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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

499 viewsWalk of Fame! The contestant is going to play for a butt-ugly electric car! (They did also play for real cars as well in this game, so it was quite disappointing when an electric job came up.)
465 viewsHere's the Balance Game, one of the toughest games to win in the 1980's.
532 viewsThe game was shielded on stage by the large sign, and there were two dollar sign travelers on either side of the scale. The rightmost one rolled away to reveal the game's five small prizes.
517 viewsJanice waits for the first contestant pick. She'll then dump the Barker Dollars into whichever half of the scale the player indicates.
461 viewsThis player played it very cool. She picked a $45 prize for one side of the scale, and then a $30 and a $15 prize for the other side, and balanced the scale perfectly! (You could be within $5 either way and still balance the scale.)
588 viewsHere's Now...AND Then, as seen in 1984.
465 viewsTPIR's mini-Olympics is set to be played again. It's On the Nose!
500 viewsHere's the four price stations. The right price to the car gives your four chances to hit the target (and $1000), and then down to the furthest price for one try.
516 viewsClose, but not close enough. There are three chances to win the car, and the game will be the dart balloon pop.
618 viewsThe OTN game prop featured chase lights and neon sports figures inspired by Olympic event graphics. Nice lookin' set! This was the game's fourth playing, with the previous three being basketball shoot, softball throw, and football pass.
464 viewsBarker gives the player another dart.
620 viewsAnd here's the special five digit version of 3 Strikes.
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