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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

1986 viewsHere is the back of Grand Game. The white "slide" that you see on the top of the prop controls the dollar amounts. To display $1.00, the slide is pulled all the way to the left. For each zero that is added, the slide is moved a bit to the right. Once the slide is as far right as it can go, $10,000 is displayed. Also visible are Pick-a-Pair and Dice Game.
1673 viewsThis is the back of the Credit Card prop.
1455 viewsHere you can see the electrical portion of the Let 'Em Roll dice table. This is not visible on camera.
1636 viewsMore games (such as Dice Game), as well as the steps to climb the Plinko board!
1665 viewsHere you see the back of the Danger Price game. Additionally, one of TPiR's most high-tech car backdrops is shown.
1636 viewsBehind Ten Chances. You can see three blue handles. This is how the game operators control the numbers that seems to "magically float" across the board.
1483 viewsOn the left is the back of Bullseye. On the right is the back of Check Game.
1541 viewsBehind One Away. The gray piece is what moves when they start revealing the numbers. You can see some hand-drawn lines, which represent where to stop the slide.
1489 viewsBehind That's Too Much. Also visible are pieces from Five Price Tags and Clearance Sale.
1850 viewsThis hand-written note can be found on the back of the Plinko board. The game premiered 3 months later, January 1983.
1954 viewsSome props you see here belong to the games Bullseye, Punch a Bunch, Secret X, Plinko, Grocery Game, Cover Up, Clock Game, Now or Then, Temptation, Master Key, Bonus Game (behind NoT), and the back of Range Game. What you will not find in this area are the little props (i.e. Plinko Chips, Dice, TPiR Pennies).
2063 viewsThe old Check Out prop (with the scoreboard in a "folded" position) and Cliffhangers
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