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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

347 viewsG'day! From 1996, it's The Price is Right Down Under
302 viewsContestants are called to come on down in near darkness. A couple of spot lights play over them
328 viewsYour host...Larry Emdur! Welcome to Studio 9!
402 viewsContestants Row...another colorful set that is kind of close to the American set
389 viewsThis version of Price has the coolest big doors anywhere. The doors open diagonally! This prize package contains a Great Barrier reef holiday, sun care products and clothing
450 viewsMake Your Move. Again, the set is very close to the American one.
372 viewsEven in Australia, contestants take a looong time to Make their Move. He finally decided on $80 for the sun care stuff, $734 for the clothing and $3,609 for the trip. Even if he makes a mistake, he can still win any prizes whose price he got right
413 viewsNope! Again, notice the male model
351 viewsYou can win a set of theatre seats? No, it's movie tickets for a year...where you can see Escape From LA!
415 viewsEach digit in One Away from the actual digits in the price of the movie tickets.
325 viewsShe went from $2,271 to $1,380
362 viewsShe got it right on the first try! Well played Tami!. Instead of the contestant asking for car horns, they just play a series of bells equal to the number of right digits
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