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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

403 viewsOn this version Golden Road always used a small prize to set up the first two numbers, such as this fanny pack.
437 viewsA shot of the big doors just before the reveal. Doesn't the Golden Road look great against the black stage floor?
537 viewsGrand game was still played for $10000, but like the Golf Game it featured small prizes as well.
448 viewsCould it be OLD EL CHEAPO PM? Relax, it wasn't this time.
404 viewsA player gets set to run around in circles for 45 seconds on the Race Game.
397 viewsModel Lisa Stahl. After "The New Price Is Right" ended she got married, and had recurring roles on "Baywatch" and its short-lived spinoff, "Baywatch Nights", as psychic Destiny. But her biggest fame came when she teamed up with Michael Young (from the old "Kids are People Too" to host Florida's lottery game show, "Florida Flamingo Fortunes", which borrowed some of the unused music Edd Kalehoff wrote for TNPIR.
370 viewsLisa tells Doug he has a phone call from Captain Kirk!
373 viewsLisa is angry with neighbor Ferrari, who has so many wonderful things in her backyard that she doesn't. Maybe that should be green smoke?
375 viewsOne of Lisa's standard jobs on TNPIR was to open the Safe Crackers safe. She always gave us one of those sweet little "follow me" moves when she crossed to the safe.
456 viewsFor some reason the safe only contained the grand prize, with the three-digit prize (the combination) outside just left of Door #2.
448 viewsShell Game was wheeled out by an available model after the Door #2 reveal. The model remained with the bonus prize and the doors stayed open throughout the duration of the game.
378 viewsHarder to tell which shell has the ball when Andy chooses an overhead shot. The table almost disappears into the black floor tile.
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