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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

325 viewsA closer view of the one-bid row as Christine wins her way on stage.
288 viewsNote that the giant price tag is pretty similar to the US version, but they are facing the other way.
287 viewsThe big curtains are opening to reveal patio furniture.
Note that the logo is going up!
265 viewsThat helmet and those gloves are only one of the other small items she can win, playing...
355 viewsMéli-Mélo! Just like Switcheroo, but the top prize she is playing for is only $1900. The colors are different, but the set look similar.
300 viewsAfter her first try, she only got one right...
323 viewsNo luck! She took her second chance and only won a $90 walkman.
352 viewsRomain is going to play Supermaché, which is similar to the US Grocery Game.
269 viewsThe brand is not hidden, even if the company didn't pay for the plug. Today's game play was sponsored by l'Inter-Marché, a grocery store chain.
333 viewsYou had to buy items for a total price between $9 and $10. Romain wins with a total of $9.05 (Note that NON means you lose and OUI means you win!)
277 viewsContestants not appearing on stage will receive...Coffee? Not much of a budget here!
388 viewsSimilar wheel, no green sections, no $1,000 if you get $1. Cheap, cheap, cheap!
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