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Who's Got Game? (Classic Era)Do we have another winner? This album provides a look at all the pricing games as seen at the conclusion of Bob Barker's run as host. All pictures are taken directly from broadcast!
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Remember When?Stroll back in time with us as we take a look at some of TPiR's most memorable (and perhaps not-so-memorable) moments from days past.
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Bob's Final Primetime Shows

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Random files - Classic Price is Right Memories
110 viewsThe 8 is added to the price.
190 viewsOh no, the price was actually $9,188.
668 viewsStage Manager Adam Sandler plays Bob, while production assistant Jeff Thisted acts as a contestant for this model walkthrough (off-camera).
170 viewsToday we're playing for a trip. If the cost of that trip + the amount of his check equals $5,000-$6,000 he's a winner.

Last additions - Classic Price is Right Memories
663 viewsJanice rockin' out - play that guitar!Dec 16, 2012
982 viewsOne of the neater reveals to come out of 80s Price. While Janice modeled these two monitors offered as an item up for bids, a shot of Rod was shown in monitor 1 while monitor 2 showed a pan of the four contestants!Dec 16, 2012
1661 viewsFor a very brief time early in it's tenure on the show, Buy or Sell's game board was placed on top of a giant purple base!Dec 16, 2012
980 viewsA big winner in the Dice Game, ca. early 80s Price!Dec 16, 2012