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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

2107 viewsHere's a nice picture of Bob in front of a perfectly played win on Penny Ante. This was the first time the game was ever played!
1627 viewsWhat a cool angle!
1558 viewsFor an incorrect answer: Instead of the familiar "NO" sign, this original panel would be revealed and pennies would fly out as the flap opened.
1336 viewsThis board at the top of the prop would signify how many pennies the contestant had collected from wrong answers. The contestant could continue to play until he or she collected 100 pennies. The values of the guessed prices represented the amount in pennies the contestant would rack up if he or she was incorrect.
1670 viewsLook closely to the top. You'll note that this contestant has accumulated 151 pennies, signifying a loss.
1395 viewsWhich of these remaining prices was the correct answer?
1315 viewsIt was 63ยข!
1554 viewsJust for kicks, a picture of Bob in front of the first Penny Ante loss in history!
1590 viewsNotice anything different?
1855 viewsWe've moved our logo in this picture so that you can take note of the "penny catcher" at the base of the prop. The clear plastic area used to be in place to catch flying pennies that would roll down the tracks when an incorrect price was selected. In this original version, there were not 3 oversized pennies given to the contestant for mistakes, but rather real pennies flying out of the price flaps!
1072 viewsHere's one of today's products - some fine Mott's Apple Sauce!
1167 viewsWhen these were featured, I'm not sure anyone thought that the word "Date" would be so important to TPiR fans everywhere!
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