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September 14, 1993 (#8882D)
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Re: September 14, 1993 (#8882D)
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Because of the massive preemptions of the Season 22 premiere the previous day, this was the first new episode in three months for much of the U.S. and Canada. Based on The Lion King promotion, this was likely a summer rerun from 1994.

It's amazing how after the premiere episode, all the decorations pertaining to the start of the 22nd season were taken down and the show looked business as usual.

Betty was fun to watch in Check-Out. She explained the game's rules quite well and was a great shopper. I also liked the suspense in the air as the difference was revealed to be within the 50-cent win range.

Ten Chances was frustrating to watch. Jack seemed to be very deliberate in his guesses for the first four chances, but after a miss with a guess ending in zero for the Jeep on chance #4, he seemed to lose his confidence and guessed erratically for chances #5 and #6. The audience had enough of Jack not guessing prices ending in zero, so they chanted "Twelve six forty!" for chance #8 and "Twelve four sixty" for chance #9. I loved it when he won and Bob quipped "Not only did he win, he has the satisfaction of knowing he did it all on his own!" This reminded me of a similar measure the audience did with another contestant, Harvey, who played Ten Chances four months earlier, in May 1993, except they helped him win the three-digit prize with a chant of "Nine eight oh!"

Seeing Plinko as one of the games makes the loss in Switch easier to bear. It would have been quite unlikely that Plinko would have a $25,000 win, and that would have derailed a perfect show instead.

Also, I noticed they used the $25,000 star font graphic for Plinko at this time, as was the case for much of the latter part of Season 21. What's strange is that on the Season 21 finale, the Plinko sign was used. Why was it absent here? Was it being repaired, or something? I also noticed that the plexiglas barrier on the Plinko board is not perforated yet.

Dice Game was painful to watch. I've seen that particular Mustang on other 1993 episodes that are on YouTube, and I knew that Carla was doomed when she guessed that the second number was higher than 3.
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Re: September 14, 1993 (#8882D)
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For all intents and purposes the original link comes from the Internet Archive right here where Jarvis Brodie usually uploads TPIR content along with a few other shows:

It's possible that the Plinko sign may have been absent because it may have been taped out of order, but given that Dian was present on the Season 21 finale, I don't think that's the case. We'll have to see if the next playing, #8895D, has the Plinko sign. Note that the guest models for Season 22 to replace Dian have also not been introduced as of yet.
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