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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

201 viewsThis lovely patio set is the next prize on offer
213 viewsThe game is 3 Strikes. Leslie has already placed a 1 in the bag. He holds up the 2 and a 3 can be seen in his other hand
210 viewsThe dreaded strike. Only 1 went in the bag. An idea more than a decade ahead of its time!
241 viewsAs Leslie mixes the discs up, you get a look at the 3 Strikes board
220 viewsOoh. Not good at all.
215 viewsDoing better, his next pick pulled out the 1 and he placed it correctly as the 2nd digit in the price
211 viewsOuch! Be careful now, don't draw the 3rd X or the game is over
209 viewsThe young lad drew the 2 out, and place it in the wrong spot. The 2 goes back into the bag.
216 viewsThis is it. After pulling the 2 again and placing it in the right spot the game will end with this pick. Either he gets the 3 and win the £312 patio set of the picks the 3rd X
225 viewsOh! What a pained expression by Leslie
221 viewsThe 3rd strike is lit up. No patio furniture for you
204 viewsUp for grabs is a dishwasher
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