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The Nighttime Price is Right (Barker) #299N
« on: March 27, 2023, 02:36:18 PM »
This is a very special recap, because this is the penultimate episode of the nighttime version of TPiR with Bob! So, I hope you can enjoy this special treat!

Show #299N, taped in March 12, 1980
Shirley Lee Newberry, COME ON DOWN! Thomas Barts, COME ON DOWN! Mary L. Davis, COME ON DOWN! And, Patricia Nichol, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #1: Pulaski Oak Bar Set w/ back bar, mirror and 2 stools

Shirley: $800 | Thomas: $950 | Mary: $750 | Patricia: $900

ARP: $1,360

Thomas, a sargent on the U.S. Marine Corps, won the bar set and he can win a new king-size bed and nightstand (comes with headboard console w/ stereo controls, lighting panel, mirror arrangement and velvet upholstered material) from International Imports worth $4,750! Only if, he do a great job, by playing GROCERY GAME

The grocery items are:
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner
Johnston's Graham Crackers Tart Size Ready-Crust
Sue Bee Clover Honey
Dentyne Single-Pack Chewing Gum
Pop-Ice Freeze Treats

First purchase: 3 honeys, 1 is $1.07, total of $3.21
Second purchase: 3 freeze treats, 1 is 59˘, 2 is $1.18, total of $4.39
Third purchase: 4 macaroni and cheese dinners, 1 is 35˘, 4 is $1.40, total of $5.79
Fourth purchase: 5 gums, 1 is 15˘, 5 is 75˘, total of $6.54
Final purchase: 1 tart crust, 1 is 76˘, total of $7.30

Grace Bates, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #2: Pair of Sachs Mopeds

Shirley: $851 | Grace: $375 | Mary: $850 | Patricia: $700

ARP: $938

Shirley wins the mopeds, and now she can win a new Caloric Microwave Range or a brand-new Pontiac Grand Prix w/ a supply of DuPont Rain Dance Car Wax (as a bonus), playing ANY NUMBER

Numbers called: 9, 8, 7, 0

CAR: $7*** ($7,532)
RANGE: $980
PIGGY BANK: $*.** ($6.41)
Eileen Sniderwayce, COME ON DOWN! (She goes straight ahead to the stage, but Bob helped her to get to her spot)

IUFB #3: Captain's Safe by Georgian Lighting Studios

Eileen: $395 | Grace: $401 | Mary: $500 | Patricia: $515

ARP: 1,500

Patricia is gonna play MOST EXPENSIVE for a chance to win:
  • A trip to Mexico (RT coach for 2 to Puerto Vallarta; week-stay at Posada Vallarta)
  • A trip to Tahiti (RT coach for 2 to Papeete; a luxurious week-stay by Club Universe)
  • A cruise to Alaska (sail from L.A. on the Cunard Princess to Vancouver, then aboard a cruise to Alaska with stops in Ketchikan and Juneau, and more; an 18-day excursion by Club Universe)

Patricia picks the cruise to Alaska

#1 - $1,306
#2 - $1,958
#3 - $2,799

Top Winner: Patricia | Runner Up: Shirley

Showcase #1:
Pool Table from Murrey
Yamaha Stereo Components
"The Paragon" Pinball Machine by Games Unlimited of Los Angeles
Magnavox 19" Color TV
Magnavox Video Cassette Recorder
Horizon 21' Day Cruiser Ski Boat w/ motor and a boat trailer by Roadrunner Trailers, Inc.

Patricia passes, Shirley bids $12,000

His & Hers Resistol Cowboy Hats
His & Hers Justin Cowboy Boots
His & Hers Leather Jackets from Leather Fashions by Harry Pollock
His & Hers Western Wear from Kings Western Wear
Trip to the Dude Ranch (RT jet for 2 to Tucson, AZ for an 8-day stay at Tanque Verde Ranch)
Ford Bronco by Galpin Ford

Patricia bids $10,000

Shirley bids $12,000 | ARP is $22,961 | difference of $10,961
Patricia bids $10,000 | ARP is $14,705 | difference of $4,705

Patricia won a total of $22,268!

Contestans not appearing on stage, receive: A Caravelle watch by Bulova, a Fabergé collection with Fabergé Organics shampoo & conditioner and a supply of Windex Glass Cleaner by The Drackett Company
Pricing Games: 1 of 3
Total Winnings: $25,546
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Re: The Nighttime Price is Right (Barker) #299N
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2023, 03:34:27 PM »
Holy cow – had there been a Double Showcase rule in the nighttime version, someone could have walked off with $37,666 in Showcase prizes alone. Man – these showcases were packed, even in the final Barker years.

I was surprised at how quickly Any Number went. A good playing, just ended up being one of those games that was over after four picks. How it goes sometimes. Grocery Game, I might have picked the gum no later than my third pick. Picking one of the tart crust as the fourth pick may also have been a good idea, and then just two gums as the final choice ($6.55 plus 30 cents for $6.80 and a win).

I would have been wrong with Most Expensive, as I picked the Tahiti trip.

Anyhow, I watched the episode and I really, really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recap and here's hoping more of these nighttime shows, especially from the Barker years (1977-1980) show up in the future.