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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

236 viewsThe dryer was £105. They even showed the TV price of £159, even though she didn't bid on it
266 viewsThe contestants are in place for the showcase showdown!
259 viewsNo, that isn't Holly. It's Maggie, the nights big winner. Why is her total important? The show is donating that amount of money to the week's charity, which is a premature baby unit at a local hospital
248 viewsWhy is Maggie giggling now? Look to her right and you'll see that the show is giving her the teapot anyway
242 viewsThe showdown is based on "average expenditure." The contestants bid on a consumer item based on government surveys of the average amount spent by Britons for that item. The person eliminated after each of 4 rounds is the person farthest away from the actual amount. It's kind of like how the teams are chosen on Greed
277 viewsThis item is the amount spent per week on tobacco products
238 viewsAnn was farthest away from the average amount charged to credit cards per year
237 viewsMaggie and John are in the showcase final!
237 viewsThe first showcase, presented to John, begins with the world's largest fruit salad! (No, it's really a weekend holiday in Devon)
262 viewsAnd this Vauxhall Nova 2 door saloon!
269 viewsJohn is bidding (of course) meaning poor Maggie must be getting an all-furniture showcase
236 viewsHer showcase contains a portable picnic table, picnic basket and Moet champagne
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