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Police and Firefighters 2002 specal recap: June 27, 2002
« on: June 23, 2006, 10:59:32 PM »
Here is the recap of the disappointing 2002 Police and Firefighters special. I still thought that it was good.

The winner will fly to Aspen, Colorado courtesy of In Glenwood Springs, there will be a 6 nights stay and 2 full-day whitewater rafting trips for two.

The ARP is $2,277. $2,100 wins for L.A. firefighter Catherine.

---> PG #1

It's a new car!

And a new truck!

And a new convertible!

Yes, it's Triple Play!

The first car is a Mercury Cougar. Which is nearer to the ARP without going over: $15,960 or $17,450?

Catherine chooses $17,450.

Bob teases a bit already. He pulls the tab...


The price was $16,995. Ouch.

---> IUFB #2

An executive desk and chair from Bassett furniture.

ARP: $1,899. $1,612 is the winning bid, belonging to NYC firefighter Kevin.

---> PG #2

Kevin can win $25,000 in cash in Punch a Bunch! But he has to earn some punches.

The first small prize is a "unique-looking" cordelss telephone. It isn't $45. Kevin says the ARP is higher. The ARP is $60. One punch.

Next, it's a "unique" mixer. It's not $200. Is it lower? $180 says Kevin has two punches.

Then a man's electric shaver that dispenses lotion or gel. It's not $125. Kevin is right that it's lower, specifically, $113. Up to three.

Finally, the Brita water filtration pitcher, not $30. Yes, it is lower, $22.

Four punches.

In case you didn't see it (since they're not telling us outright), here's the distribution on the higher-stakes punchboard:
2 holes contain $25,000
3 holes contain $10,000
15 holes contain $1,000
15 holes contain $500
15 holes contain $100
No Second Chances

The first hole Kevin punched was #15. When Kevin pulled his hand out, the slip started to come out. So he knows it says $1,000. He gives it back.

The second punch, in the "CORNER!" (#50, to be exact), yields $500. So he tosses that, too.

In hole #12 is $100, the lowest amount on the board.

Finally, in hole #31, Kevin is back to $1,000. Not bad, given the odds. But it's money that he didn't have before!

---> IUFB #3

A pearl and diamond neckalce from Michael C. Fina. It contains 52 pearls and 16 8-karat diamonds.

The ARP is $2,400. NYC policeman Christopher wins with a bid of $2,000. Travon foolishly overbids by $1.

---> PG #3

It's Race Game. The prices are higher than normal: $1700. $1894, $2456, and $3058.

The prizes are...

A pair of electric guitars from Yamaha plus an 8-inch speaker and bags

A "stylish" (blindingly brightly colored) dinette set from Carson's of High Point

2 mountain bikes from Trek

A new computer that isn't specifically mentioned by brand name (hint: annoying spokesperson)

Christopher's first try consists of simply putting the price tags down in order: $1700, $1894, $2456, $3058. 0 correct.

So he'll leave two alone, for a list of $1894, $1700, $2456, $3058. Well, now 1 is correct.

So he'll change two more (I am thoroughly confused). $1894, $2456, $1700, $3058. Hey, he's up to 2 correct! Hint: The computer ain't right.

As time runs out, he comes up with $1894, $2456, $3058, $1700 for his answer. Whoops, back down to 1 correct.

The correct prices were $1894, $3058, $1700, $2456. He;s going to have to learn how to play the guitar. But hey, he still wins a prize.

---> SCSD #1

Somehow, Christopher managed to be the top winner.

Catherine: 100! One thousand dollars!
Kevin: 60 + 85 = OVER
Christopher: 5 + 80 = 85

Catherine's bonus spin... zooms by and lands on 35.
---> IUFB #4

A Ducane gas grill that we just saw this morning, if I'm not mistaken.

The grill's ARP is $2,000. $1,399 is the winning bid for Salvador.

---> PG #4

The prize is a Mallard Lite 20-foot travel trailer from Fleetwood Enterprises worth $17,904.

The game is Grocery Game. Same $20-$21 limit, of course. The groceries are...
Hidden Valley Ranch
French's Taste Toppers (snack size)
Liquid-Plumr pipe snake
Hershey's Syrup (non-sponsor)

Salvador will start with 5 Hidden Valley Ranch. Each costs $2.99. He's at $14.95.
Now he'll add 4 French's. Each one costs $1.59. Four total $6.36, for a total of $21.31. Over and another loss.
---> IUFB #5

A Panasonic 36-inch HDTV-compatible television (again?). And a Dish Network satellite receiver with 1 year of the Top 50 programming package.

The ARP of the package is $2,875. NYC policeman Karl wins with $2600.

---> PG #5

The prize is a new Cadillac DeVille!

And the game ISN'T 3 Strikes! The game is That's Too Much! This could be tough.

$23,460. Move on!

$25,981. Move on!

$27,995. Move on.

$31,256. He keeps going.

$35,002. Keeps going.

$37,113. "You're making it tough," notes Karl, but he moves on.

$40,251. Karl will quit right here. Bob doesn't needle him about yelling "That's Too Much!"

The ARP of the Cadillac DeVille is... $44,430! Karl should've gone one more, to $45,980.

We're 0 for 5!

---> IUFB #6

A collection of sporting equipment! Bats, balls, and gloves. Sleighs and toboggans. Bowling balls. Skis. You could probably make a round of Poker Game out of 'em.

ARP is $2,323. They go to L.A. firefighter Travon with a bid of $2,250.

---> PG #6

We're going to Barker's Bargain Bar.

The Sega Wild Riders motorcycle arcade game is priced at $1,995.

And a wine refrigerator is priced at $2,075.

Travon chooses the wine refrigerator.

ARP of the arcade game is $4,995, for a difference of $3,000. Uh-oh.

The ARP of the win refrigerator is $4,075, for a difference of only $2,000. No good.

Um, 0.25 out of 6 today? But it's a good show otherwise.

Contestants not appearing on stage receive Lasonic's home theater system and Panasonic's iPalm digital camera. Sonic sonic sonic.
---> SCSD #2

Salvador: 50 + 60 = OVER
Travon: 25 + 100 = OVER
Karl: 100! One thousand dollars!

At least the Big Wheel is paying out today!

Karl's bonus spin... also lands on 35.
---> Those fabulous Showcases

Karl is the top winner. Catherine is the runner-up.

Showcase #1 trains you to be a firefighter. First, get into shape with Keys Fitness treadmill, home gyme, and two exercise bikes.

Learn to get wet in a Beachcomber spa under a VixenHill gazebo made of red cedar.

Finally, ride around in a bright red Chevy Corvette! Rod has to take a breath while listing the options.

Karl passes to firefighter Catherine. She bids $53,000.

Showcase #2 looks at poolice officers around the world (lucked out on the distribution of these showcases!). The rangers are in Texas, which equals a 5-night stay courtesy of Southwest Airlines in Dallas.

The mounties are in Canada -- specifically, Whistler, British Columbia. It's a 6-night stay at ResortQuest Whistler ski resort.

The Bobbies are in London. That means a 7-night Trafalgar Taste of Britain tour.

And all police officers can use a fast set of wheels with a 2003 Ford SDT Mustang Cobra.

Karl bids $35,000.
---> I really hope it's not a Double Overbid!

Catherine bid $53,000. ARP is $59,664, for a difference of $6,664.

Karl bid $35,000. His ARP is $44,962, for a difference of $9,962. Catherine wins!

Catherine wins a total of $62,941 in prizes. Most of them are on the stage.

Before the credits, Bob appears in a taped message to announce that TPiR is donating $100,000 to charities selected by police and fire departments.
Despite the losses, it still was a good show.
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Re: Police and Firefighters 2002 specal recap.
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2006, 11:10:07 AM »
I have 2 questions:

- What were the other 2 cars in Triple Play?
- In the 2nd showcase, was as it a 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra coupe or convertible?


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Re: Police and Firefighters 2002 specal recap.
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2006, 12:47:57 PM »
In Triple Play: the truck was a Ford F150 and the convertible was a Chrysler Seabring.

And the Cobra was a 2003 Ford Mustang SDT Cobra coupe.