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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

484 viewsDoug Davidson and a contestant just before a game reveal.
486 viewsBurton Richardson busts out another "Come on down!"
539 viewsThe big difference in Hole in One was that it was played using small merchandise prizes which had to be ordered from least to most expensive.
518 viewsThe HI1 set as seen from the right-hand camera.
485 viewsDoug had his own style. Upset that the contestant missed, he leans on the set piece and doesn't notice that it's flipped over to the "OR TWO" side. Then he gives the player another try.
454 viewsDoug's picture on the Hole In One ball.
424 viewsWhat's different here? The price is being shown while the flag is still on the prize display. At one point a prize was picked, then revealed, and the flag was set on the putting green. The player picked again if the price was higher than the previous choice.
558 viewsThe show's fifth camera captured many great establish shots around the studio. Here's the setup for One Away.
447 viewsThe standard head-on shot of the 1A board.
555 viewsAny car games which were designed to be played on the turntable were staged like Lucky Seven, with the game board covered by a red tarp (not concealed behind a curtain) as Doug made his entrance.
483 viewsDown to the final selection in Any Number.
551 viewsA perfectly legal price for the car here. The contestant was given the first number. (Probably because the chicken in the bag ate it.)
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