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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

504 viewsThe original game logo for Card Game.
576 viewsYes, there was a time where 0s and numbers higher than 6 appeared in Dice Game. You young 'uns have it easy now. :-P
508 viewsHere's the 1st $500 marker in Hole In One.
631 viewsBob stands next to the original Hi-Lo table.
618 viewsTPIR's answer to the Penn Relays, Hurdles. You may be able to see that something's up for this play of the game.
498 viewsHere's the TPIR Hurdler Guy, ready to run the race as long as the stage player picks all 3 prizes lower than 69 cents.
501 viewsAs shown in the first Hurdles picture, one of the price signs that flips down when the Hurdler Guy passes it has already been flipped, the 49 cents for Salad Crunchies. Bob had a lot of fun with this blooper, asking the player "Now, one of these products is less than 69 cents! I want you to think about this carefully now!"
543 viewsTo the strains of Rossini's "William Tell Overture", the race is run. Bob puts extra drama on the second leg. "Will the hurdler get over this hurdle?" The contestant is smiling because he will, and smiled again when she won, thanks to a faulty prop.
699 viewsThe Range Game board started as a blue and white-colored board, but in 1976 it was repainted to better complement the green stage trappings. Take note of how high the price is...if the player let the range go all the way up, she would have won.
572 viewsHere's the original Safe Crackers design.
491 viewsThe original Temptation board was varied shades of green.
480 viewsThis weed eventually got plucked in favor of a $500 flag.
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