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October 13, 1998
« on: October 10, 2018, 03:37:36 PM »
First Four: Edgar, Ginger, Patricia, Antoine

Bob makes his audience entrance here.

IUFB1: Off-Road Bike
Edgar: $1700*
Ginger: $1500
Patricia: $1275
Antoine: $1350
ARP: $2199

PG1: Golden Road--Played for a Lamp Collection, a Dining Room Group and something worth more than $53,000--a Cabin Cruiser!!!

Beans: 72

Lamps: $?14--picks 7, is right
Dining Room Group: $2,?87--picks 4, is right
Cabin Cruiser: $53,?01--picks 2, is wrong (ARP: $53,701)


Second Calldown: Carrie

IUFB2: Baker's Rack
Carrie: $1300*
Ginger: $1000
Patricia: $1250
Antoine: $600
ARP: $1752

PG2: Grocery Game--Played for a Living Room Group and Steam Cleaner ($2,600)

GP1: Dove Body Wash
GP2: V8 Vegetable Juice
GP3: Geritol Complete
GP4: Ragu Cheese Creations
GP5: Peds Footies

First purchase: 6 Body Wash x $4.05 = $24.30


Sorry Carrie, you don't get a second chance.

Third Calldown: Simon

IUFB3: Luggage
Simon: $700
Ginger: $900
Patricia: $1200
Antoine: $1201*
ARP: $1645

PG3: Side by Side--Played for a Trip to Scotland

Choices: $4,682 or $8,246

Antoine's guess: $4,682

ARP: $8,246


Antoine: .50+.85=OVER
Carrie: .80
Edgar: .85

Edgar is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Rose

IUFB4: Sapphire Diamond Ring
Rose: $1750
Simon: $1800*
Ginger: $2200
Patricia: $2201
ARP: $1891

PG4: Fortune Hunter--Played for a Curio Cabinet, Mantle Clock, Washer/Dryer and Paper Shredder, plus $5,000 in cash

1. Eliminate the prize that is less than $500--picks Shredder
2. Eliminate the prize that has a price starting with 8--picks Washer/Dryer
3. Eliminate the prize that is more than $1,200--picks Cabinet

Contents of remaining box: empty

ARPs: Cabinet--unknown, Clock--$475, Washer/Dryer--$1,009, Shredder--unknown


Fifth Calldown: Carol

IUFB5: Safe
Carol: $1100
Ginger: $2300
Patricia: $1400*
Rose: $2301
ARP: $1723

PG5: 1 Right Price--Played for a Bar Set and Exerciser

The 1 right price is $2,696

Patricia picks Bar Ser

ARP of Bar Set: $2,696

ARP of Exerciser: $3,612


As the final One Bid commences, Ginger is down to her last chance to win her way up on stage.

Before calling down the last contestant, Rod wishes Carol a Happy Birthday.

Final Calldown: Martha

IUFB6: Color TV
Martha: $575
Rose: $495*
Carol: $700
Ginger: $701
ARP: $518

Unfortunately for Ginger, she's now in the FFBC.

PG6: Master Key--Played for a Tea Service, Recliner and Chevrolet Cavalier

SP1: Roaster--$42 or $25? Picks $25, is right (Key #1)
SP2: Video Painter--$58 or $80? Picks $80, is right (Key #5)

Key #1
Tea Service? NO
Recliner? Unknown
Car? Unknown

Key #5
Tea Service? WIN
Car? WIN

Wins all three prizes


Since Bob gave Rose the second key after she failed to open the first lock, we'll never know if the first key was a dud or one for the last two locks.

Simon: .80
Patricia: .85
Rose: .35+.90=OVER

Patricia is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Patricia
Runner-Up: Edgar

Console Piano, Hot Tub, Chrysler Sebring Convertible
Patricia bids $24,900 $25,000

Bedroom Group, Golf Clubs, Golf Cart
Edgar bids $17,500

ARP of Patricia's Showcase: $35,260 (Difference: $10,260)
ARP of Edgar's Showcase: $14,726 (OVER)

Patricia wins her Showcase, and takes home $43,291 in cash and prizes!