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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

425 viewsAlice (in the middle) has correctly guessed the price of a box of Maypo in 1956, but she doesn't get anything extra for getting it on the nose.
449 viewsIt got a little hairy during the run as the models called various tabloids...
404 views...and accused each other of trivial atrocities.
399 viewsWe'll always have Lisa.
477 viewsSuper Ball!! in its nighttime staging, offset a little differently. The small prizes were kept off to stage right and Lisa took care of the balls.
403 viewsDoug tells the girls that the tabloid war must stop.
490 viewsT.C.B., baby! Burton is still in the building!
375 viewsA Lucky Seven question: what kind of car is it? Doug decides to ask model Ferrari Farris. Big mistake. "It's a red car, Doug!"
443 viewsWhenever a certain game was to be played, its now-retired introductory prop stood at the ready at the rear of Studio 33, covered by another red tarp. The faithful knew what was in the offing.
448 viewsPlinko makes the move to nighttime.
378 viewsHere are the prize podiums. In this version, you earned chips by guessing whether the actual retail price was higher or lower than what was listed. Here, a contestant guessed wrong and did not earn a chip.
363 viewsHere, on the other hand, the contestant guesses correctly and earns a chip.
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