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Press Your Luck pilot

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The font used for the Press Your Luck sign was much different from that used on the show.

Vastly different theme song.

Contestant nametags were red & white instead of black & yellow, on-screen graphics were different, the backdrop behind the contestants was different. Only 1 Whammy animation used the whole show (whammy with a hammer).

It seems to me that these are differences between the first aired and second aired episode.  To me, the debut and the pilot are the same episode, so how can these two be separate episodes?

PYL's debut and the pilot ARE separate episodes. The pilot was shot in 1983 with game-show pilot extraordinaires Jack Campion and Maggie Brown as two of the contestants (Maggie would later return to play with a different last name in 1984). Lana, Linda, and Phil were the contestants on the first broadcast episode.

Normally, pilots are just taped shows that are shown to execs to try and get the series "picked up", or bought from networks. Another pilot was shot in 1981 under the same title with host Pat Sajak, but it's unclear as to whether or not it was the same show as Tomarken's.

Occasionally though, pilots are used as the first episode in the series as well. Will & Grace is one example where the first episode was also the pilot used to launch the series.


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