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1985 ep with On The Nose: June 3, 1985
« on: June 11, 2006, 11:25:07 AM »
TPIR with retired game On The Nose

This episode aired around Spring 1985

Also my copy had bad commercial edits so not everything may be intact
Around the scoreboards in contestants row the borders are purple not green. How
long this this last?

IUFB #1 A Computer from Commodore with monitor

Cathy Ann Stephanie William
775     850     875       990
BZZZ BZZZ All Overbid
550    650     700       690

ARP is $639 for Cathy

Cathy is going to play Bonus Game for a chance to win 4 prizes and
A Trip to Denmark $4664

1st prize is An Aroma Disc from Aromance
Wrong price $160 Higher or Lower
She says Lower which is wrong $241

2nd prize is a Knife from Robeson
Wrong price $15
She says Higher which is right $25

3rd prize is Wood Finish from Red Devil
Wrong Price $40
She says Higher which is wrong $24

4th prize is Processor from Robot Coupe
Wrong Price $150
She says Lower which is wrong $225

1. NO
2*. NO
3. NO

IUFB #2 A Wooden Secretary

LOUIS Ann Stephanie William
895     790     791     740

ARP is $1685 for Louis

Louis is going to play On The Nose for a chance to win
A New Station Wagon from Dodge

The setup is a football player with his arms outstreched. He must throw it into
a red circle between the receiver's
arms about 5 yards away.

The number of throws he gets depends on the price of the car as many as 4 or as
few as 1

Is the price

Louis says $11697 which is Right!!!. He wins 4 tosses and $1,000 bonus

Bob takes his inspiration toss and it goes in and out of the red circle.
Maybe Louis can do better.
Nope he missed all 4 tosses. No wonder this game was retired.

IUFB #3 A Dishwasher from KitchenAid

DIANN Ann Stephanie William
350      500      385      535

ARP is $700 for William

William is going to play Range Game for a chance to win
A Projection TV from RCA

The Range is between $3300 and $3900
He stops the Finder between $3453 and $3603
ARP is $3600 WIN!!

1st Showcase Showdown
Cathy  1st spin  .55
           2nd spin .70 $1.25 OVER
Louis 1st spin .05 one more inch would've been a dollar
        2nd spin 40 .45
William 1st spin .55 He's in

IUFB #4 Exercise Equipment from Soloflex

Diann Ann Stephanie LISA
530     450      1         695

ARP is $625 for Diann

Diann is going to play Most Expensive for
#1 An Oriental Screen
#2 A Brass DayBed
#3 A Refrigerator/Freezer from Tappan

Diann chooses #2
#1 is $943
#3 is $1190
#2 is $1325 WIN!!!

IUFB #5 A Pair of Recylners from Berkline

PETER Ann Stephanie Lisa
600     1100    850     740

ARP is $1398 for Ann

Ann is going to play Money Game for
A new Sports Pontiac Firebird

The board is
        10    95    69
        87    52    41
        34    26    98

1st pick 98
Money $98

2nd pick 95
Front End $95--

3rd pick 52
Money $150

4th pick 26
Money $176

5th pick 87
Money $263

Was it El Cheapo? (10)
It was the old Front and Back with 69 $9569

IUFB #6 An Aquarium Lamp (!)

Peter ANNE Stephanie Lisa
351     350     550     640

ARP is $439 for Peter

Here comes Hi Lo with these groceries
Rice A Roni
Conair Shampoo
Dona Maria Picante Sauce
Trident Gum
Bonne Travel Sickness Protection
Heath Ice Cream Bars

and Peter has a chance to win
A Dining Room Set from Keller
A China Set from Royal Prestige $2668

Funny moment as Bob thought Johnny was done and starts talking before he
realized Johnny has more

1st choice Conair $1.50
2nd choice Bonne $3.00
3rd choice Heath Bars $1.69

Trident .59
Rice A Roni .83
Picante Sauce $1.10 WIN!!

Contestants not on stage recieve
In Sinkerator Hot Water Dispensers
Cutex Eye Color
Gordon's Jewlers Gift Cirtificate

2nd Showcase Showdown
Ann 1st spin .95 she stays
Peter 1st spin .95 Tied
Diann 1st spin .95 Bob says this is the second time this has ever happened!

Ann .80
Peter .55
Diann $1.00 $1,000!!!!
Bonus spin .30

Showcase time with Diann as the top winner and William as the runner up

1st Showcase
A Trip Down Main Street

A Microwave Range
A Motorcycle from Honda
A Baker's Rack
A Piano from Schaffer and Sons

Diann passes to William who bids $9500

Diann's Showcase
Great Weekend Plans

A New Kite
A Trip to Acapulco
A Ski Boat

Diann bids $14000
ARP $11161 OVER

William bid $9500
ARP $9589
Difference $89 DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER!!!!!!!

William is the winner with $25050
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Re: 1985 ep with On The Nose
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2006, 07:36:47 PM »
I think the pink contestants row showed up at about the beggining of Season 13 in September 1984, and it went away sometime in late 1985. The green was back by October 29.

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Re: 1985 ep with On The Nose
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2006, 09:30:04 PM »
Well it's good that someone won both showcases. What's not good is that a man won it all! Btw, there's clips surrounding on the nose, the big wheel, and the double showcase winner all courtesy of both and

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Re: 1985 ep with On The Nose
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2006, 09:54:19 PM »
wpghi5 wrote:

Well it's good that someone won both showcases. What's not good is that a man won it all!


Would you care to explain that comment?  'Cause I sure as hell don't understand it.
"Every game is somebody's favorite." -- Wise words from Roger Dobkowitz.

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Re: 1985 ep with On The Nose
« Reply #4 on: July 01, 2006, 11:50:00 PM »
Let's just drop it and move on.