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Fun show with all the cash winnings but I don't think all the contestants realize they get the "cash equivalent" when they win.  It's a very awkward prize.  If Drew just said if you win the game, you get a $5,000 bonus - that would register with contestants more effectively and be more exciting.  Or for certain games, he should say if you win, you get this $6,500 prize plus $6,500 in cash for Big Money Week.  Just makes it more exciting.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 10/3/2018
« Last post by JT on Yesterday at 05:58:21 AM »
What is up with these players bombing so hard on Magic #? An almost 3k buffer today. Sheesh!
Just caught this episode.  I truly think today's contestant pool just doesn't comprehend basic instructions.  They continue to think setting the magic # $5-$10 above the first prize is the right way to play this game.  I really think that during the commercial they should speak to the losing contestants to better understand their interpretation of the rules.  Maybe the explanation of the game needs to be rewritten.  Maybe the game needs to be staged differently.  There is something today's contestant is just not getting with this game.  Instead of starting at $0, maybe the magic# should start at $9,999 and the contestant has to lower the magic number instead of raise it?  I just don't know...
Barker Era / Re: December 4, 2003
« Last post by Bluescreen_ODeff on October 13, 2018, 05:48:11 PM »
One-Away: My kind of car! :)  (I have a '99 version.)
The TALK Is Right / Re: Bob Barker Health Update
« Last post by PIRfanSince72 on October 13, 2018, 05:03:27 PM »
Thanks for that update.  Get well soon Mr. Barker.
I don't blame the contestant for stopping with $5,000 in Grand Game. At one time in my life I had only $8 and change in the bank, so I know how $5K could make a huge difference.

Pass The Buck! One of my favorite games! Three picks earned! Bad luck though, unfortunately.

Saying Pass the Buck is being played for $50,000 in that scenario is like saying Plinko is being played for $1,000,000 - or even played for $50,000 during standard daytime.  It cheapens what that's supposed to stand for.
If I remember correctly, all George says is that you have a chance to win such-and-such amount of money. And that is true.

By the way, you can certainly use expected value in the $50,000 win scenario, but you can also consider it this way. If you have earned three picks, and the first two are cash, there is a 50-50 chance of winning more cash on the third pick. A mere coin toss. :)   Now, as far as going for it....
Price is Right Video Collection / May 22, 2003
« Last post by OneBidTris on October 13, 2018, 10:56:16 AM »
Part of this show had been uploaded before, but now here's the whole show:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Not sure if this is a permanent change, but I noticed that the Bonus Game prize descriptions/prices were not outlined in red as they had been since the board refurb.
The TALK Is Right / Bob Barker Health Update
« Last post by bigblue999 on October 12, 2018, 11:21:24 PM »
Per Roger on Facebook:

I would like to let everyone know that Bob will be fine. Many of you read in the news that he had a back injury. He suffered a crack in his back and was taken care of at the hospital for a few days. He is back at home now, and doing good. He will have to take it easy for the next three months or so to get his back to return to normal. Remember, Bob is part American Indian and that makes him extra strong!!!! He will heal!!!!
Actually split between three (since that is as many as you can pick) - the $25,000 $15,000 and $10,000.  The $5,000 was just there to fill the spot, I guess. 
But yes, still hard to win, as to get the whole $50,000 you'd have a minimum of $25,000 to risk on the third pick.

There is literally no scenario in which someone could reasonably go for $50,000 and have each decision be the best possible choice along the way.

First pick, let's say they hit $10,000.  The five possible outcomes if going again are +5k, +15k, +25k, -10k, -10k.  Add all that together and divide by the total number of possible picks, the expected value of taking another pick with $10,000 on the line to lose is $5,000.

So let's be nice and assume they get $15,000 on the second choice.  That's the least they could possibly have and potentially have the max prize still on the board enticing them to play on.  That means they have $25,000 to lose, and the four remaining possible choices are +5k, +25k, -25k, and -25k.  Add 'em all up and divide by the 4 possible picks, the expected value of going on in this scenario is *-$5,000*.

Saying Pass the Buck is being played for $50,000 in that scenario is like saying Plinko is being played for $1,000,000 - or even played for $50,000 during standard daytime.  It cheapens what that's supposed to stand for.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much
« Last post by Plinkoman on October 12, 2018, 10:52:52 PM »
I also was able to watch this. It was so good, I showed it to my mom. We're planning on our first trip to Price this December. It's interesting that when I was a kid, before the days of, even before I was a lurker on the MSN boards, even I recognized that the show reused prizes and I was quite successful at memorizing their prices. Although it's a lot more difficult nowadays, some prizes still repeat and it still pays to watch The Price Is Right!
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