Author Topic: CSS Results for 04/15/2024 (Game 130)  (Read 242 times)

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CSS Results for 04/15/2024 (Game 130)
« on: April 15, 2024, 01:04:24 PM »
SC1 looked like an over from Stagey for most of us, but I in particular missed the kitchen added on meal kits, a pretty crucial diference. So, the Stagey DSW stands up as the only one and a cash + win for the old stalwart.

SC2 was very weird in that Australia was described as $5000 credit for hotels via Expedia (just so you could go anywhere NCIS did, I guess?) and round trip coach airfare. But is airfare for two people seriously over 8k for coach? Googling around I see 1k for one person from LAX (showing ... perhaps Surfjack also went up. Or this is a big lesson in how much airfare factors into trips, and this odd description just threw us all off this time... Jarod ends up with best raw & cash here.
S5x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...

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Re: CSS Results for 04/15/2024 (Game 130)
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2024, 07:46:21 PM »
"A $5000 credit toward a 6-night trip ...using One Key Cash to book hotels, vacation rentals, and MORE!"      Pardon me but wtf?   I thought maybe 5k in spending money in addition to hotel.  🤷🏻‍♂️

And in SC1:
"Meals from Every Plate. Each week for a whole year 3 flexible meal kits for 2 w pre-measured ingredients"

How many meals in a "meal kit"?  So, 52 "3 flexible meal kits"  for 2.

Sloppy copy and Descriptions today.