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November 5, 2004
« on: September 12, 2018, 12:37:40 PM »
With the final playing of a much-maligned pricing game.

First Four: Eric, Jeanetta, Ermanno, Julianna

IUFB1: Washer/Dryer
Eric: $800
Jeanetta: $1250
Ermanno: $1300*
Julianna: $1200
ARP: $1888

PG1: Check Game--Played for a Big-Screen TV

Total must be between $5,000 and $6,000

Ermanno writes check for $2,400

ARP: $3,398

Total: $5,798


Second Calldown: Hope

IUFB2: Wall Clock
Hope: $750
Julianna: $800
Eric: $801
Jeanetta: $802*
ARP: $1570

PG2: Race Game--Played for a Dinette Set, Popcorn Cart, Armoire and Cookware

Price tags: $815, $1189, $1389, $1800

First try: Dinette--$1389, Popcorn Cart--$815, Armoire--$1800, Cookware--$1189 (1 right, 30 seconds left)
Second try: Dinette--$1189, Popcorn Cart--$815, Armoire--$1800, Cookware--$1389 (2 right, 6 seconds left)
Third try: Dinette--$815, Popcorn Cart--$1189, Armoire--$1800, Cookware--$1389 (1 right, time's up!)

Correct Solution: Dinette--$1189, Popcorn Cart--$1389, Armoire--$1800, Cookware--$815 ( right,  seconds left)

Wins Armoire


Third Calldown: Tori

IUFB3: Electric Guitar
Tori: $825
Hope: $1200
Julianna: $1250
Eric: $1*
ARP: $599

PG3: On the Spot--Played for a Ford Mustang ($18,345)

Blue Path: $150, $20, $70
Yellow Path: $20, $70, $35
Pink Path: $70, $150, $20

SP1: Coffeemaker
SP2: Shower Radio/Mirror
SP3: Salad Spinner
SP4: Snow Cone Maker
SP5: Nacho & Cheese Maker
SP6: Mini Fridge

Chooses Yellow Path

First spot: $20--guesses Shower Radio, is right
Second spot: $70--guesses Nacho Maker, is wrong

Chooses Pink Path

First Spot: $70--guesses Coffeemaker, is right
Second spot: $20--skips automatically
Third spot: $150--guesses Snow Cone Maker Mini Fridge, is right


Jeanetta: .85
Ermanno: .60+.60=OVER
Eric: .35+.95=OVER

Jeanetta is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Dorothy

IUFB4: Baby Furniture
Dorothy: $1250
Tori: $1275
Hope: $1000*
Julianna: $1
ARP: $1160

PG4: Coming or Going--Played for a Spa

Coming: $5,993
Going: $3,995

Hope is Coming

Correct Solution: Going


Fifth Calldown: Barbara

IUFB5: Bar Set
Barbara: $1300
Julianna: $1500*
Dorothy: $1000
Tori: $1001
ARP: $1897

PG5: Dice Game--Played for a Ford Ranger

First number: 1

Second number: Rolls 5, is right (no guess)
Third number: Rolls 6, is right (no guess)
Fourth number: Rolls 1, is wrong (guesses higher)
Fifth number: Rolls 3, is right (no guess)

ARP: $15,623


Final Calldown: Joel

IUFB6: Robotic Lawnmower
Joel: $800*
Dorothy: $750
Tori: $1000
Barbara: $650
ARP: $999

PG6: Hit Me--Played for a Trip to Mazatlán ($3,292)

House opens with 5

GP1: Senna Prompt, marked at $85.52
GP2: French's French Fried Onions, marked at $18.30
GP3: Pink Eye Relief, marked at $9.95
GP4: Maxwell House Coffee, marked at $47.50
GP5: Goldfish Crackers, marked at $1.78
GP6: Absorbine Jr., marked at $26.36

First pick: Goldfish, ARP--89˘ (gets 2)
Second pick: Coffee, ARP--$4.75 (gets Queen for 12)
Third pick: Pink Eye, ARP--$9.95 (gets Ace for 13)
Fourth pick: French Fried Onions, ARP--$3.05 (gets 6 for 19)

Joel stays on 19

House's draws: Queen for 15, Queen for 25


Hope: .65
Joel: .15+.15=.30
Julianna: .55+.85=OVER

Hope is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Jeanetta
Runner-Up: Hope

Pool Table, Greenhouse, Sailboat
Jeanetta passes to Hope, who bids $20,000

Living Room, DVD/CD Home Theater Tower, Electric Vehicle
Jeanetta bids $16,500

ARP of Jeanetta's Showcase: $18,414 (Difference: $1,914)
ARP of Hope's Showcase: $20,370 (Difference: $370)

Hope wins her Showcase, and takes home $21,530 in cash and prizes!

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