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My goodness, we're doing loads of flashbacks, aren't we?  :-D Not that I mind; we need more classic HYO episode flashbacks. I'm absolutely in!  :-)

Here's the showcase:

This showcase is all about the grooviest pad for you to boogie-oogie in! And in order to have it, you've gotta have the most far out party gadget in the world: this new disco ball!

[Disco Ball cue + description]

Next, you've gotta have a totally tubular time... watching the boob tube: this new Spiegel Catalogue TV!

[Catalogue TV cue + description]

And finally, if you've gotta Audi 5000 to your gig, you can cruise down the road in a ride that'll never die: it's your new Ford Pinto!

[Ford Pinto cue + description]

And this far out showcase, in which we ask: 'can you dig it?' can be yours if The Price is Right!

Leaving us in sudpense for hours on end, how dare you!

Everyone in the audience marvels at how Rachel could hold her arm, with the card, for so long.
And you didn't have to listen to his benign advice. If anything, Numbers should get mad at you for blaming your loss on him. :P

Yeah, I don't think I've ever given good advice as an  audience member in an HYO, even earlier that same show with gamesurf playing Any Number.

{calls tpir04 back from the turntable}

I'm not mad, it's all good.  :-D

Now you've chosen $31,225, let's see what we find

{Rachel starts the world's slowest card flip}

*I'm not home at the moment, so Rachel will finish her reveal later today 8-)
(NOTE: Due an upcoming vacation starting two weeks from today, cu has granted me permission to post sign-ups now. I will not begin this show any earlier than the conclusion of 123's episode.)

Weeeeeeeeelllll, it's been quite a while for me, hasn't it? 13 years as a matter of fact! Things have changed with the real deal quite a lot since which gave me half the inspiration to call my HYO theme "Seasons". The gist of this is theming each HYO as a reflection of yesteryear, starting from the beginning with 1972. As such, this episode will use the half-hour format.

Ground Rules:
-I will PM you if you've been chosen to "Come on down!" I will also send you a PM if you've made it to the Showcase.
-All deadlines are 24 hours. Miss once during the One Bid and it's an automatic pass. Miss a second One Bid and you'll be ejected with another contestant called down to take your place. Miss a deadline during a pricing game and it's an automatic loss. Miss during the Showcases and you'll lose your chance to bid. If you become a repeat offender with missing deadlines, I may bar you from participation depending on the severity.
-If timing is an issue for you, send me a PM and we'll work things out.
-Audience participation is encouraged.
-Have fun!

The last time I did an HYO, I didn't do an interview question because TMK nobody did them at the time. Answering this is not required but I do recommend it if you want a first four spot. The people who give me the best answers will have top priority. Here's the situation:

It's 1972 and you're answering a phone call. Remember that job application as a page for CBS you sent? You're hired! The catch is, they want you to start working immediately. Off you go to Studio 33 where you've been given your first assignment: come up with a showcase with prizes they think will be built to last. In other words, come up with the most 1972-ish showcase possible: prizes you'd never see 47 years afterward.

I will start this episode at approximately 7:00 PM EST on July 23 or after 123's episode ends, whichever comes later. Sign-ups will be closed 72 hours after this post unless I don't have at least seven people in the audience pool.

With that, who's in?
And you didn't have to listen to his benign advice. If anything, Numbers should get mad at you for blaming your loss on him. :P

Oh, and by the way, that advice cost me a spot in the showcase!

*has an aha moment*

Oh, and the showcase would've pitted me against Numbers anyway! So he goes and misleads me just to make me lose, so I didn't have to face him in the showcase! What a rotten trick. Nobody knew it would happen in that way, but still, what a dirty trick.

*incessant ranting over*

Just kidding. Y'all know that, right?
Well, Shock, you asked for it. I hate to see what Numbers is gonna do to you, now that you brought it up:

If you recall, Numbers suggested lower from the audience, it was wrong, and it cost me your bonus!  ;)
Uhh... I don't know if you remember this, but... Numbers won everything I set up when he got on my stage.  :-D

And you didn't have to listen to his benign advice. If anything, Numbers should get mad at you for blaming your loss on him. :P

Also, I'd avoid $28,685 and $29,465 until the very end. If I had to pick one, I would probably lean toward $29,465, but I'm not too sure.
Riiiiiiiiight.  :P

This is why JayC has my typewriter and hot air brush instead of you.  ;-)

Well, Shock, you asked for it. I hate to see what Numbers is gonna do to you, now that you brought it up:

This hits WAY too close to home for me.  :-)

Anyways, while I'm already here...

**yells lower from crowd**

If you recall, Numbers suggested lower from the audience, it was wrong, and it cost me your bonus!  ;)

*shouts out $31,225 and runs behind turntable while chaos between Shock and Numbers ensues*
The TALK Is Right / Re: The Ultimate Price is Right Strategy Guide
« Last post by LiteBulb88 on Today at 10:27:29 AM »
(Note: no post tomorrow since it's Sunday.)
Five Price Tags

(Blog post:

Random fact
This game was host to one of the more memorable bloopers of recent years on the show:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Win-loss record
  • Actual (seasons 29-46): 65-114 (36.31%)
  • What it would be by random chance: 2/5 (40%)

The correct price...<voice from offstage again.> Hold it, hold it, hold it. I thought Cover Up was bad with its win rate just above random chance. But now you're telling me people play Five Price Tags WORSE than random chance?!?! What in the ?!?!?!

Ugh. You again. I thought I shooed you off after Cover Up was over. Nope. Nice try.

OK, OK, I'll get there and this time it'll be pretty quick. Happy? Yup!

Small Prize Pricing
Let's start with the first half of this game, the pricing of the small prizes. The "worse record than random chance" will become clear pretty quickly...

# of times _____ was correct (seasons 32-46)
  • True: 359 prizes (60.64%)
  • False: 233 prizes (39.36%)
# of times the contestant chose (seasons 32-46)
  • True: 129 prizes (21.79%)
  • False: 463 prizes (78.21%)
Any questions on where the discrepancy comes from? Yikes. The contestants love to say "false"; the producers know this and make most of the prizes "true." Remember, things almost always cost more than you think! So here's the strategy for this part...

Strategy (small prize portion)
If you have any doubt, CHOOSE TRUE!!!!!!! Though don't forget the "all choices will not be the same" rule; at least one price will be false. But if you just choose true for everything, you're very likely to get at least 2, if not 3, picks. From seasons 40-46, here was how often different combinations of true and false came up:
  • 1 True, 3 False: 5 playings (6.58%)
  • 2 True, 2 False: 20 playings (26.32%)
  • 3 True, 1 False: 51 playings (67.11%)
It was never the case that all four prices were true or all four prices were false. But choosing true for all four prizes would have gotten you at least two picks over 93% of the time.

Car Pricing
If you followed my advice above, you should have two, if not three, choices for the price of the car. Let's look at some stats for this portion of the game...

Correct car price was...(seasons 32-46)
  • Tag #1 (the top tag): 35 playings (23.65%)
  • Tag #2: 23 playings (15.54%)
  • Tag #3: 19 playings (12.84%)
  • Tag #4: 30 playings (20.27%)
  • Tag #5 (the bottom tag): 41 playings (27.70%)
  • The cheapest shown price: 53 playings (35.81%)
  • The second cheapest shown price: 52 playings (35.14%)
  • The middle shown price: 8 playings (5.41%)
  • The second most expensive shown price: 17 playings (11.49%)
  • The most expensive shown price: 18 playings (12.16%)
Strategy (car pricing portion)
Remember the pick the endpoints rule. Choose the bottom tag and then the top tag. If they're both wrong, then choose the cheapest price left unless the top and bottom tags were the two most expensive prices; if that's the case, then choose the most expensive price left.
Out In Left Field / Re: It's back! The first annual PG Survival Game!
« Last post by mechamind on Today at 10:19:52 AM »
3 Strikes --
Clock Game ++
Race Game ++

*Grocery Game -- 40
*Five Price Tags -- 38
*Dice Game -- 36     
*3 Strikes -- 36
*Golden Road - - 32
*Any Number -- 28   
*Pathfinder -- 28
*Cliffhangers -- 26
*Shell Game -- 24
*Rat Race -- 22         
*Check-Out -- 20
*Push Over -- 20
*It's in the Bag -- 18
*Clock Game -- 17     
*Hole in One or Two -- 17
*Race Game -- 17
*Magic # -- 16         
*Plinko -- 16     
*Temptation -- 16     
*Bonus Game -- 14       
*Grand Game -- 14     
*1/2 Off -- 14     
*Master Key -- 14     
*One Away -- 14     
*Spelling Bee -- 14     
*Ten Chances -- 14
*Time Is Money -- 14     
*Make Your Move -- 13     
*Take Two -- 13       
*Bonkers --12
*Card Game -- 12     
*Check Game -- 12
*Cover Up -- 12
*Hi-Lo -- 12     
*Money Game -- 12     
*More or Less -- 12     
*Punch-a-Bunch -- 12
*Switcheroo -- 12   
*Bullseye '76 -- 10       
*Most Expensive -- 10     
*Now or Then -- 10     
*Pick-a-Pair -- 10 
*Pocket Change -- 10 
*Safe Crackers -- 10
*Vend-o-Price -- 10   
*Danger Price -- 9     
*Gas Money -- 9
*Swap Meet -- 4

The Graveyard
77. Gridlock!     
76. That's Too Much!     
75. Pick-a-Number     
74. Freeze Frame     
73. Double Cross     
72. Stack the Deck     
71. Hot Seat     
70. One Wrong Price     
69. Triple Play     
68. 2 for the Price of 1     
67. Pay the Rent     
T65. Double Prices     
T65. One Right Price     
64. Range Game     
63. Line 'em Up     
62. Coming or Going     
61. Flip Flop     
60. Lucky Seven     
59. Pass the Buck     
58. Squeeze Play     
57. Bargain Game     
T55. Do the Math
T55. Shopping Spree
54. Side by Side
53. Secret X
52. Eazy as 1-2-3
51. Switch?
T49. Balance Game
T49. Let 'em Roll
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