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April 20, 1989
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Kyle is subbed in for Dian in this episode.

First Four: Laurie, Edward, JoAnn, Gerald

Bob brings out Fingers and has her do a "Come on Down!" in Rod's style. He has her on standby, if Rod is unable to finish the show.

IUFB1: Primitive Reproductions Pencil Post Bed with Caroline Country Ruffle and Somma Mattress Set
Laurie: $1200
Edward: $1000
JoAnn: $1300*
Gerald: $1250
ARP: $1862

PG1: Bullseye--Played for a Trip to Brazil ($3,638)

GP1: Ruffies Color Scents Trash Bags
GP2: Niagara Spray Starch
GP3: Suzi Wan Dinner
GP4: Tabasco Sauce
GP5: Hunt's Whole Tomatoes

First purchase: 10 Starches x $1.29 = $12.90
Second purchase: 7 Hot Sauces x 89 = $6.23
Third purchase: 8 Trash Bags x $2.09 = $16.72

If hidden bullseye is behind hot sauce, Joanne still wins the trip

Hot Sauce? YES


On JoAnn's second overbid, Bob tells her that she went clear into the Young & the Restless.

Second Calldown: Matthew

IUFB2: Whirlpool Dishwasher
Matthew: $327
Gerald: $405*
Laurie: $600
Edward: $601
ARP: $529

PG2: Safe Crackers--Played for a Customcraft Armoire and RCA 20-inch Color TV ($3,940)

Numbers in price of TV: 0, 5, 4

Gerald dials combination to $540, but safe is locked

ARP: $450


Third Calldown: Shauna

IUFB3: Bernardaud Limoges Dinnerware
Shauna: $520*
Laurie: $700
Edward: $400
Matthew: $401
ARP: $600

PG3: 3 Strikes +--Played for a Cadillac Sedan de Ville

Numbers in price: 2, 5, 6, 8, 0

First draw: X (strike one!)
Second draw: 8 (guesses second, is wrong)
Third draw: 6 (guesses second, is right)
Fourth draw: 8 (guesses third, is wrong)
Fifth draw: 8 (guesses fourth, is right)
Sixth draw: X (strike two!)
Seventh draw: X (YER OUT!!!)

ARP: $26,085


Gerald: .55+.65=OVER
Shauna: .75
JoAnn: .70+.15=.85

JoAnn is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Harriet

IUFB4: Bar Set
Harriet: $910
Laurie: $800
Edward: $925
Matthew: $975*
ARP: $1768

PG4: Check Game--Played for a Chickering Console Piano

Total must be between $5,000 and $6,000

Matthew writes check for $2,600

ARP: $3,122

Total: $5,722


Fifth Calldown: Sandra

IUFB5: Daniel Mink Bronze Arc Watch
Sandra: $2200
Harriet: $1500
Laurie: $1100*
Edward: $600
ARP: $1400

PG5: Laurie is going to play Plinko for a chance to win up to $25,000 in cash!!!

SP1:  Epilady Ultra 3-Speed Cordless Razor, wrong price--$39 (guesses 9, ARP: $89)
SP2:  Hoover Handheld Brush Vac, wrong price--$95 (guesses 5, ARP: $65)
SP3:  West Bend High Performance Food Processor, wrong price--$31 (guesses 3, ARP: $71)
SP4:  Spencer's Children's Clothes, wrong price--$38 (guesses 3, ARP: $35)

First chip: $0
Second chip: $0
Third chip: $0
Fourth chip: $100

Total: $100


Bob notes that Laurie has become only the second contestant to record all zeroes with her first three chips, and the lowest-scoring winner with four chips. He and Kyle then throw to commercial together.

Will Edward get out of Contestant's Row, or head off to the FFBC? Only this last One-Bid has the answer...

Final Calldown: Deborah

IUFB6: KitchenAid Washer/Dryer (winner also receives All Detergent)
Deborah: $825
Edward: $890
Sandra: $1200*
Harriet: $1000
ARP: $1239

There is no calldown window when Rod is shown on camera.

Unfortunately, Edward's time on the show has ended with him in the FFBC.

PG6: Any Number--Played for a Kestell Folding Poker Table or Mercury Tracer 2-Door Hatchback

First pick: 7, first number in Game Table
Second pick: 8, first number in Piggy Bank
Third pick: 9, first number in Car
Fourth pick: 5, second number in Game Table
Fifth pick: 4, second number in Piggy Bank
Sixth pick: 3, third number in Piggy Bank

Other ARPs: Car--$9,126, Game Table--$750


Sandra: .80
Laurie: .85
Matthew: .80+.25=OVER

Laurie is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Joanne
Runner-Up: Laurie

Dynamo Air Hockey Game, Starcraft Comet Trailer, Chevrolet Astro CL
JoAnn bids $24,900

Living Room Group with 40 Square Yards World Carpets Carpeting, Schlage Keep Safer Home Security System, 2 Kawasaki Jet Skis
Laurie bids $15,000

Before the final reveal, Bob polls the audience on who they believe has won her Showcase; it is a mixed reaction for both.

ARP of JoAnn's Showcase: $28,755 (Difference: $3,855)
ARP of Laurie's Showcase: $12,551 (OVER)

Miracle JoAnn wins her Showcase, and takes home $34,255 in cash and prizes!