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Re: TPIR Recap - 06/22/2016
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Have you ever owned a house for any significant length of time?  Kitchens and bathrooms are probably the most remodeled rooms in a house...  I, for one, would have *loved* this prize...
See, that's great, but a remodeled bathroom is a very extensive prize that I can't imagine takes a short amount of time or inconvenience. Perhaps they could've put it in in parts, but I think that a majority of contestants would be hesitant about having something that can be quite the undertaking suddenly foisted on them, not knowing how quickly they'd have to use the prize. I don't think it's something that no one can use, but I don't think everyone is clamoring for one either and it's from that viewpoint I can see where Wayo is coming from.

But I don't think the show is trying to pull anything with it. I think they found a cool prize they could give away for practically nothing and want to show it off.
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