never be won with only one correct solution, started compromising the concept to force a few wins, because having one cash game where the advertised top prize is all-but-impossible to win looks bad enough. I don't think they're anywhere near as clever as you think they are.

This is why I will always hate Mike Richards, and I'll leave it at that.

...aaaaaand there we go off the deep end.  :roll:
I miss when the show just had regular shows and let surprising moments happen whenever they would play games for expensive prizes or cash like, 3 strikes, Plinko, triple play, or non car game like now or then, bonus game or clock game would be played for a car. The showcases would offer two or three cars.

FPG -- Friday Prediction Game / Re: FPG 02/23/18 - RESULTS
« Last post by Punchboard91 on Today at 01:40:53 AM »
FPG -- Friday Prediction Game / FPG 02/23/18 - RESULTS
« Last post by Punchboard91 on Today at 01:40:30 AM »
Our special guest host, Drew Carey, will let you know the results from this week!

Yes, that's right, we have what I believe to be the biggest FPG in history! Almost everyone wins at least $1,000,000! (SuperSweeper, we took taxes out of yours). Tanzerey, you didn't have a bad day by any means. But have prompted me to make the effort to make a template for picks. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but your lineup times out at 39.5, and unfortunately, this was not an hour and a half show today.

Just to make it official, Pay the Rent WAS spoiled, and we knew we set a record for cash given away.....but as we could not officially say Rent was won, it was fair game for the Play Along pick. The only key game this week was Side by Side, picked only by Schfifty for $50,000....but that paltry amount hardly matters, does it?

Please join me next week for a budget FPG, where we will subtract money from your score for every game you don't pick.
Out In Left Field / Re: Controversial Opinion: Richard Dawson
« Last post by dmaingame on Today at 12:11:57 AM »
From what I remember, Ray Combs' feud aired twice a day.  CBS version aired on CBS at 10:00am, while the syndicated version aired on NBC at 7:00pm.  The syndicated Feud lasted on NBC through the summer of 1994.  I liked both Richard Dawson and Ray Combs as Family Feud hosts.  But I liked Ray better for two reasons.  One, I was too young to appreciate Richard Dawson's Feud when it was originally on.  In my pre-school mind, at 12:30pm when the theme song came on that meant it was naptime.  Fast forward three years later for Ray's version, and I'm old enough to remember tuning in before going to an Independence Day BBQ with my parents to hear the new host of Family Feud ask, "Hey, What's the first item up for bids?  Being an avid Price is Right fan, I was sold right there.  Two, Ray seemed to have a better rapport with the contestants, and would often sympathize with them.  His mannerisms and voice would set the excitement level during a tiebreaker round or fast money, as his tone would increase in pitch as he'd call out "Survey Said??!!!"  on a final question in Fast Money when the 200 point goal was within reach.  He expressed genuine excitement when a family won fast money, or heartbreak when they'd lose by less than 10 points.  Years later in 1997, I watched both the original Dawson Feud and the short-lived 1994 reboot of Feud and grew an appreciation for Richard Dawson.  I also liked his work as Peter Newkirk on Hogan's Heroes, which I used to watch with my grandfather during summer afternoons as a kid.  By 1997 or 98, I was also mature enough to understand Richard's jokes and references.  One of my favorites was when a contestant during Fast Money gave the genius answer of "September" when Richard asked "Name the month of pregnancy when a woman begins to look pregnant?"  I was laughing for an hour after that.   
Out In Left Field / Re: Sixteen months between tape and air
« Last post by dmaingame on Yesterday at 11:47:56 PM »
Sixteen months is quite a lag between recording date and air date.  The biggest gap I remember in TPIR history was for the shows taped in mid 1991.  IIRC episodes aired between September 9th and December 6th of that year were actually recorded between late April and mid July. One clue of this is that the last episodes to have the original piano music for Switcheroo and Race Game as well as Pink Panther's Theme for Safe Crackers aired during that first week of December.  By around Christmas, but definitely before New Year's 1992, Race Game was using the William Tell Overture (previously played during Hurdles) and Switcheroo was using the alternate music cue that was on the Tom Kennedy version of TPIR.  Safe Crackers also was using a cue from the Kennedy version by this point. (which actually was the Safecrackers theme song for three more years)  This leads me to believe that these were the first episodes taped after the summer taping break between Seasons 19 and 20. 
Out In Left Field / Re: 2018 Obituaries Thread
« Last post by dmaingame on Yesterday at 11:36:23 PM »
Televangelist Billy Graham has died at age 99

RIP Billy Graham.  Thank you for all your hard work during your 99 years on Earth.  May your soul and legacy now live on in our memories and eternally in Heaven. 
Pay the Rent seals it fate as the worst Price game of all-time today. I wonder if when it was created it was designed to be super flexible on the difficulty?
Agreed.  In fact, the only way to have lost at the $10K --> $200K level was to have not put the most expensive by far item in the attic.  As much as I love to see big amounts of money won, it feels like a farce when they make winning that sum so ludicrously easy on a "special" episode but then have the rest of the year's playings only have one or two solutions that require putting the 3rd or 4th most expensive item in the mailbox.
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