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Host Your Own! / Re: Teddy's TPIR: Episode 26/The Return! (THE END)
« Last post by Teddy on Today at 08:08:15 PM »
(TPIR Theme 2007)

Welcome back to The Price is Right, and hopefully we'll have a winner in our first episode back. Let's start with tpiradam, who bid $24,325. Actual retail price: $27,670, for a difference of...


...$3,345. (applause) Now over to geniusinmath we go. You bid $25,624 on your Showcase, and the actual retail price is: $43,916, for a difference of...


...$18,292. tpiradam is the winner!


(TPIR Theme 2007)

(cheers and applause)

tpiradam has won $33,867 on our first show back after a long hiatus, and what a great feeling it is. Now, before I sign off, I want to send a special get-well wish to Amber Lancaster, who is recovering from complications due to the birth of her son that almost took her life. Hang in there, Amber, and here at The Price is Right, we want you back. And I slap want to remind you to help control the pet population, and have your pets spayed or neutered, because it's the right thing to do. We'll see you next time, and thanks for watching. Goodbye, everybody!

(and credits roll)

GEORGE: This is George Gray speaking for The Price is Right, a Fremantle production!

Here's the final tally for this episode:

tpiradam ($33,867)
JayC ($26,717)
geniusinmath ($10,792)
wpghi5 ($1,099)
mechamind ($699)
tpir04 ($650)

The three newest pricing games in the rotation (Vend-O-Price, Hot Seat, Gridlock!) made their HYO debuts here. Also, all of the other three games were played for the second time, with only Check Game seeing the opposite result from its initial playing (a loss in Episode 9). Card Game was also lost in Episode 11, and Clock Game was also won in Episode 14.

In preparation for the return, I created a new set and graphics over the summer, because I didn't want to host again without a full suite of them. As before, I will play retired games in addition to the active ones, as well as my own creations, which I will also do graphics for eventually, but I will no longer play the fan-created ones that were on BigJon's PC game, considering that he apparently plagiarized those ideas (and also, how he antagonized cu2010, Prizes and the other moderators on this site). Let me know what you think of the new graphics; I would really appreciate the feedback.

In future episodes, I will do episodes based on Big Money Week and Dream Car Week, as well as April Fool's Day and maybe a throwback show using the lineup from a Barker-/Carey-hosted episode. However, the first two shows will be renamed Big Money Special and Dream Car Special, respectively, with all six games offering cash prizes in the first example and more-expensive cars in the other.

I was going to use all five models for this episode, but given Amber's pregnancy issues, I decided to leave her out. However, this was Devin's first episode, so there you have it.

And finally, here are the TPG results:

Archviler - Grocery Game/Dice Game/10 Chances/Cover Up/Joker/Spelling Bee
geniusinmath - Add Em Up/Joker/It's Optional/Punch-a-bunch/Do The Math/1/2 Off
mechamind - Triple Play/Gridlock!/Any Number/Grocery Game/Bonus Game/Lucky $even
PatrickRox80 - 3 Strikes/Do the Math/Give or Keep/Safe Crackers/Line em Up/Grocery Game
Hag - Triple Play/Do The Math/Bullseye/The Phone Home Game/Rat Race/Side By Side
JayC - Lucky Seven/Punch a Bunch/Clearance Sale/Balance Game 06/Pick a Pair/Dice Game
wpghi5 - One Right Price/Let Em Roll/Penny Ante/Now... or Then/Give Or Keep/Any Number
123123123 - Make Your Move/More or Less/Most Expen$ive/Now...or Then/1 Right Price/Pathfinder
tpir04 - Punch-a-Bunch/Most Expensive/Money Game/Joker/Bullseye '72/Bullseye '76
GameShowFan9001 - Any Number/Balance Game '06/Check Game/Do the Math/Freeze Frame/Gridlock!
tpiradam - Credit Card/One Away/Super Saver/2 for the Price of 1/Pathfinder/Make Your Move

The winner is GameShowFan9001! Because he got two games right, he will get a First Four pass if he signs up for Episode 27.

The floor is now open for your comments.
I smell a major garf on the Cooper showcase...
The TALK Is Right / Re: The Ultimate Price is Right Strategy Guide
« Last post by Axl on Today at 07:34:18 PM »
Also note it's never the first, second, ninth, or tenth price. (The second and ninth prices were frequently correct in seasons 37 & 38, but neither has been correct since season 39.)

Wow... I knew the ol' "That's Two Ninth" setup hadn't been common for a while, but I didn't realize it was completely done away with nearly a decade ago.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Attended yesterday’s 9000th Show
« Last post by Torgo on Today at 07:05:10 PM »
Let's see, about when would the 10,000th show air? 2026?

We already saw the show celebrate its 10,000th!

It didn't go well.
Host Your Own! / Re: Teddy's TPIR: Episode 26/The Return! (SHOWCASES)
« Last post by Teddy on Today at 07:05:03 PM »
So $25,624 is your bid.



(TPIR Theme 2007)

Now the question is: Who's going to win their Showcase, geniusinmath or tpiradam? We'll have the answer after this.
Oh wow! I always wanted a convertible. I will bid $25,624.
Host Your Own! / Re: Teddy's TPIR: Episode 26/The Return! (SHOWCASES)
« Last post by Teddy on Today at 06:56:08 PM »
And your bid is $24,325.


Now geniusinmath, this is your Showcase!

(The Big Banana, full cue)

GEORGE: This Showcase celebrates the return of Host Your Own on And it all starts with a catamaran! (Devin models it in a bathing suit behind Door #2) (applause)

From, this Hobie Cat Wave Classic includes a single trampoline, and is easy to set up. Next, we're sending you to a place where you can play all day and party all night: exciting Miami! (Manuela models it on plasma screen behind audience) (cheers and applause)

You and a guest will fly round-trip coach from Los Angeles to Miami, Florida, for a six-night stay at the Sheraton in Downtown Miami. Close to all the major shops and attractions, including legendary South Beach. Daily breakfast is included. Finally, if you thought that got you excited, then you ain't seen nothing yet, because we want you to take a look at your brand-new car! (Rachel models it behind Door #3) (cheers and applause)

It's the 2019 Mini Cooper Convertible, featuring a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine, six-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive and custom racing stripes. So it's a catamaran, a trip to Miami, and a new convertible. You can call it the ultimate comeback, but only if the price is right!

Well geniusinmath, here's your chance to win a car! Give me a bid on that.
I'll bite.

"Say, did you hear that The Price is Right thinks cars are getting too expensive? Lemme tell ya. From now on, instead of cars, every episode will offer at least one ________."

"Dumb Dora is sooooooo dumb, ("HOW DUMB WAS SHE???"), when Bob Barker asked her to bid on her Showcase, she didn't bid in dollars, she bid in __________!"
Host Your Own! / Re: Teddy's TPIR: Episode 26/The Return! (SHOWCASES)
« Last post by tpiradam on Today at 06:29:49 PM »
What ones would be new? I can't really tell for sure.
So far, none of the TPIR material is new. But other things, like an OC Tattletales episode from 1975, and various commercials Dennis produced, appear to be fresh.
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