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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

658 viewsLong before the 'Magic Red Curtain,' there was the 'Magic Gold Curtain!' The curtain isn't normally seen on camera, but this time, it was used to reveal the Poker Game.
549 views'Give or Keep' was a popular game in the early years of the show. Here was its mid-70's set up.
688 viewsThe actual retail price is....
725 viewsHere comes Money Game on the turntable. However there is something different about this version...
633 views...It's 5 digit Money Game! No, it's not Big Money Game, either. Big Money game provided contestants with the last digit. This is a rarer version that used the old style of game board but gave contestants the middle number as it is presented today.
556 viewsThe second set of 'Most Expensive' pylons were rounded with bold numbers. As you can see on Pylon #3, the original designs also held the price signs as today's "antique" neon versions do.
479 viewsThe old glitter-laden "gold star" curtain. This curtain was replaced by the "color shapes and dollar signs" curtain that is still used today.
471 viewsThe old Price is Right logo, circa 1990.
586 viewsHere is a picture of the old style flooring in front of contestant's row from the late 1970s.
527 viewsA past playing of the Grocery Game. Since the turntable was decorated for Christmas, there was no room for the Grocery Game sign. Bob is seen here explaining to the audience that the contestant was "estimating the total price by writing them on her hand with her finger!"
625 viewsThis is the 1990s version of the Plinko board. In this episode, the Plinko chip gets stuck on the peg above the $1,000 slot. The Plinko board was eventually redesigned, possibly because of recurring incidents such as this one.
478 viewsAnother version the Showcase Showdown "arrow" graphic, used in 1990.
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