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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

604 viewsHere's the good ol' days of Money Game, where it was played center stage behind the giant price tag...
627 views...along with an excellent camera shot as the car was revealed!
660 viewsThe Giant Price Tag has undergone several designs over the years. Here's the "modern" look used in the mid-1980's.
605 viewsRemember that scary-lookin' skull who was the unofficial mascot for "Danger Price"?
633 viewsIn the early days of the Grand Game, the Giant Price Tag would be all the way down, meaning the top of the sign could be seen in the opening shot. They now routinely keep the price tag about a foot off the ground when the game is played, plus they use a different opening shot so the surprise isn't spoiled for the home audience.
567 viewsLucky Seven as it appeared in 1982.
548 viewsJohnny says you can win "TWO NEW CARS!" What's the game?
525 viewsIt's Optional! The first regular game to offer more than one car as a grand prize!
555 viewsThe board held anywhere from eight to ten options, a price generally around $1000, and an option limit (usually between three and five).
530 viewsAll the player had to do was pick options that would bring the price of the lower priced car (the base model) up to within $100 of the price of the higher priced car, without going over. The car would move along the number scale and the background behind it was on an endless loop, and it would scroll in the opposite direction. As the car was moving a sound not unlike that of Jack Benny's old Maxwell would play in the background.
473 viewsAfter the car moved the price of each option, Bob would show its price. He also manipulated the buttons to turn on the light to show what was picked.
534 viewsThis contestant has successfully played the game, winning both cars by judicious picking of options.
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