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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

411 viewsMagic #, A contestant has his hand on the leever that controls the geezmo.
461 viewsThe repurposed Double Prices prop which concealed the prices of the two items in Magic #, with the top one the higher priced item.
386 viewsSqueeze Play was played in one of two positions on stage: between Doors 1 and 2...
393 views...and in front of the Video Wall.
376 viewsJulie has such a supple wrist! How do you think she does it? I don't know!
414 viewsA unique way to play Switch? with two trips, each in their own door.
357 viewsDoug "X"es another contestant.
353 viewsWhen you watch every day, games like Ten Chances are a snap! This was one of the nighttime show's best wins ever!
372 viewsPrizes one and two during Most Expensive. Andy Felsher liked to use two-shots to show multi-prize game prizes when the doors first opened rather than a long shot.
348 viewsModel Ferrari Farris. A model and sometime actress who appeared in mags like Black Elegance, often in swimwear. Jay Wolpert once said he liked his TPIR models to be "wholesomely sexy", and Ferrari, Lisa and Julie fit that bill perfectly.
319 viewsThe girls rotated mike hand off duties, and each was more than happy to work with the studly Doug Davidson.
453 viewsIt's the Clockless Game! This poor woman just bid $25,000 on a bumper pool table!
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