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The props, places, faces, and games of The Price is Right

186 viewsThe shows colorful logo
173 viewsYour host...Philippe Risoli
269 viewsContestants Row sits on stage. Those may look like big prices but the bids are in Francs. At the time this aired, in 2001, US$1 was about 5F
174 viewsAfter the winner of the "Estimation" is announced and the host has a short chat, they walk across the stage to the pricing game. For the TV audience, a fanfare plays and the name of the pricing game is displayed on-screen. This contestant is going to play "Grocery Game"
233 viewsLooks rather familiar doesn't it? The difference here is that the brand names are hidden and the contestant must purchase between 95F and 99F. Behind the cash register is the lovely Frederique
174 viewsUp to 40F after 2 purchases...looking good
202 viewsAlexandra reveals the price of the cooking oil. The contestant bought 10 packets of cookies at 10F each and went over by a wide margin. He lost a TV worth over 15,000F
167 viewsOur next pricing game is "L'Alarme Fatale"
220 viewsOr, as it's known here, Race Game. The time limit is only 40 seconds to win all 5 prizes.
188 viewsPhilippe shows the contestant the button he must press
171 viewsAlexandra shows us that the most expensive prize is 5,180F
215 viewsBelieve it or not, the contestant is told which prizes he has priced correctly! With 14 seconds left, he has 3 right after 2 tries
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